Sorry, Old Chap

Well, we’re out of the dungeon but I can’t quite figure out what’s wrong with the comment form and why it won’t save your info.  I’ve been quite busy with some other tech stuff and I’ve been devoting more time to to get ready for some projects I’m working on.  All that and I’m taking a short break from traveling hither and yon across the world having adventures.

It’s been real nice in Madison the past week; it’s finally starting to warm up, and Spacebee and I are now looking for houses in the Madison area.  Nothing yet but I’ll keep you posted, and HOLYSHITWWHAZZISINVEGASRIGHTNOW!

Hoe-cho! SEBEN!

Rach-o had dat baby yet, sceizzer?

224 thoughts on “Sorry, Old Chap

  1. Just googled Harper–I still love it–but Harper means-to play the harp–u better not let her play any other music instruments. The 2nd thing I learned was that Kelly kapawski aka tiffani thiesen has a baby and named it harper as well

  2. Congrats old chum, i like Harper, like Harper Lee. Maybe your Harper will write To Kill a Mockingbird II, as in Rocky II – TKaM2 will feature the Mockingbird not only “going the distance,” but knocking out the champ and holding the World Heavyweight Belt!

    Happy birthday literally little baby girl skeezer! I look forward to our future debates. Once I have finally defeated your father, I will expect you to step into his giant clumsy shoes.

    Maybe i’ll be wearing a floppy brown robe and it’ll be all desert apocalypsy now and post-apocalypse type stuff and i’ll explain to you that whazzmaster has become a “wretched hive of scum and villainy” but we have to confront your father there so go sign up for your gravatar image.

    then, when you find out that the skeeze was your father you and i will work together to write the greatest sprite battle rap the world has ever seen, we will concurrently post the rap as well as a response to the rap thus creating whazzmaster love which will overcome the imperial walker and the deathstar. then daddy skeez will shake his fist in rage, but right before the big explosion you’ll find him and be like, i forgive your weak raps father. and he’ll be all nice finally but before he expires he will admit that cal was his better in all things. then he will die.

    Welcome to the world little baby HAWK!

  3. this baby is a total cutie. way too cute. cal will say it isn’t mine. fuck cal. can’t make babies in greg’s butt, DOOFUS.

  4. estimated time before whazzman closes on a house after he realizes that doods entire basement of used arcade cabinets could be obtained with ebay and patience for the price of his solid goldy gold camera kit: 71 days.

    CAUTION: after you buy a house, baby leverage gets hard to overcome.

  5. Get that kid on trubs! What do you think her first swear will be? What age? When will you teach her Jew jit sue? Striking? How is q ball taking it? Soon as she is old enough to understand gambo we having a little chat about 7 10 oz. Very disappointed.

  6. Daaaaaaaaaamn!!!!!!!!

    Peanut butter jaaaaaaaaaaammmmmm!!!!!!!!

    K car, how do u want to be shit paid ? How about free admission to the dinger!

  7. we’re still in the hospital… leaving in a bit. quindo hasn’t met her yet, but has met lots of baby… always good. he only threatens to kill things that he thinks could kill him. SMART. only pick fights you can lose. GENIOUS. more worried about tha killa licking her face after checking her poop for undigested treats.

    i’ve been skyping with all the family that couldn’t make it up… should a holler if you want to see her.

  8. Congrats on the baby, Mikey… now that I’ve rediscovered whazzmaster, I’m going to do my best to check in at least once a week. Hopefully I won’t miss any more babies in between visits.

  9. Computer blew out. We will set a skype date soon. Daaaaaaaamn!!!!! Don’t leave me hanging here.

  10. We were so excited to meet HWK and then poof–computer explosion. Hoping to get it fixed and/or get a new one early in the week. Hope all is going well settling back in at home. How are Willa and quince doing with their new friend?

  11. dogs love her… like to sniff her head. she has a full head of hair and it’s so soffffffffffffft. way cuter than the non-classiCALly beautiful statistician in me ever could have hoped for.

    didn’t you guys just get that computer?

    i still check the blogerific bloggity bloggy blog at least once a month… how about a quarterly edition?

  12. chan sung jung fights like i yell at the doods on my tv to fight.


    elbows and knees and chokes… bye bye.

  13. Computer that blew uP is old–we’ve been talking about a new one for awhile. Wwhazz ordered an ultra portable hp something or other last night. So hopefully we can check out that cute little baby sooner than later.

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