60 thoughts on “Mobile, Alabama

  1. Are you in the elusive bar by gate 45 in that picture? Wish I could have seen that in person. The bar by gate 45 in concourse A looked pretty lame.

  2. not sure if i want to go with "squareturd", "turdspace"…

    "recently…" links don't work right.

    how about a dedicated "recently…" page with the last 5-10 comments in full form with context?

  3. If you're like me, you have a folder on your computer that contains….

    pictures of unbelievably large breasts?

  4. so a tornado watch is a warning about tornados, and a tornado warning means you can look outside and watch a tornado.

    who are the governmental bureaucratic GENIOUSES behind this stupidity?

  5. why did the seal team kill osama bin laden if he wasn't armed and they were not under fire?

    is this how america operates now, CAL??? shoot first, questions later? guilty until proven innocent?

    who should we target and kill next??? is there any way to get on a list of people to not kill? if i don't know anyone named schindler, is there maybe some other list i could get on?

    way to go america. murder. ROCK ON!

    buy ammo.

  6. due to squareturdmyspaceturd, i fear no one will ever read this.

    get to crackin on that "recently…" page. put some ads on it. IT WILL PAY FOR YOUR HOME.

  7. the bug did make me re-read my scoop post, and i got it wrong… the coach is obviously not the one asking the vice princiPAL to hire a new coach… the super intendant is.

    the team is good, the coach has been there a long time, and is very popular with the players and students and community. the super is butt hurt that his son plays bball like a girl who plays bball very poorly.

    so the super is fucking everyone over, and then sacrificing education on the new hire by focusing solely on bball coaching abilities.

    i'll rake the fuck out of any muck i see. i HATE unraked muck.

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