Kilts ‘n Shit

Gen Con 2011 has come and gone; I had a really good time this year because I was determined to actually do some interesting shit besides walk around and gawk at a 300lb Iron Man.  

My First Resolve was to play in more board game events.  I really, really enjoy playing Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne but almost never get a chance to at home, so I signed up for the Carcassonne (with Expansions) event on Friday morning.  Long story short: got completely raped by expert Carcassonne players, but I felt I learned a lot about the game as well.  Result: fun.

Friday night Alandovos and I played in a D&D Minis micro-event called Monster Mash where you get one randomly assigned miniature creature and then you have a battle royal on a big map against 15 other people.  The problem with this was that the event was comprised of wall-to-wall kids who had no idea what they were doing.  It’s not that kids shouldn’t play games, it’s that this thing should have been done in 30-45 minutes and after 45 minutes we had completed one round because none of the kids knew what to do or they were spazzes that couldn’t sit still for one fucking second.  I feel for the guy running the game, and most of the people at the table either quit or died on purpose so they could just leave.  Result: waste of time.

Saturday we played in a small D&D adventure with a random table of people. There were a few spaz kids there but their dad kept them pretty well in line and I had a good time.  Result: fun.

Saturday night I played in an Ascension tournament and actually won (i.e., survived two rounds of four-player games).  I won some promotional cards for the game but was denied the $5 gift certficate prize because the half-naked Russion lady running the game had better things to do (e.g., anything) than hand out prizes to a tournament she was running.  Whatever, I jetted back to the hotel for the sweet release of bourbon; I’m not about to lift a single finger of argument over a five-fucking-dollar gift certificate.

Through wandering the exhibit hall floor for 4 days I got hooked up with some pretty fun new board and card games.  Food Fight, Zombie Fluxx, Summoner Wars, Ascension… all pretty funs things to try out over the next few months.  I also got it in my head to buy a kilt… I’m unsure why.  I guess I’ll where it sometime, somewhere and people will all be like “Whoa! Look at that guy! He has a kilt” and then I’ll win a $5 gift certificate to Subway. I dunno.  But for my devoted followers here on, I present:

Oh Snap

72 thoughts on “Kilts ‘n Shit

  1. My Peter Rose story is too hot for cws, homie.

    Hookers and blow.

    Wet t-shirt contests at the Mangy Lion.

    Ya heard?

  2. But we might go, depends how we feel.

    Today is Milwaukee to see the great Marco Estrada pitch and the Don play pitch blackjack.


  3. Do yous guys remember my neighbor, that nice man, Jerry Hairston?

    Well, his son, little Jerry, Jerry Hairston Jr. is playing major league baseball with the Milwaukee Brewers.

  4. is that the soup guy?

    i'm in downtown st. petersburg at a swank hotel. probably going to need a few solid whazzing days to keep busy.

  5. wwhazz and I were cleaning the house last night when the brewers pulled off their TRIPLE play. we heard a lot of cheering and stopped to watch the reply. I said- holy shit a triple play– no wonder they were going nutz. wwhazz said no way– it was just a good double play– they should be going more nutz if it was a triple play. Triple plays never happen. He didn't beleive me until he saw it on his fantasy baseball site. Way to go Brew Crew!!!!!! We will be there in person to cheer them on Weds night– I want another TRIPLE play and some badger mutual insurance runs!!!!!!

  6. at nearly the exact same time i was watching a COUPLE of young lovers fornicate on the white sandy beaches of st petersburg.

    girl got completely naked and jumped on top… seemed overkill.


  7. NUDE POST)*&!#^%(^*!#%)&(#!^)&*(@#^$)

    cal. CAL. what the SHIT are you up to? you make me so angry with your absensesesesse.

    you SUCK.


  8. My thoughts on that whazz machine: love the angle of the screen, the Opposite of Finger-Smasher USA. However, I never liked machines with the left/right buttons placed vertiCALly like that. It looks in decent shape, and if it's close see if he can get it for $100 or something.

  9. i refuse to further play the click SCROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL click click SCROLLLLLLLLLL game to comment on posts with over 50 comments.

    see you suckers on the NUDE post.

    also, i refuse to lose. fuck them .22s… i got an AP10 and a throw-away tec-9, so you know you can't fuck with mine.

    cal sucks.

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