Mmmmm, Ribs

I cracked my rib cartilage on Tuesday.  My current shambling, zombie-like nature consists of two strained rotator cuffs and one cracked rib-ish injury; not bad for a 32 year old!

I was doing a workout at the onsite gym on Tuesday evening out here in California and at the lowest point of a leg press I actually heard a sound come from my rib cage.  Tie a piece of twine to a piece of plywood.  Stretch it reeeeal tight and the pluck the string away from the wood and snap it: that’s the sound I heard come from my rib cage.  Then everything hurt real bad.

My immediate thoughts were: hernia.  My thoughts the next morning as I woke up to intense pain were: oblique abdominal strain/tear.  My thoughts this morning: holy fuck my entire right side is searing pain… broken rib?

My instinct was to hold my side, WWE-wrestler style, and limp back to Wisconsin to get medical care, but after I called my doctor to make an appointment for next week they were alarmed that I would fly without getting checked out.  “Go to a hospital immediately,” they said. “No,” I replied. “Yes, go,” they adamantly responded.  So I went.

The verdict: I have cracked my rib cartilage (the part that attaches my abdominal muscles to my rib cage). Painful, four week rest from most activity, and I got Vicodin.

And yes, in five days it’s the One Year Anniversary of my lung exploding on a business trip. INFINITE SIGH.

10 thoughts on “Mmmmm, Ribs

  1. broken rib cartilage better than herknnneyah. still hurts though….enjoy the vicodin and feel better soon

  2. I pretty sure the cab ride got me sick last night. The only thing I know for sure is Douglas got lucky last night.

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