Fire Pit!

We finished the Fire Pit earlier this week and I created a little time-lapse of the construction. Enjoy, whazzers!


70 thoughts on “Fire Pit!

  1. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i'm already a pint of whisky manhattan deep… very glad the DVR remembered… about to hit play

  3. It was good. Funny but also super sad, as always.

    Wilfred, still kinda dudish, but it did feature that guy you saw on the santa monica pier.

  4. I'm at a wedding on the 24th, but in town the 23rd. Preggo wife = dd, so no hotel. Riding home.

    You said you saw my name is earl's brother. WORD

  5. We watched Sari's "without a trace." She sure kicked the oxy no problem, but her kid made a really dumb robot.

  6. i was shocked to learn that craig counsel is only hitting like .170… every single clutch situation he comes through with a hit.

    so from a coaching standpoint… would it be smart to address his motivation with him, or just leave things as is, and count on his clutch hits and let him slack off the rest of the time?

    CAL)(!*&#^)&(!#^ CAN I SUE?!#^()&!#^)_

  7. Pretty hilarious that Prince picked Ricky Weeks for the HR Derby. JOW RIGGED JOke, in a good way.

    Is there any way to bet money on this? I want to lay a twank on Rick.

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