Too Fast Too Furious

I suppose I could have used ‘two’ up there as well; say lah vee.

Since the comments are coming very fast (and very furious) as Cal and I take on the mighty theoretical rhetoric (theorhetoric?) of Madd and Wwhazz I decided to post a quick update on the many goings-on since the last… thing.  Jesus, it was just last Thursday.

In Patented™ List Format:

  • After the great Mad-Railers Open Coding Day last Saturday I’m way back into side shit.  My typical cycle has me getting very excited about Ruby/Rails/entrepreneurial side work and then my attention gets drawn back into my day job due to hectic schedules until I mope around my house all day and lose all interest in everything.  Then I meet up with some cool people doing cool tech stuff and the juices get flowing again.  It was great to finally meet the core members of the Madison Rails community.
  • As a consequence, I started updating again. For now.  Well… I made one post.  It’s living up to it’s tagline.
  • My esteemed future brother-in-law has acquired the ability to order Brewers Opening Day tickets for face value.  He invited spacebee and I to accompany him and my sister.  I am excited about this.  Brewers Opening Day @ $200/scalped ticket in the 2nd inning = boo.  Brewers Opening Day @ face value and park far away = hell yes , BY GAWD.
  • I bought myself one of these here fancy keyboards; I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • This Saturday (Feb. 26th) is spacebee’s 30th birthday– let’s all come together and wish her the very merriest time of her life… what’s left of it. Because now she’s old. OLD.
  • We’re headed up to Devil’s Head for a small ski trip on Mon/Tue of next week.  HOLLLLAR if you want to join in- weekday rates are very cheap.
  • It won’t stop goddamn snowing here in Madison- just be spring already, goddamnit.


206 thoughts on “Too Fast Too Furious

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    Good luck,

    Steve Remmel
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