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  1. i thought it was his son that maintained the database… it really does exist… they do stat lookups all the time… it's sort of like tv schedules… you can pay for access to the listings, or just copy the tv guide yourself… or have your son do it and take credit.

    PAGE 3 FIRST)(&!#%)*(&!#^

  2. whazzman, what brand of memory card do you have? i got a PNY professional 32GB class 10 one, but it keeps failing during 1080p recording (can't write fast enough)… i swapped in the san disk extreme III 4GB class 6 one i got for my old camera, and it works perfect. that san disk one i got from best buy for next to nothing… they had the price wrong on the shelf… rang up as 59.99… was on a shelf that said 14.99… confused me at the time… "this is the best one, and it's the cheapest???" after it rang up as most expensive, i complained and i'm not even sure i was right…

    the PNY says 20MB/sec on it, and the san disk says 30MB/sec on it… i guess 20MB/sec isn't fast enough.

    i got the PNY instead of the transcend because i read a lot of negative reviews, but now i'm wondering if they were fake bad reviews. corporations are manipulative liars.

  3. any of you clowns want to go to a brewers game on the 29th? 1/2 price seats and $1 hot dogs. HOLLLLLLLLLLARIT.

  4. we're going with rach0's sisters and their husbands… haven't bought tix yet though… holler if you want to watch me get ejected.


  5. Scientist, I'm doing a test to try building on node.js over at wowtracker.org– got automated deployments working today. Shit's pretty cool; you can build your entire backend in Javascript. Would you WANT to? Not sure, but it is interesting. Coffeescript!

  6. i'll consider coffeescript when the retards behind it stop claiming that their translation layer is doing any "compiling".

    also claiming that the results will run faster than a pure javascript implementation is insulting.

    fucking retards.


  7. Idiot, it actually compiles to .js files. You can do implicit compile/execute but in practice you wouldn't do that in any performance-oriented environment.

    I'm not saying it's as fast as a C or anything, but it is running on the chrome V8 runtime, which compiles the JS down to C code.

  8. Turn on fm 106 right now and tell me who is calling the game.

    This has been bugging me all day.

  9. what do the .js files contain? javascript? then it's not compiling to javascript, it's translating to javascript.

  10. javascript has eval statements… it's a dynamic language… it MUST be just-in-time compiled.

  11. yes, uke is on. i have listened to full games where he was not on. has he taken any days off this year? other than that it's just in the car on my way to the store or something, and i must always hit the other guy???? the other day the tv cut to uke alone in the booth and i switched it on then and it was the other guy… maybe uke was recording ads for luna………

    sorry to confuse.

  12. Yo dawg, I heard you like platforms so I put platform in your platform

    fucking DUMB.

  13. Sorry dawg, forgot that you hate programming, or if you don't you only don't hate PHP Hypertext Processor (or is it Personal Home Page?). SUPER AWESOME.


    FUCKING dumb.

  14. I no longer have the heart for a good ol' fashioned language fight. I submit. PHP is the Best!

  15. php = javascript… a first layer dynamic language… building a language on top of a dynamic language is not smart… it's also one of my company's flagship products… basically a rails magic layer so you can write high level code that will translate into other high level code because you are too dumb to use the other high level code directly, yet can't wean yourself from it's necessity.

    steel => JIT compiler => dynamic language processor => code…. anything else and ur tardo… basically building garbage destined for obsolescence.

    but that in a VE and smoke it. ON RAILS)(&!#%)&(!#%&)*(

  16. i'm not speaking for any language or platform… i'm speaking against unnecessary platforms built SOLELY to migrate current users rather than provide users with the best experience. after the users are migrated, then what? then you have a bloated system relying on an obsoleted layer. DUMB.

    ROLL YOUR OWN. it's the only way to do it right.

    or rely on a platform layer and have the comments link go to the wrong place and find yourself unable to fix it.

    IT'S A FEATURE()&!#^)&(!#%&*(!%#(&*!#$^!^#$!#^ ON RAILS)(&!#^&()!#^()*!#^

  17. the bible says i shouldn't build my house on sand.


  18. if coffeescript is better than javascript, why not build a new browser that supports coffeescript natively? why build a translation layer to a platform your very existence suggests is insufficient???

    ignorant hypocrisy = good business.

    i get it.

    also good business = unmaintainable spaghetti code… no one can copy it and extend it because no on can figure out what the hell it's doing. ALSO: JOB SECURITY! BONUS!

  19. we're not saving the fucking whales here… i'm ben afflack. i drive a ferrarrrri.

  20. * INTERIOR


    Q: HELP! i installed the fanny pack upgrade to my shorts, but then when i put my shorts on the next day, MY FANNY PACK WAS MISSING! PLEASE! I PUT IMPORTANT THINGS IN THERE!!

    A: thanks for installing fanny pack! please remember the fanny pack must be installed every time shorts are reapplied. fanny pack 2.0 coming soon! with a new proprietary way to do things Different ™ (by doing everything the same ™)

    Q: HELP! my fanny pack fell off, but i didn't notice because my shorts were still on.


  21. microsoft got my attention today by announcing their next product line will be created from scratch to run native on ARM processors, and won't support any legacy software (or legacy viruses).

  22. uke had heart surgery last year, so he was out last year.

    did you listen last year?

    this whole thing really upset me.

  23. whazzmaster is like a no frills facebook. or one giant tweet? there is no question whether to like or not like here. you'll get a madd post and you'll like it.

  24. "Bloozyclajolf"… wow… could there ever be a more appropriate random spam username????

    CLA can't whazz at all when he's drunk. JOLF)(*&!#%)(&%! BLOOZY CLA()*&!#%)(&!^#)(&!#^

  25. ditch this BUNK CMS. holler at san heezy tim for the fortawesome source. HAIKUS!#%&)!(&%)!#

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  27. i am interested with seeing, hopefully some kind of solid thread that involves all your questions that you're referencing.

    stupid chinese spam bots are stupid.

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