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When I was a little kid, there´╗┐ was a Double Dragon Arcade machine in the hotel where i was on vacation. I spent hours watching older kids playing that game.

Finally two teenagers, who were really good at the game, beat the last boss. They had fought very, very good together, a really good team. They just looked at each other, and then synchronously jumped into the spike pit, killing both their characters.

That really impressed me, they would rather “lose” both, than fight each other.

Third: when wwhazz, GMX, and I played Double Dragon at the Brat Stop in Kenosha, and we defeated the Last Boss, it became a Brawl-for-All to determine who was more awesome.  At no point did I ever consider jumping in the spikes (though it may have happened accidentally) to preserve some sort of Video Game Comrade Bond.

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  1. nude post.

    ricky weeks is died.

    cubs lose. CUBS LOSE)(&^)(*!#^_)*!#^

    the bleeding will finally stop on that stupid dinger bet. MUC)(&%!)*^&!%#)&(!#%)&(~@

  2. >> I'm appalled that people think that's a Ganye-East song. BON IVER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll kill you

  3. i really don't like the tv situation today… we don't get WGN HD and FSN blacked out the game because of the overlaps of the markets… GENERAL overlap, but NOT HD overlap. cal, get off your dick and sue someone for me.

    so i'm forced to listen to the chicago commentators… all they do is complain and praise derek jeter's kunt.


  4. cal, should i be linking in? from a legal standpoint… is it a good idea for me?

    are you slanging resumes on there or what? i am very interested in your next career choices. they may affect all of mankind. probably not too much of womankind. because of greg. and your relationship. and all that. with the dicks.

  5. i miss motorcycling very much, but the responsibilities of parenthood and the icy breath of wisco winters makes a motorcycle purchase pretty dumb. i've recently become enamored with scooters… the original 2 wheel smart car.

    so i search for local dealers…. eau claire scooter's…. and get this….

    you're right, god, scooter's are gay. i want a scooter and a love entourage. the evidence mounts. i used the word mount.

    fun scooter's fact: thursday + sunday @ 9pm: karaoke with SARGE.

    COULD IT BE??????????????????????

  6. i saved my louie until tonight… so far: WOW GOOD.

    last night, too tired for scotch… could only handle brrrrrrr.

    today: lotso scotchso.


    cws will be shipping something to eau claire in the near future.

  7. self, you're way too tired to get drunk enough to watch louie right… you'd be wasting it…


  8. my copy of too short's "life is too short" is cut off early… it's too short.


  9. very smart. my reference point of adoption is the fark.com home page which used to have like 40k facebook "like"s, and only a few hundred Google+ "+1"s… every day it changes… facebook goes down and G+ goes up. now it's 10k vs 1.2k.

    full disclosure: i have no interest in G+ and have yet to sign up, though i intend to… my real interest is in convincing people they should operate and be responsible for their own social networks (ala whazzmaster.com pre-3rd party CMS days). i own privatefamily.net and privatefamilynetwork.com. think ancestry.com but with private information that you retain full control of.



  10. searching google for "fuck a zuck" gives whazzmaster as #2 result… i figured that would be all over. seems so obvious….. zuck… fuck….

    dude is even playing favorites and giving his relatives high level executive positions in which they give statements to the media about how people on the internet should not be allowed to retain any level of privacy.


  11. Went to the Oklahoma bombing memorial today. Cut short my time in the section about blown up babies. Ug.

  12. I didn't know that the bombing was retaliation for the Waco raid which also killed 20 children and 2 pregnant ladies (19 children in Oklahoma City). Mcveigh was sorry about the kids in his bombing. He didn't know there was a day care, and later said it might have been better to just assassinate individuals.

    "You can't handle the truth! Because the truth is, I blew up the Murrah Building and isn't it kind of scary that one man could wreak this kind of hell?"


  13. I get back to Madison at 11:00 pm.

    If any of you fools want to pick me up at the ap, that would be great.

    But it's late Saturday night and I like all good americans, I suspect you will be too intoxicated to safely operate a motorcoach.

    So I suspect a cabbing is in order or a bribe to a hotel van driver.

    Either way, madddddddddddd: if you want to tivo strikeforce: hendo/fedor and have a midnight date to watch it, I am game. If not, no big deal.

    I love and miss you all and hope we never get blown up.

  14. Side note: I ate at a fance hotdog place called Mutts. You can google their menu if you want.

    They have a variety of meats. Your regulars, beef and pork, and also a bunch of odd doggs. For example, I had the rabbit hot dog.

    Holy shit it was gross. It cost 9 bucks and I only ate 1/4 of it. Luckily, I had the foresight to order a back up corndog in the event of grossness.

  15. uggg. it is not kind of scary that one man can destroy a building. one man can destroy much more. you can either be scared of that, be the man (or enabling the man) doing the destroying, or neither.

    it's kind of neither.

    terrorism is irrelevant.

    i got a crabgrass problem to tend to. i'll trubbbbbb the cage later.


  16. I pulled a bunch of dandelions, but let the other weeds ride. Made no dif, it's all scorched hay now.

    Will Rogers ap: 20 min free wifi and a smoking lounge. A sonic too and boy are the monkeys lined up.

    Rabbit hot dog.. fuck me for that one.

  17. FSN is fucking me showing the SD broadcast on the HD channel.


  18. Madddddddddddd you up? Did you watch stink force? I just landed home in 1/2 hour could watch or sleep. Up t u

  19. i passed out around midnight.. didn't have the computer on though. i didn't watch the fight yet.

    i checked the phone to see if you called today and saw that GMX called twice. is he in town? maybe he just wanted to watch fedor on trubbs too.

    i'll trubb the fight later, just cal

  20. cool story. uniOOPS!

    i'm trubbbbbbbbbbbin the hot sunday shows curb ento breakin'

    OH BOY!)&!%#)(&%!)(#&^

  21. Thanks for the Unibomber story. I had heard that before, perhaps in an old Lawman Rolling Stone magazine artiCAL, but had forgotten. I've always been interested in the old Unabomber. Back when he was still a sketch and not yet a captured, crazy hillbilly, I dressed like him for Halloween. He's one of the odd far left "terrorists."

    Torture a kid and that shit comes back to haunt you.

  22. Here are a some last thoughts about the Oklahoma bombing memorial

    1. There is a recording of the minutes from a water meeting. Like, because it is the desert, you have to get permission to dig for water. So these dudes start at 9:00 and take roll and state the date and say good morning to each other and then at 9:02. Kaboom.

    2. They have little displays of everyday items car keys and key chains, coffee mugs, eye glasses collected together. Oddly moving to look at.

    3. Another theme: the randomness of living and dying. They took photos of little areas that remained intact after the bomb: a dude's office was blown to bits, but for some reason his door survived and his suit was hanging on the back untouched. In another, a room was destroyed, but the part of the counter that held the coffee pot survived. There it was in all the wreckage, a pot of fresh coffee.

    4. They had little private cubicles where you could read the accounts of survivors. It was a little computer screen and a box of Kleenex. I skipped that part. Lots of sad noises coming from those rooms.

    5. Timothy Mcveigh's alias that he used to rent the Ryder truck was Robert Kling.

    6. There is a tree outside the memorial that survived the blast. 1/2 of it is all charred, but the rest came back to life.

    7. By the time the cops figured out who did it, he was already in jail. Some copper pulled him over for expired plates and saw he had a gun, locked him up. In a little video, the cop called pulling him over "divine intervention" which I thought was fantastically stupid. I call into question the divineness of the One if He chose to intervene at this point instead of a few hours earlier. The gun is part of the museum as is a photo of the car, a 77 Marquise. I think ewhazz owned an 82 marquise.

    8. It was interesting to see the first reports of the bombing from a local traffic chopper and the morning news lady. They were way over their heads. Lots of "Holy cow."

    I really doubt any of you will ever be in Oklahoma City, but if you are, check this thing out. Pass on the rabbit hot dogs though.

    My only real critique of this place is that it simplifies the why of the tragedy. And of course, that makes sense too. I mean, if someone blew up my kid or Milwaukee or even cal, I'd just hate them forever and not care why they did it.

    But I think the why is important and it's too easy to dismiss events like this as the act of an evil devil. It's almost like the memorial's function is to make you feel super sad, but then try and assure you that the gov is your mommy and daddy and only they can protect you from the boogie man.

  23. i don't understand how if the OK attack was retaliation for the waco attack which killed many women and children, why he would feel sorry about killing women and children. goose and gander and such.

    i also like how he claims to feel regret about the incident, but only insomuch as he would have killed the same people differently.

    if someone blew up even cal, i would find them and kill them. perhaps cal's would be bomber's knowledge of that fact has kept cal alive today.


  24. how about a new post? where is the new whazzmaster? click scroll click click scroll )(&!#%(*^!#^)&*(!^)&(!^$)&(^ DO YOU WORK FOR YAHOO?!?!?!?!!?!?!

  25. i still have that fight on tivo… haven't watched it or looked up results. do you still want to trubbbbbbbbbbbbbbb?

  26. I broke down and read about it.

    But maybe we can trub some stuff tonight. When is bedtime? Did you see last week's Louie (the newest one)? I still need to see it.

  27. still confused why someone so patently anti-government would serve the government as a killer of those opposed to them… and furthermore to serve so well as to be given decorations of valor. i guess it's better than working at burger king. 25mm cannon = pretty kool.

    i would have advised him to move to tijuana and kill a cop…. put the dead cop's hat on, now you're the new tijuana cop.


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