Quick Update

Yes, yes… why I thought you jerks would ever actually like a CMS is beyond me.  There are problems to be fixed, and once the new house shit is taken care of and such I’l get right on customizing errythang to madd’s liking.

In the meantime, their spam blocking has so far let in one errant piece of shit.  But I suppose if you live in a world where a wall is holding back twenty million tons of the stuff, finding a piece on your shoe shouldn’t be that vexing.  I’m monitoring it closely.

So, yes, The House.  Inspection went terrific last week, and we’re in full (on the way across the sky) negotiations with the bank this week.  We’re coordinating homeowner’s insurance, lease transfer, moving arrangements, new furniture purchases, and mortgage approval- itsa lotta work I tells ya.

We’re still targeting a close/beginning of move-in sometime between May 23 and May 26.

83 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Uke was reaching last night…

    Perhaps the brewers can come back and score 8 runs in the top of the 9th. And then score a run to take the lead. And after that, tack on a few Badger Mutual Insurance runs.

  2. those chairs are all over town. 1 right across the street by the driveway entrance to the pool.

    it has rainbows on it, cal.

  3. Discount Liquor sues to protect its name is the story.

    Also, $400 generators selling for $1600 in the dirty dirty.

  4. apple is in the middle of a similar lawsuit over google's app store… apple claims they own the trademark on "app store" even though their marketing claims they have "the largest app store" implying that other "app stores" exist that they acknowledge are smaller than theirs.

    eventually i see "the container store" getting in the mix.

    RE: generators… wow… free market capitalism exploits supply and demand cases? color me stupified… BY YOU!

    rach-o is still blocking my generator purchase just like she blocked my snowblower purchase… i fear we'll have to wait for the shit storms, ride them the shit out, and then she'll pretend like i never suggested we be prepared. i'll probably drop some c bombs, then head to menards or ace hardware. 3k generac should do. $400 is about what i'm looking for.

  5. scour their advertising for shit like "the best discount liquor store in town!"

    at the time they thought they were clever, but they were really chopping off their proverbial dick.


  6. cal will never provide a legal opinion. he paid to be taught not to.


  7. that apple quote was from the mouth of CEO steve jobs during a keynote address on app stores… so hard to spin that.

  8. lawsuits are for pussies. do what my boy obamers does and get a helicopter and a couple rifles.

    BOOM. no more problem.


  9. Saw the midnight screening of Thor last night. Result: it was good. It was also the first 3D movie I ever saw. 3D Opinion: meh.

  10. the trubbbbalyzer supports 3D, and i have a few ps3 games and blurays that are 3D, but i just don't care to buy shutter glasses and train my brain to bipolar multiplex visual input.

    the chinese are trying to make us all crazy.



    i'm very pissed off at that video… they completely bit my "karate boy" sketch from '96. same voice exactly. might have even been the same dude… i have no idea what he's doing now. joey aiello played the gay ninja. tj hearn was the karate boy, and some other guy did his voice.

  11. the neighbor kids were playing killzone 3 with the sharpshooter, 12 year old girl was playing and her 8 year old brother had a mental breakdown and just started screaming in tongues. i mocked him and asked if he would rather play mario.

    that game might be ok in 3D, but it's already too real to begin with. A2K. give me some blocks that can shoot smaller blocks and i'll pretend in my brain that it looks like a tank.


  12. Yeah, my overall reaction to seeing 3d in a big summer movie for the first time was: 'pretty dumb, I could do without it.' The movie itself, though, was really good. Directed by Kenneth Branagh!! Still remember seeing his 4 hour Hamlet at the Oriental in Milwaukee in high school. Right above… (DUN DUN DUNNNNN!) The Landmark!


  13. You can tell I'm not rationing the exclamation marks anymore- those fuckers gotta be free!!!!!!

  14. guess how much they get for exclamation marks in alabama….

    1600 DAMN DOLLARS)(&#^!)(&!#^%^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The Luna Flooring commercials on FSN drive me niuts. Psst, lady in the commercial. Here is a secret: YOUR HUSBAND IS GAY

  16. groundout to shutout was pretty cool.

    just saw the luna commercial for the first time with rach-o… read your comment to her… NEIGH… PERFORMED your comment for her.

    she laughed and agreed.

    3 dinger 9th coming up.

  17. 1) that cave 3D movie was totally awesome.

    2) at some point i will go see THOR. it's awesome that they have to dredge up THOR to make another comic book movie. they are almost out of dudes. i want the fish guys: NAMOR THE SUBMARINER or AQUA MAN. but not like a joke AQUA MAN. i want serious AQUA MAN. I'll bet it is in the making. hold on i will check… hmm not yet, but the internet is all yuk yuk what if somebody made AQUA MAN??? omg omg SOOO FUNNY. oh yeah hahaha so funny stupid internet. or i would like GREEN AAROW. he was like… robin hood in green? and in new york city? AWESOME.

    3) whilst we are on the subject: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY was yesterday and got me interested in comic books again. whazzmaster you and alandovos geek out to THE WALKING DEAD yet? looking forward to geeking out myself over it. apparantly they made it a tv show.

    3a) the guys in the comic book store were just as awkward and at the same time loud and obnixous as they were when i was 13. it was cool.

    3b) i have tons of comic books geekily preserved and organized into need little boxes and twice or three times annually i check ebay to see them selling for squat. *desperate sigh*

    3c) after hauling away as many free comic books as i could i felt like i should buy one so i bought something called ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS (ROBOTS VS ZOMBIES?) it was super great.



  18. I was just thinking about what shit I want to keep and what shit I want to toss.
    M.U.S.C.L.E Men? 4life, homie.

    But my comic collection needs a purging. Boxes and boxes of worthless shit. The comic book and baseball card bubble destroyed my retirement portfolio. Need a complete set of Batman (1989) cards? Holler at me.

  19. It's good to have hobbies. If you lived in Madiosn, I'd let you farm a plot of my land.

  20. Oh, honey. What a great day. (peck on the cheek) I know you are bushed from all that carpet shopping. You tuck in, I'll grab a beer with the fellas down at the pool hall.

    Don't wait up!

    Luna carpet (jingle)

  21. did those turdsquareturdmyspaceturd guys get back to you yet?

    over 50 comments in 1 post? and you're still using our turd software??? WOW. ooooooooooookkkkkkkkkk…… we're not going to fix it.

    adrien greenery should play aquaman. i don't know why it would be funny otherwise. just because his powers are talking to fish? can he make tsunamis or anything? spit water out of his dick really fast like a flowjet machining tool?

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