Short n’ Sweet

Not f'd — you won't find me on Facebook

There you go; I’ve freed myself from the tyranny of Facebook. I used this method, and from the number of concerned “why aren’t you on facebook?” emails I’ve received from family members I think it’s been successful.

Yeah yeah, I should have never signed up for the privacy lunacy in the first place but it wasn’t the privacy or advertising issues that irked me, in the end.  It was that I didn’t care about what 90% of the lunatics I was ‘friends’ with were saying, day to day.  Most everyone I know is aware of whazzmaster and if they really want to see what’s up with me they can come here or send me an email.  Pretty much the only person i know that was easier to contact via FB than via email/whazzmaster is Arlo.

I must admit that wwhazz’s nightmare scenario of his unborn childrens’ faces plastered (unwillingly) all over the online universe honestly filled me with a deep-seated, primal revulsion.  I don’t dislike the ‘plaster your kids faces all over the internet’ subculture for the stupid ‘your kids will be kidnapped by child-rapers’ arguments.  Instead it pisses me off because you’re establishing a durable (both in time and space) identity for your kid before they have the agency to decide for themselves what kind of online presence they’d like.   I’ve basically fucked any chance I ever have for meaningful contributions to society because of this site; I wouldn’t force such things on my kids.

212 thoughts on “Short n’ Sweet

  1. “thank you for holding for cardholder services… who am i talking to?”


    he started raising his voice back as i hung up.

    enjoy your day, SHIT MONKEY!

  2. Nothing beats a methed up magazine salesman.

    Here is a toke: NOW GET SELLING

    Strategy #1: pretend to know the costumer’s neighbor.

    #2: threaten the customer

  3. they have called me back about 20 times now… every time i wait until they talk, then i say “YOU SOUND UGLY.”

    then i wait again for them to talk and cut them off with a smoooth “FUCK OFF.”

  4. real smart telemarketer… angry that one guy said you were talking to your mother’s obviously dirty cunt = waste the rest of your day.


    fucking hypocrites everywhere.


  5. haha, rac-ho got home and they called back. she asked if it was a telemarketing call, and they said it was “personal business”… when she asked their name and number they started yelling at her about someone talking about their mother’s cunt.


  6. you are mad about people, whom you attempted to defraud, are yelling about your mother’s cunt, so you yell about your mother’s cunt to strangers.

    makes sense.

    really, you’re not qualified for employment above a telemarketer? UNBELIEVABLE.

  7. now the assholes are giving my number out to people that want to be added to the do not call list… i called the FTC to complain. reference #29616744.

    i will find you.

    i will DESTROY you.

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