1815 Madison St


The house we're interested in
1815 Madison St., the house we're interested in


Right here on this very website the MADDDDDDDDDD SCIENTIST taught us how to appropriately welcome a baby into the world: with PLOITers and remote observation of ice-fishing.  The result: HWK, a name worthy of the Whazz 99 leaderboard.  First column? In time.  When our descendants return to the long lost .tar.gz files of zipped up ‘web-sites’ to learn the history of their clan, it shall be written that the child’s birth was HERALDED by the RETURN OF ARLO.  Who was this stranger whose presence was almost invisible, yet whose return was celebrated so excitedly by the ancient weirdos who hung out at whazzmaster.com?

I wish I had more profound things to say before I pivot to Current Events; I’m sure the comment thread will overflow with good tidings and links to centralwisconsinsports.net articles so I’ll let that take care of itself.  Good luck HWK, and don’t let your old man fool you into thinking that it’s a good idea to hit a driver from the fringe. IT’S DUMB! 5 IRON 5 IRON 5 IRON 5 IRON!

Soooo, see that house up there? We really like it.  We’re thinking seriously about trying to buy it.  It is very expensive, but includes everything we want in a house that will grow with us for the foreseeable future.  Five bedrooms, large kitchen, two car garage, one block from the Monroe St shops (including Trader Joe’s). Location, space, and really nice interior is a perfect storm that we’re willing to stretch to try to get.  If it doesn’t work out then it’ll be back to the MLS mines to try to dig out another gold nugget, but for now I’m really excited about this one.


126 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

  1. watched glengarry glen ross for the first time last night.

    “If everyone thinks one thing, then I say, bet the other way…”


  2. fuck it… i’m throwing these fools on trubbs…

    cincy so conceited they can’t share home opening days like everyone else? how did that detroit gets all the thanksgiving games thing work out? they won the superbowl, right? was the ump who can’t call a catch part of the deal? does cincy need a win that bad? will the whole city cry if they don’t win? wahhhhh wahhhhhhh… opening day wasn’t here so it wasn’t real wahhhhh wahhhhhhh.

    you will witness cincy’s tears represented on 140″ of cloth.

  3. i’m not sure if the HWK is to blame for the brewers lose, or my excessive aggression and early declarations of victory.

    fucking cincy.

  4. she wasn’t watching the game at all, then i went and got her and propped her up for the bottom of the 9th… yeesh.

  5. i’m very disappointed that centralwisconsinsports.net does not have an april fools day story… perhaps C.C. sabby offering milwaukee $120M over 5 years TO LET HIM PITCH.


    I WANT TO COME BACK)(!#&)(!#*%(*”

  6. CentralWisconsinSports.net does not bow to the lowest common denominator (or any other denominator for that matter) on matters like April Fools, etc. We are a HIGH BROW outfit. No time for jokes with all the great content we have to run. See: fantasy baseball story.

  7. brewers suck.

    i’ll bet they get last in the division if someone gives me a price.

  8. I’ll pay you $20 for every position below first.

    You pay me $20 for every position above last.

    1st: I owe you $0, you owe me $80: you owe me $80
    2nd: I owe you $20, you owe me $60: I win $40
    3rd: I owe you $40, you owe me $40: wash
    4th: I owe you $60, you owe me $20: you win $40
    5th: I owe you $80, you owe me $0: you win $80

  9. how about this:

    1st: i owe you $100
    2nd: i owe you $20
    3rd: wash
    4th: you owe me $40
    5th: you owe me $60

  10. i learned my sports betting from whazzman… bet against what you want, then YOU CAN’T LOSE)(&!#%()&!@%#)*(%

  11. Option #2, sold.

    But you can call it off for a $1.25 cancelation fee… baseball is a long season, and I know you like the Brewers. The whazzman sports gambo philosophy guarantees you a degree of happiness, but it also guarantees a degree of sadness.

    Half happy is half sad.

    I prefer to double down on happiness. Plus fantasy sports and gambling have taught me that the cognitive dissonance felt from this half-sad SPOILS the half happy.
    The whazzman way of life is no way to live in my book, but it’s your life, Bon Jovi.

  12. Want a weeks/Mcghehehehehheheheeh HR battle? I take Weeks, you take Mc. We pay $5 for each HR.
    So if it is 54 HR weeks to 52 HR Mc, you owe me $10.

  13. the trick is to allow the sadness to morph into anger and then be converted into special characters such as these)(&#^&)(!#%^*&(!#^*&(!%*(!*()^^!&*(*&(^%#^*&

    all happy.

  14. HR bet is on too… i’ll give you the first couple games.

    losing $100 makes me feel something, but my gambo immune system is strong… nothing will be spoiled.

  15. Sweet!

    How is the HWK taking the 3 game skid? She has NEVER seen the crew win. Parker went 0-9 when I first brought him home. He was not impressed.

    We kind of celebrated that first win a bit early…

  16. Prince will jack one today. The dread pirate Narrrrrrrrrrrrrreson will impress on the mound. I would have signed him to a 1-day fantasy contract, but it’s too early to be burning moves.

    Cal has already made 10% of his allotted moves for the season. Off to a slow start, he is in full panic mode. I am also off to a slow start, but ok with it.

  17. just go to their website clever linked by their name by st00pid turdpress: http://nurpferdeundfussball.blogger.de/

    don’t worry, i’m sure it’s not a virus laden spamfield. it probably has instructional guides for beating plinko too.



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