Welcome to the next version of whazzmaster.com.  You jerks made fun of me too much, so I’ve temporarily hidden the dungeon theme away. Spring cleaning and all that jazz.

So I really don’t quite understand everything about this new setup yet; I’ll probably be changing stuff around for awhile as I get things in place.  Meanwhile: boom, new thread.

49 thoughts on “Dungeon?!

  1. It looks the same on my phone…did I get left in the dungeon?
    Just landed in Denver–a short flight away from my new home for a week–Vegas.

  2. a little publishing advice… if you have a store named “hunting the infamous albino bearded hen,” don’t lead with a picture of a dead infamous albino bearded hen… destroyed the mystery… i should have to sign up for a credit card to see page 2 and find out how the hunt ended. or at least buy a coffee at that coffee place.


  3. got any shots of them looking through binoculars?

    “blah blah hunt blah ALBINO! blah RARE! let me check back… YES. HUNT”…. oh they got him. close story.”


    “blah blah hunt blah ALBINO! blah RARE! let me check back… YES. HUNT”…. that guy must be looking for one… so rare… you need special tools too SEE ENOUGH to find one. rare. albino… words words words… blah… VIDEO… more words, ooooh, they got him. i’ll watch that video now. hey these words are about the hunt! ALMOST ALL OF THEM! hey, give me one of those coffees from the banner ad, and is there anyway i can pay to sign up for content? here is money. i’ll tell my friends to bring you more.”


  4. i’m playing 2-4 limit ON TRUBBS#^)(!&#^

    i was too drunk to figure it out last time. trick = display->mirroring = HOLLLLLLLARIT)#(*@

    not the same as LV.

    party tonight? gambo?

  5. DRUDKURDKNKS)#!%&*)(!#&%


    PROEKMBLE GAMRLAS*(&DB*^(!#T%^!#*(%^(*^!#%)(&#!%(*)!#%()&~#%

    CAL………..???????????????????????????????LALKFsdjLKASjf alskdfjlksdjf asler arre asd yOYOus OK!#?%^

  6. guess who is srudrknkdrdund …. uggg… d.r.u.n.k. BOOKODSM and chipadleader in a 22 plaoiter with 32 fools left and top 9 pay and 1st isa s6 folds in the bensny clisp???


  7. No gambo yet..did a sushi run in at Ra. So crazy here.. PeoPle staggering and puking. So many peoLe.. So many kids!! But fun. Scary bellman told me to lock my security lock…not sure what that means. Maybe theyve had issues w/ inside jobs. My room does not look like the hangover suite… I might have to do something about that.

  8. Oh–forgOt a good part–74 degrees at 10:30 when I landed. Oh and advertisements fOr St pattys and real live leprachan

  9. i’m happy about your weather… it’s above 60 here… crazy warm… i was worried it would be hotter here than vegas and you would cry.

  10. i’ve never hated my television more than watching “the situation” attempt to roast “donald trump”.

    there should be someone on tv making irrelevant tank abbot jokes that maybe 4 people could understand.


  11. i like how this site still loads the dungeon background then layers on the shine.

    transitional leverage marketing

    LOOK IT UP(*&@$#^)(!*&#%^)*(

  12. Why are you always watching Jersey Shore?


    That ben folds five thing was holy shit A+.

    Wikipedia, now!

  13. i was kinda counting on your wiki skills…

    i admit to being proud of the joke. cracked me up every time i read it.

  14. i wasn’t watching the shore… it was a live comedy hate show. i haven’t watched the last 3 or 4 episodes… it’s degraded to infighting and poop based pranks. the season started out fun… lots of drunk idiots: GO.

  15. …. so much shame…………. stop rubbing it in………

    I NEVER LEARNED TO WIKI#)(&!%*(!&#^)*(^$!)*(!$^

  16. Albino. Shoot. Rare. fuck. madddddd. dark meat. show don’t tell. why won’t this remember my name, email and website? fuck. madd. lycra. show and tell. fuck.


  17. I can hook you up with the coffee. also, i was thinking, instead of telling the end of the story, we’d just have pictures of breasts on page 2. My breasts.


  18. There is a great moment where Wanderlei is fighting a judo dude in full judo-man outfit, and Wandy is all let’s fight, and the dude says fine! and whips his judo shirt on the ground. Before he can even finish his “let’s do this” Wandy smashes his face in.

    In the post fight interview, judo dude says it was a bad idea.

    Look at these 16 fighters

    UFC champs or tournament winners:

    Kevin Randleman
    Dan Henderson
    Vitor Belfort

    Strikeforce or pride champ

    Igor Vovchanchyn

    Ricardo Arona was a roided up hulk at the time

    Dean Lister was a BJJ world champ

    Donger, Nakamura, Yoshida, Kondo were Japanese champs and or Olympic gold medalists.

    Six of these dudes are still main eventing ppvs.

    Cal r u impressed?

  19. having to fill in name and email over and over to post is annoying.

    also, where did you lose “down with the sickness”

  20. Happy St pattys day from sin city! Hurry up and get here wwhazz–I want someone to play with. All black jack tables were 10 min–so I plAyed a penny slot called “glitter kitty”. I won 20 and spent it on red wine and chocolate. It was a good night.

  21. a gray squirrel fell out of a tree outside… one of his back feet is chewed up, and the base of his tail is all chewed up. i think those fucking red squirrels did a job on him.

    i took the dogs out one at the time for a close encounter… after some ruckus both dogs calmed down enough to pet the squirrel.

    soooooo…. leave the squirrel alone? shoot it in the face? nurse it back to health and potentially create a lifelong friendship?

    i never heard willa make the sounds she did to let me know the squirrel was outside and in trouble.

  22. i wrapped him in a towel outside, put that on another towel with a dish of water and a handful of honey roasted nuts.

    good luck, little buddy.

  23. squirrel is dead. autopsy confirms death via gnawed off gnuts.

    those fucking red squirrels. after i get that sheridan from my dad, it’s fucking game on all summer.


  24. did you read that in cuban refugee camp voice?

    i hate those fucking red squirrels so much.


  25. does the R stand for rhetoric?

    news is more fun when you have an agenda… MOTIVATION.

  26. baby baby where’s the baby????????????????????? new whazzmaster new baby new new new newnewnewnewnnewnewnenwnenwnewnnew

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