The Lake House, Summerfest, and The End of Civilization

Thanks so much to our Pals from Pittsville for the hospitality at their beautiful lake home this weekend- I had a fantastic time even if much of it was spent sleeping. I am, in fact, Sleeping Beauty. 

Madd’s baby got dunked and assured a place in heaven this weekend, so, uh… that’s good too.

The instant I got home from the lake house Spacebee and I raced to Milwaukee to go to Summerfest and see Sugartit– er, Sugarland in concert.  Good show, if short, and we spun the Priceline Roulette well enough for it to land on Pfister.  Jackpot.  The drive home early this morning was slightly off-kilter, but coffee helped.

Finally, thanks to Lawman for recommending the book Reinventing Collapse: Soviet Experience and American Prospects.  I’m about a third of the way through and find it a fascinating lens to look at the American Empire’s decline through.  I apologize for the construction of that sentence. Awful. Anyways, I’d like to add my recommendation to Lawman’s; if you’re interested in post-oil America and the transition to such a society give it a read.

80 thoughts on “The Lake House, Summerfest, and The End of Civilization

  1. what about the demand for summary executions of all unable to pass a given bar exam? is it huge? is it huge? did she say that? what about ROBOTS(*)&#^)(&*!^#)*(!#^?

    filter not a press.

    COFFEE CAL IS IN THE POT. BUSY! with………….. ?

  2. i bet the life of a lefty lawyer is nothing but swimming in alizé and banging bitches with no rubbers.

    dead on?

  3. Lawman bought me some cryogenicCAlly frozen razor blades. They were just regular Gillettes dipped in carbonite or something. It's supposed to make them last way longer, but I could not tell the difference.

    I'mma Gillette Excel 4 life. Run around a buck or so a blade. Between beard season and summer lazy shave season it's not so bad a money drain.

  4. how about this one… my macbook charger cable wore off right by the plug and it started on fire and destroyed my battery and almost my leg/house. i went to the local store and got replacements for like $220. they swiped my card, i signed the receipt. they also made me set up a customer profile in their computer which took well over 10 minutes while they made someone else wait in line behind me. now they claim they lost the receipt and the charge didn't go through or something, so they want me to come back in and swipe my card again and sign a new receipt. they have been calling me back for weeks and sending me invoices and shit.

    I ALREADY PAID. if i sign a new receipt, they could just run both charges through and i would have no recourse whatsoever. if i paid with a $100 bill and they lost it, it's on them. a signed credit receipt is the same as cash.

    can i sue them for harassment? how can i legally get the shotty involved?

  5. Cal, WAKE UP.

    No job, yet no time to disperse free legal advice? You nannying little cal?

  6. Rig the shotty to the door. When they ring the doorbell to collect, yell "come in."

    The shotty does the rest and you are 100% free of any legal responsibility.

    Law school 101, they teach you this shot gun trick on the first day.

  7. sidenote: i had authorization to submit the receipt to my company for reimbursement, so this was essentially a corporate to corporate transaction.

    sidenote2: rachel threw away my receipt, so i couldn't even submit the receipt if i wanted to. we both have the same problem.

    sidenote3: both times a woman was to blame for the archiving error.

    sidenote4: i let the store keep the burnt charger when they asked for it. i'd like to have that evidence if this shit ever got real, but for now i got a good petty game going.

  8. a tort on apple, a slant on women, a slam on credit markets………. THIS IS YOUR TIME.

  9. Wwhazz is correct. A case involving a spring gun (a/k/a shotty rigged to the door) comes up very early in TORTS. I just looked up the name. Katko v. Briney, Iowa 1971.

  10. i would believe the "come in" statement changes things considerably… however, i am not certified by any officially recognized or bureaucratized entity claiming legal authority.

    i do, however, welcome any such certification.

  11. Sub "enter" in a lispy, high pitched voice for "come in" and you are all good. Trust me on this one.

  12. i trust you… you could argue you were defining the entrance and not commanding the act of entrance.

    i guess you could argue you were gratifyingly announcing your ejaculation… "CUMMIN'!!!"

  13. i spring loaded my locker with a rubber band powered pencil gun in elementary school after they banned combination locks… then i taught others how to do the same. ruckus followed and i believe we were once again allowed the use of locks.

    ain't no one going to jack my starter jacket.

    FO REAL.

  14. the biggest proponents of the return of locks was jeff burmeister who not only had numerous starter jackets, but would also keep a spare pair of series 1 jordan's in his locker with a frank thomas leaf rookie card encased in solid acrylic, seemingly and effectively used to instill jealously in me.

  15. oh man… PSA 9 for sale for 23.99 and not sold… that means i could probably get one for $15 or less easy.

    he paid $75 to have it encased in solid acrylic… back then it would pull $500+.

    lots of analogs between baseball card markets and fiat currency markets. was that in o'neils book? was there a chapter on frank thomas? what about on upper deck hank aaron holograms? addressed?

  16. maybe if topps had a standing armed forces of a million+ i could still retire flush on schedule.

  17. Fun fact: lawman sings a surprising amount of ghetto boys while he fishes.

    Surprising amount = 3-4 different songs.

  18. Madddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd,

    K-car cancelled the Mississippi River adventure and we are heading back to the UP.

    Aug 6-10. The 6th is a Saturday.

    So whattyasay? You riding?

    Me and Oneil are real gangsters, there the whole time.

    Brian is in for 2 nights (I think) so you clowns could meet up like last time.

    I still need to talk to timmer and whazzmataz to work out their details.

  19. I know u r a busy beaver, but it'd be great to have you.

    Cal, you too.

    And Greg.

    But mostly maddddd. Actually, cal would ruin the trip.

  20. i borrowed my dad's canoe… i could bring it with.

    i'll see what i can do, but with a baby and a giant 5 month project at work coming to a close around then where we'll surely be scrambling to tie up loose ends, it might be hard to get away.

    is it the same cabin as last time where we video chatted? if the internet is good enough for that it's good enough for anything.

  21. Not the same place this year: we are in Baraga.

    Much more fun, but cabin is less baller.

    There are two hotels with wifi really close to our hotel. If we get more dudes, we could rent a satellite room. Otherwise, maybe you could just come Sunday and Monday or something like that.

    If too busy, no big deal. But the UP trip is tons of fun.

    Dudes trout fish ( I just wade around like a chimp and chase frogs). We skip the SHIT out of rocks.

    Monday @ the ojibwa casino: $2 black jack and $2 big beers

    Tuesday @ the jib: $1 beer, hot dogs and craps HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCHOOOOOOO

  22. You might be a BLI if you do not "-Lock the winch so if your hand slips you won’t get a broken arm from it wildly swinging, I saw that once and don’t want to ever see it again."

    This actually happened last Saturday when we were loading bry guys boat. My arm took the blow. Bruised, not broken.

    Also, bry guy told us how much he hates it when people get high and mighty about loading boats. Moments later: coach.

  23. You guys are not very helpful. Coach brought in over 1300 views on his controversial boat loading article, which shattered our previous record of like 1030 or something like that. Coach is the Rush Limbaugh of Lake Winnebago outdoors enthusiasts or something like that.

  24. cal & greg are like a real life version of franklin & bash

    CAN HE SUE?!#^()&!#)(&!#^)&(!#^*)_

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