The Furnisher (or, FURNISH HIM!!)

My hair“I’ll be back… with a black throw pillow”

Spacebee and I spent a good portion of the weekend skipping merrily from furniture store to furniture store (and sometimes to a furniture store all the way in Milwaukee) to buy new furnishings for the new house.

So, after five stores and some money spent we have a new dining room set, a couple of chairs (see right), a bedroom set, and an outdoor dining set for the back patio.  My current furniture is mostly a mishmash of IKEA stuff I bought as a bachelor in California, some hand-me-down stuff from our parents, and random stuff I’ve had forever. 

I’m pretty excited for the move- we have the truck booked for May 28th, the furniture delivery scheduled for thre same week, and we started packing last weekend.  The apartment is fairly a disaster area filled with full boxes, half-filled boxes, and bundles of empty boxes. 

One question for the Community (particularly those of a technical bent, but all opinions are welcome): what internet, cable, phone providers do y’all use and what is your opinion of them? I believe most of these companies are Frank-Norris’-depiction-of-The-Railroad-style ripoff artist monsters, so I turn to the experiences of My Pals here on  One caveat though: if you suggest that I use Charter Communications in any way then you’re not my friend anymore. They suck.


138 thoughts on “The Furnisher (or, FURNISH HIM!!)

  1. i'm a vet.

    i can dance under water and not get wet.

    i do not hate to like ice cube. nor do i hate to love him. i love ice cube. eminem was not talking about this mother fucker.

    whoa…. i'm a mother fucker. whoa.



  2. i sincerely would like to sue the mckinley middle school in racine wisconsin for encouraging all students (aged 10-14) to log on to facebook and visit the school's facebook page for more information about whatever the principal was too lazy to simply tell them over the loud speakers.

    dead serious.

    will ANYONE help me? lets take down the fucking city. you were trusted to teach our children, not encourage them to break the law, and expose themselves to the deepest muck hole on the planet.


    i am coming for you dirty mother fuckers. LAY THE FUCK DOWN. i am HOV.

    say it.


  3. their announcements for today do not include a facebook mention, and previous announcements are not archived….

    wayback machine, here i come.

  4. they rounded up all of the students with richly toned skin and made them play as the mythiCAL species the "NAW'TIES"



    has anyone on the school board even looked inside the doors in the last 10 years? lots of creepy shit going on in there.

  5. I migth want to be on one when I grow up.

    Derrrrr derrrrrrrrrrrr derrrrrrrrrrrrr

    For real, though.

  6. That bumper sticker that asks the army to hold a bake sale to buy a new stealth bomber hits close to home. A lot of good could come from that kind of skrill.

  7. Belly wanted to look at new beds yesterday. I shut her down. She got all angry and asked if I just wanted her to pick it out without me (like a threat). I said yes. Pick it out. I’m not the Luna man. Go marry some closeted homosexual if you want a partner who gets all excited about flooring. She said, why can’t you be more like zach?

  8. To be fair, I am a weird type of troll when it comes to living in unfurnished caves.

  9. i have a method to deal with such rhetoric, and discourage it in the future.

    response = replace(noun, "YOUR FACE");

    eg: why can't you be more like YOUR FACE?


  10. does a mother fucker have to fuck their own mother or just any mother? i'm confused. cal?

  11. i'm waiting for the spacebee run in talking about "you betta stay away from my man#%!#^@#^"

    bitches be trippin, yo.

  12. youtube really picked out the good comments. impressive automation.

    1) women with big noses are generally not that good looking but this girl is beautiful… and if her nose was average size, she would look plain. hats off to her for looking beyond her nose and realizing that her big nose actually improves her looks.

    2) Whats up with the Hotdogs and Salad for dinner?

  13. HauteboiTV 1 year ago –
    "O for FUCKS SAKE! She should have grabbed that spatula and Beat the living gay outta his ass!"

    surprisingly most people focusing hatred on the girl (re: nose). odd.

  14. my comment was clearly inspired by whazzmaster and spacebee's weekend 'o furniture shopping. i will be happy as a lark to pick out our new bed by myself– i just don't wanna hear a peep out of wwhazz if he doesn't like it.

  15. with prices that low, tell them to motorboat right on over!


  16. rach-o bought the saturn. wei'll be rolling around looking jenky… the millennium camry was pawned off.

    actually, though… i am extremely impressed with the car. v6 awd with big towing package so it has torqy balls off the line… rides smooth, stops solid… aux in on the xm stereo… cup holders and power jacks like whoa… heated seats and mirrors… 27 mpg highway. BAWWWWWWWLLLLLLIN'.

  17. i would hate to be a luna flooring installer… gotta figure all of your customers are wang wranglers.

  18. my inner troll manifests itself in the comfort of potentially living in my new SUV.

  19. just bought the new canon T3i… very similar to the m25d, but 8 folds instead of 25.

    i blew my final pstars cashout on it with 5 folds to spare.

  20. forgot i bought that camera… all night workathon with an amazon break = dangerous.

  21. got errrrrrrrthang done… 3 weeks of slacking + 1 all-nighter maddddddd-tunnlin' carpelfest = more shit done than asked or expected of me.

    do you have any idea how easy this is for me? it's a fucking joke. how do you like DEM APPLES? it's easier this way, and such. robin williams dead wife joke.

  22. i saw that fitbitclient stuff coming… it confused me where they ended and you began.

    maybe i'll just be a fat fucker for life, but watching my wife measure out a glass of wine or a cup of lettuce is extremely pathetic to me. i say "just remember what the glass of wine looks like in the glass, and fill it up that far… nope, she gets out a separate measuring cup. fruit is 0 points, so she just eats a pound of pineapple. just found out she paid like $60 for the ipad app and many month subscription.

    what can that fitbit thing do? graph my weight over time? could it forecast future weight in high order polynomials? can it tell me the fattest i'll ever be? i better eat more sausage.

  23. hey you whazzers i passed the bar. thanks to madd for encouraging me to press on. the rest of you… expect a suit filed shortly.

    I remain,


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