New Content: Incoming

Here’s a little test Squarespace’s content input system: i.e., the shit I would use to create the wonderfully awesome shit that people know me for on this little website.

I just uploaded that image (again) to see how image management/placement work in this system. Turns out it’s pretty neat-o.

I wonder if I can embed a video. Hmm.

How about a link… check it, buster. I went there when I was in Mountain View and it was pretty cool.

Hmm, I can’t specify metadata about the link (alt text, etc.)  That’s somewhat sad, especially since squarespace prides itself on auto-SEO management, though that’s not something I pride myself terribly on.  Generally I don’t give a shit if people can find whazzmaster on the internet.  I’m not driving ad revenue out of here or anything.


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