Down With The Sickness

I’ve probably used that title about 200 times on this website when referring to sicknesses, but this time IT’S FO REAL, SON.  I’ve been sick now for two weeks, and what started as a little scratchy throat and stuffed nose has turned into a full-blown shitfest (a metaphor).

Like, we’re talking about everything-on-the-side-of-a-Nyquil-bottle problems.

I took off from work on Monday and Tuesday and thought bedrest would help. It did. Minorly.

So, did you hear the one about the guy who belligerently berated people who called him about subscriptions to Boy’s Life and then they started giving out his number for people who wanted to removed from the calling list?  Oh man, I thought I’d heard everything.  I guess he called the FTC to complain, but what does he expect the government to do about anything- need to haul out the shotty, holmes.  I thought that was the solution.  Maybe I was wrong.

136 thoughts on “Down With The Sickness

  1. the dude is really stepping up his output… call after call… usually grandmas, after explaining the situation to them, and my plans to burn down their buildings and shotty any survivors to pieces, all of them laugh and encourage me.

    grandmas are pretty bad ass.

    the wisconsin attorney general is really letting me down. WORTHLESS.

  2. first time i felt a little shame in saying it… i could easily see them lecturing me on why violence is not the answer. nope. now i say it proud.

    me: i am going to burn buildings and kill people.
    grandma: YES. do THAT!
    me: thank you for the encouragement. bye, rad granny.
    grandma: bye, hero.

  3. Hit the one outer to win live 60$ hold em tourney…….G.O.A.T….(greatest of all time). Im feelin ultra confident lets set up a game or a trip to dubuque…wanna bust out a hill billy and take his john deer hat and his prized pig!!!!!!!

  4. i wish there were some fighters left who weren’t total pussies.

    new league: MMA. madddddddddddd martial arts.

    1) no biting
    2) no eye gouging
    3) no small joint manipulation

    the UFC can not buy us. WE ARE NOT FOR SALE.

  5. wisconsin democratic ignorant hypocrisy on display:

    Mark Pocan, a Democratic member of the Assembly who opposed the Walker bill, told protesters this week: “They may have won the battle, but I guarantee you they’ve lost the war.”

    mark, you may not be an idiot, but i guarantee you that you are.

  6. Today’s cactus juice was extra juicy: honky Tonk man tossed out the first pitch and Escobar got an in the park homer because some brewer reserve got stuck on the outfield chain link fence

  7. actually, might have been a milk tanker… perhaps even a milk tanker they were utilizing themselves to sell milk… much less funny trapped then. maybe it was a milk tanker, but i guarantee it was a gas tanker.

  8. theatre down the block doesn’t list any movies on it’s boards outside… it just says “WATCH WRESTLEMANIA HERE APRIL 3RD!!”

    i’m very tempted to go. can i assume booze will be served?

  9. that site is another solid reason to avoid facebook like muck puddles. if any of your friends friends friends signup to such a service, everything you limit to your friends becomes available to everyone. it allows your friends to sell you out. they claim facebook is doing the unwanted sharing while ultimately are the ones providing it to the end user, i assume they are assuming the inevitability of a service such as their own. the ol’ catch 22 asshole.

    either way, enjoy your facebook, “dumb fucks.”

  10. 1. Strongly consider flying 4nyaya to Eau Claire to attend WrestleMania in a theater.
    2. That slam actually was devastating. I wanted to see the next match between the taller bully and slammercakes.
    3. Belly’s picks for UFC this weekend are:

    Jones (-200) over Rua for the light hvy belt
    Schaube (-280) over old man crocop
    Wineland (+325) over Uriah Faber
    I’m dropping a $20 on a three-teamer. She is GOOD at picking fights.
    Scientist? Not good.
    Me? Worse!
    My picks on these three fights are 100% opposite. More evidence she is right as shit rain on this one.

  11. whoaaaaaaa……

    the whazzmaster…. SHE’S CHANGIN!

    make the next post about how wwhazz is afraid to match cal’s wager in fantasy baseball and cal will surely be lured back.

  12. You jerks kept calling it the dungeon so I decided to try and switch it up. It ain’t complete yet- still need to fiddle with options and shit.

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