52 thoughts on “Assorted Leavin’s

  1. We watched the game at Oceans Grill. Good one, axe man.

    Ya, I liked him. Sweet skills on the horn.

  2. rach-o even said during the last batter "yo, axe man… let me axe you somethin'"… then she made me unplug the cam so we could celebratory bang. she's growing up so fast.

  3. roenicke called braun "brownie" in the pre-game while a chinese girl whooped hart and axey in ping pong.

  4. mark quwart is fighting tonight live i think… on vs… ??? maybe?? are trubbbbbs requested?

  5. Something happened to marq. I'll still prob watch the last two fights. Barry trains in Milwaukee. We got cable for a month, free.

  6. to spark cal's interest, et al.

    if you win money in a poker game, and that money was found to be gotten through illicit means, are you responsible for returning the money?

    currency is for chumps. shotty = the only real means of commerce.

  7. wimbledon is fun today too, from a broken laws perspective. one guy keeps faking injuries and playing keep away with the ball boys to get more time between serves.


  8. Yo whazzman–thanks for taking and posting the bday photos. my cameraless self is happy to have the memories.

  9. rach-o came home all excited… "guess what? i got a raise today!!" me, "how much?" -0, "one dollar!" me, "me too, except mine was xx,xxx dollars." -o, "that's really funny that we both got raises on the same day!" me, "yeah, that is hilarious. one dollar. YOUR RAISE SMELLS LIKE POOR PEOPLE"

  10. i went exploring around eau claire last night and found a real gem…

    did you know eau claire was the home to the 1987 WORLD championship of horseshoes? boom. the trib archived shit from before the tarwebs existed. thanks, dudes.

    the grounds have been left untouched. there is a pavilion with restrooms. there are bleachers. there are many many many horseshoe courts in place in one long row.

    it's right next to carson park which is the biggest local baseball park… we even have a minor league team. ryan brownie put in "braun's bay" which has canoe launching and turtles. thanks, dude.

  11. bah… nevermind… it's at the ramada inn.


  12. what are you CLOWNS doing this saturday? rach-o has to work a half day, but we need to be in raycilla for a party on sunday… breaking the drive in 2 would be nice, and there is a UFC PPV.


  13. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'ma be at the same party at your parents' crizzle this weekend. Parade Fun, then Drankin'. Gonna break a fool off in their backyard. TOSSIN DA SHOES

  14. how the bumble bees in your yard? this year we have tons of GIANT ones… biggest i've ever seen, and your yard is like a bee paradise. i'm concerned for your sanity.

  15. one got trapped in our sun room and i let him climb up on a magazine, and i brought him outside and he took off and flew a couple laps around my head in thanks, and then took off. fear triggers them. a chinese catch 22 finger trap.

  16. j dilla requests the whazzman for a sunday late night musical production session on the corner of 21st and thurston ave. open pantry studios)(#%&)(!#&%)!#%&( TONY'S UP IN HERE!#%*()&!%#)(&!# GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT)(&^#!

  17. Dude, my parents said the party's on Monday. Maybe there's another party on Sunday that I don't know about?

  18. yeah, monday is at my parents… sunday night is at J dillas and he personally called and requested you for musicality… saturday night i'm not sure.

  19. Ah, don't think we'll make it down on Sunday; Spacebee has to work etc, etc. Too bad!

  20. i fear MUC is on his way out… the announcers don't even call him by name anymore… instead they reference him as "the problem".

  21. Mitre went to Roenicke and said "I'd like to shave and clean up my face." Roenicke was like, "No. Absolutely not." Mitre was talking shit about Coach in the break room, Roenicke overheard him, and traded his ass forthwith. "Fuck that," said Coach, "if he wants to shave so bad he can do it on the Yankees payroll. But not in my locker room."

  22. Whazz ball needs a cleaning. Sometimes it will not let you pull back. Also, seems to be hitting short.

    In other news, NEVER order the Pepper Pilsner at the Great Dane. It tastes like beer with pepper in it. Like lots of pepper. Like some todd friend thought it would be funny to dump an entire shaker of black pepper into your drink. Belly was all "what did you expect it to taste like?" And my argument was: I thought it as just a name, Like some people have dogs named pepper.

    You live and learn.

  23. In other news: we are on a kickball team. We lost our first game 4-0. Belly went 0 for 3 with 3k and 2 errors. Yikes. We have two Chinese people on our team. It was their first time playing kickball. The dude is SPEEDY but does not understand the rules. Once we taught him that you can overrun first base, he figured that applied to all bases which was pretty funny when he over ran 2nd and had a dude gun a ball at him. But the ball missed and he took 3rd with the entire team screaming for him to stop.

    He's pretty much our willy mayes hayes. Belly is our wild thing. I'm the broke dick catcher. I doubt we win a game. I have doubts we score a run.

    She wants whazzmaster to play. I suspect that is a bad idea.

    He don't take kindly to incompetence.

    I just kick and drink. No worries… except for the creepy dude with a pony tail that hangs out by the bathroom drinking Mountain Creek and muttering about Green Berets.

  24. The first Miller Lite Guard commercials had an older chick running the show. And I thought it was weird for a beer commercial to feature an older chick. Granted, she still had bazookas, but she was older. And that got me thinking about the bar chicks that they would hire. Would brothers hire an older lady model and advertise that the Miller Lite Guards would be there on Thursday nights?

    But now the new commercials only feature young "Lite Guards." So I guess that is over.

  25. Wilfred is only ok, but they do watch Brewer games. Brew crew is Wilfred's owner's fav team.

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