Rambling Man

Maybe Our New Joint
Maybe Our New House

I’m out in California for the week on BIZ-NASS, and in the meantime my honey-pie is ensuring that the house we put an offer in on last week is up to our high standards (oh, you didn’t know? Yes, we’ve moved on.)

It’s a very nice place, all new and stuff! And all credit goes to the inestimable peapods for carefully sifting and winnowing the available properties in Madison and presenting us with The Perfect House.  She sifted and winnowed a winner on this one, people. Big round of applause.

So, unless there’s a portal to hell in the basement or an indian burial ground in the backyard I hope this one sticks.  It’s got a badass kitchen and a badass-ier backyard, and it’s right on the bike path.  All in all very nice!

Not much else to report. CAL, if you still read this dumb website then I’d like to hang out with you on Saturday and present you with a bottle of Dom P for winning the goddamn football pool… goddammit.  HOLLLAR at a player when you see ‘im on the streets, cal!

134 thoughts on “Rambling Man

  1. that reminds me, yesterday a wolf walked through the yard… it was trotting along, so i didn’t get a great look, but i couldn’t see a collar and it looked like a wolf… might have been a wolfish dog. probably a wolfish dog. maybe i shouldn’t tell people i saw a wolf. is that something that is dangerous and might cause people to over react? they are called the timberwolves, right? so they must be around, right? i think it was a timber wolf. it was headed towards trees. makes sense.

    so far:
    blue jays
    many different finches

    still waiting on:
    more wolf???

  2. played a lot of portal 2 today and now suffering consequences. can’t look at computer monitors without feeling dimensionally removed.

    TRUBBBBBBS ARE DANGEROUS()*&#%)(&!#%)(&!#%

  3. yes… very tall… WOLFlike… i’m NOT a retard, but I AM claiming to have seen a wolf in the city, and i’m not sure how crazy that is. i might be crazy.

    the deer were kicking it out there all day. eventually i let the dogs after them… 1 hid for a second, but then bolted… the other laid in the grass until willa was almost up on her and then ran off across the somewhat busy street. i listened for the car crash, bah. none. i’ve done that send deer into the road trick like 5 times now… never works.

    i was thinking about kicking it to BWWWWW3Ws alone for the fight.

  4. i also like to think my dogs playing poker reading skills are good enough to know the difference between a dog finally escaping his bounds and kicking it around the neighborhood, and a beast on a mission of survival.

  5. I’m up watching Jesus Son. Trying to make it til the royal wedding. Without stars… doubtful.

    Club wpt?

  6. Potowato has a new promotion called “winball wizard.” It’s basically a pinball game without flippers.

    Here is a quote from the ad:

    “The best part? No skill needed.”


  7. It was really difficult to bet on UFC in Vegas.

    They only offered odds on 4 of the million fights. And the odds were way shittier than the online odds.

    I tried to bet on the Crocop/schaub fight and the lady was super mean to me. She yelled at me that you cannot bet on fights that were already started, and she pointed at the tv, which was showing the Spike prelims. On the tv two black dudes were fighting.

    I walked away really confused… crocop and shaud are white… so I got back in line and explained this to her. I told her that’s not cropcop/schaub.

    So she yelled at me again, and said that she meant the fight was already over and I am not allowed to bet on fights that are over.

    So I was all confused… did they switch the order of the card and have crocop jerk the curtain on the spike card or the facebook card?

    (UFC shows the super prelims for free on facebook and then 2 fights on spike before the ppv)

    So I took my phone into the shitter (because god will strike you down if you bust out a cellie in a sportsbook and checked the results). As I suspected, the fight had not yet happened.

    So I went back to the lady and explained. She yelled at me again: action is off on that fight. We stopped taking bets on it.

    Why not tell me that right away? Instead I had to wait in line 3 times and get yelled at 3 times.

  8. Also, it’s $40 bucks per person to watch the ppv in a sportsbar.

    So, I guess the lesson here is for peapods… don’t try to bet on ufc, don’t watch it in a sports bar.

  9. sadly for peapods, she just landed in vegas about an hour ago. She was supposed to get in last night, but her flight was delayed and she had to spend the night in Denver. At the bank yesterday, she balked at my suggestion of taking out twice as much money as she did. She was slightly uncomfortable with being given $100 bills.

  10. you sent your wife to vegas on an unreliable plane with an uncomfortably full benny clip…….

    human trafficking?

  11. Found my first morels this morning. 10 baby yellows. As I was walking from my spot, a jogger ran past. I tried to hide my stash but he saw it (it was in my hand, no bag) and was all excited, encouraged me to sell that shit. I saw him get out his cell and text away. I drove off, but was suspicious, so I looped back and saw a him and a bunch of pals looking at the ground. They were totally in the wrong place, but they are close.

    Shit, shit, shit, shit.

    It’s public land, so I have no claim. But still sucks.

    I usually like to have parky with me. Dog walker is a good cover.

    But anyway: IT HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. what am i looking for? woods all over around here…

    how far do they stick out of the ground? are they usually close to tree trunks? certain kinds of trees? heavy shade? partial shade? wet? dry?

  13. it would cost $40 in gas to get here and back.

    i do have lots of lord and special confections, though…

    all are welcome. bring your kids.

  14. It’s too early for mushrooms in your hood. I’ll watch the message boards and report on your conditions.

    In general:

    A sunny day after rain is good.

    Dead elm trees are gold, but it’s really hard for me to identify trees that do not have leaves. it is impossible for me to identify dead trees.

    Along tree lines and the sides of trials is best. I think because light can hit that part.

    Sometimes close to trees, sometimes not.

    You do not have to dig, but sometimes you can see them sticking up under matted leaves.

    Or just jog around town and jump mother fucker’s claims.

    Fucking joggers. Fuckign cal.

    I’d like to come up, but I need to work on the yard. Plants, plants, plants.

  15. lots of shrooms in the back, but all the skinny stem brown ones.

    yeah, lots of land up here owned by rach-os uncles, but it’s all her fam…

    one of them is a gun and boom guy… lots of full auto aks and m16s…

  16. If you can get permission, I’ll come up when they start poppin in yer neck of the woods.

    If we make a big score we can have a feast or dry thgem.

    Or try to trade some to high end resturants for credit.

    Selling them str8 cash is kind of hard. If you sell to buyers, they rip you off. On the streets is a little hard.

  17. trew datz.

    watching “the cartel” on netflix instant about public education funding being squandered while testing goes to shit.

    i blame the children. fucking brats.

  18. what happened to pride and self respect?

    maybe if i drop you on your head again you’ll remember where you left it?







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