Work Continues Apace

Things are fairly settled here at the new homestead; everything’s unpacked, all of our furniture is delivered, and my tie rack should show up today from Amazon.  Now that the upheavel from the move has subsided, and because my shoulders and ribs have healed nicely from overwork in the spring, I’ve gotten back onto the workout track.  Runkeeper’s iPhone app has really improved by leaps and bounds since I first used it back in the day.  Couple the GPS route tracking with my Fitbit and I’m getting really great tracking of my workouts.

I’ve been speccing out the new and I have to warn everyone; this shit’s gonna be a rough turd for awhile after it goes live.  I’m going to start out with the simplest shit possible: posts and comments.  Once that’s live and the bugs are worked out then I’ll start branching out to more interesting aspects (~HAIKUS!).  I need to put in anti-spam stuff or it’ll be flooded with garbage, but I’m going to whitelist frequent commenters’ names so that even if you don’t log in you shouldn’t be flagged for spam.

The new site will also look like a Grade A turd; you’ll be wishing you were in a fabulous dungeon when I’m done with you. Say lah vee.

37 thoughts on “Work Continues Apace

  1. kate and gracie puts the comments link at the top… LIKE A BOSS.

    cal thumb-scrolling friendly site = more cal.

    it's called math. look it up.

  2. The comments are the biggest part of whazzmaster. They are hard to get to, like most difficult in the history of whazzmaster.

    Too many clicks–who you working for, yahoo?

    A2K 4 life

  3. about to t storm like whoa around here.

    i'm throwing back crown with some back porch eggnightables and enjoying the booms.

    why does nature hate the people who play golf so much? natural selection MY ASS.


    every lighting strike is a hate crime. the thunder decrees, "FUCK YOU, GOLFER!"

    (law terminology for cal)


    the best whazzer,

    madd scientist.

    2 ds.

    please enunciate.

  4. good things about having a baby in the house:

    1) need a half cup of milk for a recipe, but don't have any milk? mix up some formula.

    BOOM. reason enough to procreate.


  5. hey whazzmaster did you hear yelling of your last name from the bike path on monday around 4:30 pm?
    I hope so cause I did it.

  6. just caught the end of the WPT… mike sexton ended the show is his trademark tag line: "may all your cards be live and your pots be monsters"

    rach-o said "may all your butts be muster?"

    yes, rach-o… butts. muster.

    babies make u dum.

  7. so lucky rach-o prefers usweekly.comming and people.comming to whazzing.

    sexton does talk with a mouth full of marbles though…

    WHITEWATER)(&!#^)*(&#!)*&!#^)( THE WORST OF THE UW SYSTEM)*&#^@)(&!#^)&! THE BRAT WORST)(&@^$(*_!#^

  8. Yeah, I heard you yell out my name. Stacy heard it too. Three people have now admitted to me that they did it, only two of which come to this web site. Odd that driving past someones house causes you to yell out their name.

  9. Nice. so glad you heard it. I would have never thought of doing such a thing until I read about here. now i don't think i can bike past without doing it.

  10. You guys go have fun! But seriously, I have a really real 'NO SCAVENGER HUNTS' policy.

  11. what about geocaching? it's not a hunt if you own a device that will tell you exactly where it is… unless you count hunting for such a device in the market.

    new brewers pitcher = butt.

    1st batter: homer.

    fuck you.

    do me.

  12. I think AO has a no scavenger hunt policy, too, but I'm forcing him to break it. He's not happy about it, but I think he'll thank me later.

  13. my coworker with 5 children has been living on his friends boat and hasn't seen his family in many months because someone reported to police that he was "holding his children weird", and after interviewing the children, they learned that he attends all of their extra curricular events, and had helped his daughter turn on the water in the shower, both of which are a "red flag"… so now they have accusations + 2 red flags, and the due process says they investigate for sexual abuse at standard pace of slightly above no pace, while no further contact is allowed.

    america is fucked. buy all the shotties you can.

  14. attending your childrens events is something to be penalized for in the eyes of the law.

    how about attending the revolution? can i get sued for that?

    this country is a joke.

  15. just to be clear, the daughter he helped with the shower is like 4 and can't physically work the shower controls.

    the question she was asked was "has your father ever walked in on you in the shower"… it doesn't matter if the reason was justified, or if you weren't even showering yet.

    why light yourself on fire when the houses of so many who wronged you and failed their duties remain unablaze?

    i WISH someone would fuck with me. WHY DO I OWN ALL OF THIS AMMUNITION?!#%^)(&!#^)(&!#^

  16. The o'peapods race looks like a lot of fun– i would love to join your team but we have a party on lake waubesa we've already committed to. you'll have to fill us in on how fun it was and then we could get a big team together for next year

  17. brewers slide can not continue. i'm going to fix it. i bought a glove. training starts today.

  18. july 17th: breaking bad season premiere
    july 24th: entourage final season premiere
    ???: madd scientist mlb premiere

    rach-o could barely cage the HIGH HEAT

  19. remember the hulk type man? remember his girlfriend? we went to a wedding with her on saturday and she asked if i was still posting on "woz master". i corrected her on the pronunciation, but she stood her ground. said it like 10 more times. i think she's a lurker. she's single. is anyone else?

    after explaining the origins of "whazz" and video golf, she said that there is now 3d mini golf in the dells… like you play normal mini golf, but you wear special glasses and everything around you is animated. is it real?

  20. recent spammers got me to read an archive of the whazzman inciting steve misrack to come after him with a libel suit. "please".

    another man full of WISH.

    steve misrack sucks. steve misrack is the worst. the brat worst.

  21. so yesterday i see "jackass 3.5" on mtv… hadn't see the show in many years, they got everyone back together… viva la bam, wild boyz and knoxville all back together again. knoxville looked like he was about 52 years old, but the show was pretty good. even rach-o watched. then today i learn that last night ryan dunn got died in a car crash. 34 years old.

  22. went way off the road in his porsche 911 and it blew up. hours before he posted pictures of himself drinking with friends.


  23. seriously… where the fuck is the old man? reading his posts from 2004 about driving a tractor down the wrong way of the street because he never agreed to the draconian traffic laws… and then calling all of the homo marriage groups and asking for their support in marrying his twin sisters, and then cal arguing with him… i'm pretty sure that is why cal got into law. (to marry his twin sisters.)

  24. it's true… you can't legislate morality.



    JEN H)(!#*%&_)(*#!%)_*&!#%^~

    OLD MAN)(&#^!)(&!#%^*)_!#^)_*(!#^*_)

    KATIE K!#)(%&)&(!#^*()_!#^_)*!#^

    back when was custom, that shit DREW. now i fear ever comment i post will be the last the site ever sees.

    where is the good doctor? fudd gets a baby pass.

  25. ye old cal says:

    2)ye old man says:

    "Fuck it, I say. I have a wife, but I think I’ll marry another. If I had a sister, I’d marry her. You want to stop me? Why, because of morality? Well you can’t control me with your repressive, rightwing, bourgeois standards. Then I’m going to snort tiger skins and elephant tusks. Endangered animals… bah, not to me. I see plenty of them in the zoo. Then I’m going to steal a tractor and drive the wrong way down a one way street. Property laws? Traffic regulations? I never agreed to them."

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