Opening Day!

opening day! this is whazzmaster reporting LIVE from Long Wong’s Chinese American Sports Bar (poker tourneys on Wed!)

cheer amongst yourselves!

92 thoughts on “Opening Day!

  1. now you’ve both offended each other… FIGHT!!#(*)%&)!&#(^

    my method takes out the chance that they jump on the lowball offer, but more often than not end up at a lower price than going back and forth.

  2. so did your offer include a declaration of finality? if so, i’d definitely respond back with the 449 if they don’t take it… then if they respond with anything but, “yes”, respond back with 448… etc…

    “what are you doing? how about we just go back to 450”
    “hold on now… let’s talk about this”

  3. i’m watching the master with whazzing in my head… nice shot freddy… that’s a gimme 5 iron from the fringe.

    reality: chip + 2 putt.

    how are these chumps on the tour? WHY AM I NOT?!#*(^&!#%)(

  4. Tony Plush: “The gentleman alter-ego of the Milwaukee Brewers’ Nyjer Morgan. Plush occasionally slips into third-person.”!/Tony_Plush

    A Sample: “Tony Plush got too cute while attempting an inside-the-park home run bunt. He has learned his lesson. Back to #Plushdamentals and triples.”


  5. A comment in reply to your link about THE LORD: “I have absolutely no interest in the whiskey as you described it. But I thoroughly enjoyed your story telling and descriptions – especially liked that last paragraph. I am wondering about the purpose of the helicopter in the picture though. The whiskey and Lord Calavert’s failure to take off?”

    Paraphrased: “Whatever- WHAT’S WIT DAT CHOPPER?!”

  6. Oooooooooo didn’t dig into the comments. I’ve google imaged THE LORD before though, so I’ve seen it. Layers of goodness!

    That tony plush stuff is awesome. Good find.

    In cal news, he’s relentlessly attacked in our leagues messages boards:

    “no clue why the fool wont pick up a catcher”

    “be happy you’re not USSR… he drafted his bums”

    “My guess is that USSR will be locked out once the playoffs roll around”

    “good thing u run alot because ur gonna wanna distance yourself from your team”

  7. oh, nyjer.

    dude luv is STRONG.

    i’m drunk. found out my local bar a block away is pretty good.

  8. my grandpa who is the originator of the lord CRAZE told me further tales of it’s upincomance… his friend used to buy it by the case many years ago. he seemed shocked at it’s current status as a “sipping whiskey”.

    i don’t gulp, but somewhere in between.

    sometimes i gulp.

  9. Oh, wait, I forgot I didn’t update last night. They countered back to 460K with the words “this is our best and final offer”.

    I am mulling over our state of affairs. Lord Calvert would know what to do.


  11. lord calvert would know what to do…maybe you should gulp some down and then make your choice.

  12. Our LORD is EMPTY. Ploitered with skeezer all night and watched robocop.

    Now at EVP and my head is POUNDING.

    Add this to the mull stew: an extra 10k goes a long way towards recreating Aladdin’s Castle in you basement.

    Plus these dude have been on a price dropping spree. Maybe you need to check back in a month or something.

    But whatev. You are wise and I’m sure you will make a good decision.

  13. i’m not going to say i told you so… i’m just going to say i can see the future and IT’S NOT FAIR.

  14. Whazzmaster– thanks for the illuminating talk last night. i still have to download that plugin. as far as your house situation, i’ll cut off my own dick and eat it if 460 is their “final offer.” bullshit. if they don’t like you at 450, i’d poop in an envelope and send it to them with a note, “this is my final offer, punk.”

  15. look… he is the guy that tried to buy their FUCKING HOME for 435. you have unnecessarily endangered your penis.

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