Motocrosscountry Extreme

Every and their mudder was out o’ town on bizness last week.  Wwhazz prowled the tarantula-and-near-bear-infested forests outside of Oklahoma City, while I and some co-worker pals trundled out to Mountain View, CA.  I subsisted on burritos of every type until sometime on Wednesday and then branched out into the kabob-and-noodle game.

I even kicked it with GMX and watched his friend ride a mechanical bull.  I lost $30: $10 on the first ride when I said he wouldn’t last 18 seconds.  The operator said he started it slow the first time and that he’d get it going faster the next time around; so I bet $20 on the second ride lasting less than 15 seconds and damned if he didn’t hold on.  Shots were taken, and later on GMX tried to cut a piece of pizza in half with a book.  He later used said book as a plate as well.  Take that, random hotel literature.

ALAS: I cannot come on the UP trip.  It simply will not work out with my current work project to be gone for so long this month. Apologies, friends.  Next time! Maybe Cal could take my spot?

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  1. post season doesn't play then….

    i will make the same bet if you want though… god might heal those ankles. denying that possibility is denying god.


  2. Fuck the Cardinals!

    Fuck the Cardinals!

    After the game La Russa complained that some fan told him "I hope you get shingles again."

  3. Here is his abstract from his dissertation:

    T.J. Kaczynski

    Doctoral dissertation abstract, University of Michigan

    Let H denote the set of all points in the Euclidean plane having positive y-coordinate, and let X denote the x-axis. If p is a point of X, then by an arc at p we mean a simple arc v, having one endpoint at p, such that v – {p} ( H. Let f be a function mapping H into the Riemann sphere. By a boundary function for f we mean a function t defined on a set E ( X such that for each p ( E there exists an arc v at p for which

    lim f(z) = t(p).
    z -> p
    z ( v

    The set of curvilinear convergence of f is the largest set on which a boundary function for f can be defined; in other words, it is the set of all points p ( X such that there exists an arc at p along which f approaches a limit. A theorem of J.E. McMillan states that if f is a continuous function mapping H into the Riemann sphere, then the set of curvilinear convergence of F is of type F(sd). In the first of two chapters of this dissertation we give a more direct proof of this result than McMillan's, and we prove, conversely, that if A is a set of type F(sd) in X, then there exists a bounded continuous complex-valued function in H having A as its set of curvilinear convergence. Next, we prove that a boundary function for a continuous function can always be made into a function of Baire class 1 by changing its values on a countable set of points. Conversely, we show that if t is a function mapping a set E ( X into the Riemann sphere, and if t can be made into a function of Baire class 1 by changing its values on a countable set, then there exists a continuous function in H having t as a boundary function. (This is a slight generalization of a theorem of Bagemihl and Piranian.) In the second chapter we prove that a boundary function for a function of Baire class e > 1 in H is of Baire class at most e + 1. It follows from this that a boundary function for a Borel-measurable function is always Borel-measurable, but we show that a boundary function for a Lebesgue-measurable function need not be Lebesgue-measurable. The dissertation concludes with a list of problems remaining to be solved.

  4. I thought that might be fun for you.

    Also, carla's is going to blow your mind. C A R L A. And he bartender lover. Good folks. Salt of the MOON. Only down fall, actually two, are the following:

    1. Her alcoholic fisherman

    A sign reads, your dinner slept in the lake last night. And every morn this dude goes out fishing and they serve his catch. The problem: he never catches shit except the same little batch of whitefish, which I am 99.99% sure he buys from a gas station in Houghton.

    2. Her insatiable sexual appetite.

    Look out!

  5. my whazz machine is a little fucked… a couple days ago the monitor colors got really washed out… still playable, but now it electrocutes you through the bolts on the machine. uggggg.

    that unamath was like junior year college stuff… not that impressive.

    i'm not allowed to fuck carla. boo.

  6. Live reports from gencon.

    whazzmaster's carcasone tournament is NOT going well. A man wearing a "that's what she said" t-shirt has cloister fucked his game.

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