In The Meantime

So yes, work will commence shortly on Chaos Central TNG.  Out of my inability to design will come a boring-ass thing that no one will like, but at least then I’ll have the power to implement whatever features we want to create.

In other news- I have a new awesome thing that’s been happening: people drive by on the bike path behind my house, see me in the office/sunroom in the back, scream out ‘MONEYPENNY!’ and then CONTINUE ON THEIR WAY.  I don’t know who these people are because by the time I turn my head they have cruised away.  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?~!  Is it anyone on this site?

Things have been moved in and put in their place at this point.  Thanks so much to everyone that helped or stopped by to check out the new house.  We somehow moved all our possessions, cleaned the old house, cleaned the new house, unpacked the possessions, and partied all in three days.  We’re settling in nicely at this point.  Spacebee and I have taken to strolling up Monroe St and sampling the one of the many (four) fine restaurants in the area. Jac’s is pretty incredible. Bluephies is great. The Laurel is good.  No opinion of Taste of India yet.

Ok, so HOLLLLARIT and Go Brewers!

71 thoughts on “In The Meantime

  1. just found out neil patrick harris named his baby the same as mine. so did kelly kapowski.

    HWK is blowing up

  2. She soars!!!!

    I'm not trapped in el office, so less need fro whazz soul support. It's good to know you are always here for us. Maybe someone will ax you a question today.

  3. now i just found out neil patrick harris is gay and him and his dick friend both jizzed all over a pile of eggs they bought, and stuck them inside some chick and 2 of them took, and they call them "fraternal twins".

    bad news for HWKs. some of you are the product of WEIRD.

    only a HWK can call another HWK HWK

  4. ever heard of chess boxing?

    i guess there is a league in LA… alternating rounds of boxing and chess.

    tagline: "checkmate the king, or knock-out in the ring"

  5. Happy anniversary, skeeze. Sorry my wife didn't love you guys enough to come to the wedding. Big ups to spacebee. She was on board… or just after money's sausage.

  6. july 9th rach-o and a bunch of her cousins are going to valley faire. anyone who can get to eau cleezy can hitch a ride… i'm thinking about ditching the faire and playing cards all day at canterbury across the street.

    my last time there i hit a table share of a huge jackpot for many g-balls. i like it there.

  7. me and rach-o went to see x-men… i hadn't seen any of the previous x-men movies or read any x-men comic books, or generally know anything about the x-mens. i didn't really want to go, but i guess rach-o is a fan. the rest of the audience kept laughing at really weird parts that i think were inside jokes about what would eventually happen to the x-mens. i kept falling asleep, and rach-o says at one really quiet part i snored very loud and all the x-men geeks turned seemingly confused how someone could bore at such x-manliness.

  8. The madddddd hobo snoring his way through the xmen is a funny mind image.

    Ever curl your kid's cute little fingers into the bird?

  9. Cory Provis: We are here with yesterday's hero Shaun Marcum. Sean, this is your first time at Wrigley Field. What do you think?

    Marcum: I'm not too impressed.

  10. You might be able to pull an Inception-like hijacking of my mind with those two games. Both tap into my love of Thunder Road and my childhood.

    I played the shit out of Off Road at the Lake Geneva Kennel Club's arcade. Was there at least once a week age 12-17. The sound was broken so kids made car noises while they played. Wayyy chicka wayyyy was a big one. So was humming the General Lee's horn when you made the jump. What to buy with my winnings? A shit ton of nitros, of course. Never ever spent a dime on shocks.

    The only thing that could improve Off Road would be the addition of guns to the trucks: Enter Road Blasters. My parents meetup point between Milwaukee and JC was Delafield. We ate a lot of dinners at Marty's Pizza (which is still there but it moved across the street over by PDQ). It used to be where Pet Smart is and there used to be a Video Star next to it. Video Star was the greatest arcade. There were two: the Delafield one and one on Greenfield Ave. After some pizza, it was time for some blasting. Only time I voted for a restaurant other than Marty's was Hardees during California Raisin season.

    So there's your entry point, dream hijackers. Plant the seed.

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