Squareturdspace < Turdpress

Weeeeeeeeeeeel, what do we have here? I done gone and diffed whazzmaster.com since moving to Sqaureturdspace and imported it back into Turdpress. It’s like we never left.

Hey Squarespace, here’s why I left your little blogging service: MY USERS DON’T WANT TO CLICK 10 MILLION TIMES TO READ THE LATEST COMMENTS.  Neither do I! Jesus Christ.

14 thoughts on “Squareturdspace < Turdpress

  1. i’m only here for the rotating taglines.

    squarespace is THE worst in a SEA of WORST@$)(^&!@$)^(&!#)&(^)&(!#^


  2. i just got this thing at target…. it works too good. pour hot coffee in there and it still burns my tongue many hours later.

    oddly this disappoints me.

    happily it keeps manhattans cold just the same.

  3. one of the comments on one of the customer images was “works almost too well at keeping coffee hot”…. not almost… it does work too well. it’s broken.

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