82 thoughts on “Boom. Keys Acquired.

  1. holler via here or text me and timmer about to heads up poker it, boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. i don't remember. i am reminded of the promise of a muffin, and getting up to make them. i didn't really care if it was consumed… i just cared that i am not a liar.

    remember that new law making the trubbroom a felony? it turns out that simply linking to the trubbroom would yield the same conviction.

    read about it… then go help build the border wall and shoot a muslim in the face, and cut off any media outlet's distribution channels that you deem inappropriate.

    AMERICA! freedom of speech… innocent until proven guilty… give us your huddled masses……. MAYBE YESTERDAY)&#!^&)(^!$*()@$^*_)@$&_*()@$^&()

  3. cal, eat some muffins and get to fixing it. WHAT THE SHIT ELSE ARE YOU DOING INSTEAD?)(&!#^&)(!#^&()@$^

  4. yo cal, are you watching the french open?

    i'm not talking about your lady friend.

  5. i AM watching the french open.

    i'm not saying that i'm not talking about your lady friend.

  6. delete

    he did eat the muffin. I just read about 400 old comments to find my confirmation:

    hhahahaha, cal came to my house today! HE ATE A MUFFIN#$@^)&*@$^)(
    July 7, 2006 at 12:54 PM | Unregistered Commentermadddddddddddd

    Also, this:

    I was watching an old Jepardy! on the game show network and the category was words with 3 L's. The answer was a southern Minnesota greeting. Lady said what is helllo? and Trebek was all no, it's holllarit. And he really belted it out: Holllarit!!!!!!!!!

  7. Also read that whazzmaster.com was paid for until July 2011 (back in 06)

    Is this true?

  8. nice…. K&G is really showing you up. i like it over there. you better code fast.

  9. whoa. K&G = Whazzmaster:TNG. I'm jordy. I shoot lazers out of my eyes gotta wear that thing to keep the lazers chill. JORDY LA FORGE. WESLEY CUSHER. DATA. CAPTAIN JEAN-LUKE PICARD. WORF LA DORF. COMMANDER RIKER. SULU. BOBA FETE. ALF.

  10. hey great detective work there hombre. glad we got that mystery solved. i remember biting into my muffin with exquisite fondness.

  11. SQUARETURD)&(*!#%)(&!#^

    it's not a post until it's POSTED)(&!#%^)&(!#^)&(!#^

    fucking IDIOTS)(&!^!#^)(

    chinese BS. ROLL. YOUR. OWN.

  12. "My response is on my own website"… because i think that is a reasonable way to add to a discussion… by leaving it, then posting, then coming back and posting a post to my post after i preview my previous post post without posting it.

    i don't hate the website… THE WEBSITE DEMANDS TO BE HATED.

    curly dungeon gutter CRAP()*#%!&)&(^#_*()!#^

  13. yo cal, are you A PATRIOT????

    write the PINKO ACT with your lawyerin' pals, and FIX IT)(&#%^!)(&*!#%

    no problem if you're too busy… #buyingmoreammolikeaman

  14. Cal,

    How many times per month does the phrase "deeze nutz" pass through your mind?

    A) none
    B) less than 5
    C) more than 5
    D hundreds, possibly thousands

  15. just bought a case of high velocity shotty slugs from cal's sporting armory… they were priced a bit higher than walmart or gander mountain, but i'm happy to support a friend.

    i'm a fan of the "STUPID DEAL OF THE DAY!"

    what else would cal offer? a smart deal? R U JOKIN' ME?!#%&)(&!^(_*&!#^_*)

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