The Lake House, Summerfest, and The End of Civilization

Thanks so much to our Pals from Pittsville for the hospitality at their beautiful lake home this weekend- I had a fantastic time even if much of it was spent sleeping. I am, in fact, Sleeping Beauty. 

Madd’s baby got dunked and assured a place in heaven this weekend, so, uh… that’s good too.

The instant I got home from the lake house Spacebee and I raced to Milwaukee to go to Summerfest and see Sugartit– er, Sugarland in concert.  Good show, if short, and we spun the Priceline Roulette well enough for it to land on Pfister.  Jackpot.  The drive home early this morning was slightly off-kilter, but coffee helped.

Finally, thanks to Lawman for recommending the book Reinventing Collapse: Soviet Experience and American Prospects.  I’m about a third of the way through and find it a fascinating lens to look at the American Empire’s decline through.  I apologize for the construction of that sentence. Awful. Anyways, I’d like to add my recommendation to Lawman’s; if you’re interested in post-oil America and the transition to such a society give it a read.

80 thoughts on “The Lake House, Summerfest, and The End of Civilization

  1. is coach coming to the UP?

    have i met the coach?

    are any more *I acronym stories in the pipeline? BHI: bow hunting idiots? bad drivers? reuse FIBs? something new? i'll let coach do his thing.

  2. first not super hot day in while here, so i opened all the windows up…. forgot i lived a mile from the interstate, and a block from a large playground.

    the constant hum of the freeway, and similar constant hum of children playing is often interrupted by a super loud kid screaming something like "THROW IT!#)%*(&!#)%(&" or "I HATE MY LIFE)(&!#%)(&!#%"

    i like the loud kid. keep on coachin.

  3. how will the new whazzmaster compare to G+? could it just be a G+ group?

    +1 is like an extra life. GET THAT SHIT.

  4. what about G+ compatible? can i +1 the coach? what can i +1? i think i want to +1 something.

    nude post for G+ and 50 comments bug.

  5. i find my brain is extremely stimulated… simultaneously propagating towards Google+ out of spite for faceBOOk, and reassuring myself that i am not doing such things out of spite.

    how can you get any pudding if you don't rack your muck?!#^)(&!#%^)(&#^*()&!#^

  6. This was just on:

    "that man v. food at iguanas was on yesterday. did you watch it? they brought in a ringer that ate the thing in a little over 3 minutes. if i was at iguanas with $1,000 cash in my pocket, and someone said they could eat a burritozilla in under 4 minutes, i would take that bet INSTANTLY.

    fucker ate it like a komodo dragon…. perhaps the closest living thing to a real burritozilla. someone should shoot him before he breeds. we could be in trouble."

    One of my fav comments ever

  7. high stakes cash bets and genocide… fan favorites.

    what if the coach met the sarge? i predict +1.

  8. remember that "tom" guy from MySpace? he has some totally not spiteful things to say about Google+:

    Google+ seems like a "reaction" to Twitter/Facebook. But are you starting to see the ways that Google+ just makes Google a better, more integrated set of services? Google already has top-notch products in key categories–photos, videos, office productivity, blogs, Chrome, Android, maps and (duh) search. Can you start to see/imagine what Google+ does for Gmail? Picassa? Youtube? Not to mention search? The +1 system that Google now has control of (unlike Facebook Likes) can really influence and change the nature of their search.

    My original vision for MS was that everything got better when it was social–so I tried to build all the super popular things used on the web (blogs, music, classifieds, events, photos) on top of MySpace's social layer. When Yahoo launched 360, MSN launched Spaces, and Google launched Okrut, I was shakin in my boots. But quickly I saw that it's really hard to layer in social to features after the fact. At MySpace we had the luxury of having social first, and building the products on top of that layer. Then I choked and Facebook realized that vision. 😉

    But Google+ really seems to be primed to make good on that original premise–that everything gets better when its social. And unlike FB, Twitter, or anyone else, Google already has the most advanced set of products. And if I can clearly see where this is headed, then I think what we are getting is a much better Google. Does that kill FB/Twitter? Who cares? I'd use all 3, but more importantly, I'll be using Google products I never used, or use them in new, better ways I never used them before.

    Oh yah and I love my Google TV 🙂

  9. centralwiscodotnet:

    randy sez:

    "who in their right mind would continue to let this guy opine on this website? This guy needs a muzzle and a size 12 put somewhere, not a microphone."

    Answer: bryguy

  10. i think louie is pulling a family guy… didn't the theme song used to go "louie louie you're gonna die"… now i hear "louie louie you're gonna try".

    sort of like how i used to hear stewie say "(… all the things that makes us…) F-in' Cry" and then later "Laugh n' Cry".

  11. Not sure about Louie.

    The real lyrics are cry, but Louie changed it to die.

    And fear of death is a major theme.

    So a triple change to try? Wow, maybe. I will try to tune in better.

  12. the last one was die… i think he goes from trying to dying… but who doesn't?

  13. the trubb cam made its way upstairs for some lightning and bird watching.

    ENJOY, SHITHEADS)&(#%^!)(&!#%)_*!#%

  14. the trubbbbroom chatbox just added support for google+ +1, but didn't include facebook "like".


  15. Cantabrrrrry closed due to gov shut down. This is my vacation fuckers. Can I sue? Stuart smiley u r a dead man if I see u on the streets. Ps. This is mike sent from bg iphone

  16. HUH???

    isn't canterbury private? so it's closed because gambling regulators are shut down? does that mean the grocery stores will shut down because the food regulators are shut down?

    i am so ready for matches.


  17. Instead of poker, I helped cut down trees in 100 degree heat. I captured and relocated two snakes.

  18. i wouldn't ruin the trip! i would be an asset! an asset! so way back in the 90's one time i mentioned to wwhzzz a line in a hemingway short story: "the whisky tastes good to a man" that was awesome. then wwhazz read the story but said no such line appeared in the story. it has taken the advent of the internet but i can now PROVE he is wrong. except it isnt' exactly "the whisky tastes good to a man" but it's close and it's in this story right here. you bastard. you made me believe i made up that line all these years.

    "remember that time you ate my goldfish and then you lied to me and told me i never had any goldfish? but why did i have the bowl bart? why did i have the bowl???"

  19. It's just "tastes good to a man" which is not as good as "Whisky tastes good to a man."

    Plus it was whiskey, not whisky. Home gurls were not drinking scotch.

    Also, this line is a gem. Try not to mis-remember it:

    "Her breasts felt plump and firm and the nipples were erect under his hands."

  20. so your asset is that if people claim you're wrong, you'll believe them, and 20 years later flub a defense?

    i'd let you hold my pail of frogs.

    rach-o's uncle that owns the island / cabin on lake chetek / prairie lake once again reminded me that i have full access.

    holllllllllller for a weekend

  21. cal, how i can i invest in whatever it is you spend your time doing? how do i get on the cal train?

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  23. turdpress started out as a big pile of suck. now it is 3 piles of suck. turdpress pro suck.

    fucking spam filter probably won’t let this through…


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