I have gained a few things: most notably, experiences and pounds.  I have in my possession hard evidence that globetrotting, drinking, and eating at weddings, conferences, birthdays, and anniversaries for a month straight will result in having a good time and putting on a lot of weight.

The Brewers are cruising into the playoffs nicely, and on the drive home from Door County today I listened to the post-postgame show on WTMJ. I never really listen to sports talk radio, but I found one that was solely devoted to the Brewers was an option not to pass up.  Result: disappointment. It was just a bunch of dudes saying a variation on “The Brewers are terrific! Nothing can stop us now!”

I still listened for about 45 minutes before I turned it off.

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  1. do you watch impact wrestling? they got HOOOOOOOOOOOOOGAN, and matt hardy IS BACK…. butttttttt WHY????!#%*(!#%^)&*#!^)&(*!#^)&*(!

  2. I watched 10 min of RAW last monday but it was in direct response to belly watching the lifetime Labor Day marathon (all movies about babies and labor).

    I made dinner and told her to pick out something for us to watch. She led out with Labor, I raised RAW.

    I didn’t even really want to watch it, but I knew she really, really, really didn’t want to watch it.

    How was it? pretty much WAR. Kevin Nash was there. hunter too. And I guess CM Punk is the big star. Not sure on the champ… Cena?

  3. Pissed about the UFC. They cxl’ed GSP v Nick Diaz because Diaz skipped 2 press conferences. Replaced him with Carlos Conduit. Boo.
    There is a short list of fighters that, when they are done, I am done with fighting in a cage as a sport. Diaz Bros. are way up there.

  4. I had in my possesion the series dvd set of the wire before we moved, but I gave it back to Yuri cuz I didn’t want to end up stealing a $100+ thing accidentally.

    I was able to stand Dexter for about 1 episode before I walked away in disgust.

    Never seen Deadwood, but I hear they swear a lot in that thing. Also: gambling. Ehhhhhh.

    I really liked it in the brawl replay last night when they showed a close-up of Morgan walking and he yelled “FUCK YOU!” (or maybe it was “FUCK OFF!”, but there was definitely a FUCK in there somewhere). Can we just go ahead and burn St Louis, as a city, to the ground already? Who lives there that anyone would care about? Mark MACguire?

  5. i thought diaz got nix’d from fighting for smoking weed or hormones or juice or something.

    just a temp ban? seems hypocritical… if you are saying he enhanced his performance and that isn’t fair, then isn’t his performance still enhanced?

  6. He had a win taken away for weed, but this time his title shot was cxl for missing shit.

    No history of roids, just rec drugs.

  7. if someone took my shit away, i wouldn’t show up either.

    i’d light something on fire i suppose.


  8. jsonline:

    These were the tweets posted by Morgan, presumably before the Brewers’ flight left St. Louis:

    “Where still n 1st and I hope those crying birds injoy watching tha Crew in that playoffs!!! Aaaaahhhhh!!!”

    “Alberta couldn’t see Plush if she had her gloves on!!! Wat was she thinking running afta Plush!!! She never been in tha ring!!!”

    “Anywayz!!! On our way back 2 tha Brew City 2 welcome them Phillys!!! Itz gonna be an electric series”

    And, last but not least:

    “Ray Charles to the haters! Ahhhhhhh”

    So, Morgan still had some things to get off his chest about the whole thing and did so. It all started after Carpenter struck out Morgan to start the ninth inning. Morgan said Carpenter cursed him, then turned his back and walked off the mound.

    As he walked off, Morgan glared at Carpenter and pulled a wad of chewing tobacco out of his mouth and tossed it toward the mound. Pujols then charged across from first base and confronted Morgan, leading to a heated exchange of words and a bench-clearing altercation.

  9. it gave riney the out he needed to bench TPLUSHNATION though… “gogogogogogog, get back in there… and try not to call anyone a pussy”


  10. this thursday football bullshit is pissing me off.

    i wore ol’ greeny yesterday… last season, after buying ol’ greeny and not shaving, the packers never lost a game. ol’ greeny was always clean though, and put on right before the game. i slept in it. still wearing it.


  11. More js:

    St. Louis first baseman Albert Pujols charged across the infield toward Morgan, igniting a bench-clearing altercation in which heated words were exchanged but nothing more. The umpires ejected Morgan from the game and told Roenicke they did so because Morgan instigated matters with the tobacco toss.

    Morgan insisted that Carpenter cursed him after striking him out, then turned his back and walked off the mound.

    “I was walking off the field until he said, ‘F-you,'” said Morgan. “He didn’t say nothing when I hit that double (in the fourth inning).

    “He was battling and I was battling. He felt he had to say something. If he feels he has to say something, let him say it. But as soon as he said it, he turns his back and runs away.”

    Carpenter told reporters he did not curse Morgan.

    “He’s a good player,” said Carpenter. “He has some serious talent. He just plays the game a different way. I didn’t know anything was going on until I heard Albert.

    “There is a certain way to compete, and there is a certain way not to compete. He competes hard but he does it in a different manner, which is unfortunate because it takes away from the player he is.”

    St. Louis manager Tony La Russa also took Morgan to task, saying, “He’s having a good year for them. He’s a talented guy. He’s close to the edge as far as creating problems and trouble.

    “It takes away from the player that he’s been for them with his fuse being so short and actually looking for things to instigate. I hope he gets a clue. It’s the truth. He could be the player that he is without instigating.”

  12. I say plunk carp and or alberta first pitch next season and pretend it was a big accident. In a post game interview say your stuff wasnt working and what a good player he is.

    Njer has to be a little more smrt though. their little swear, fadeaway was meant to blow him up and it worked.

    Just wait for the next time you share 1st w alberat and whisper sweet kuntings in his ear.

  13. yo, bellygirl, what do you think about bill belichick biting your #steeze?

    who is the real stomach woman?

  14. “He’s close to the edge as far as creating problems and trouble.”

    problems and trouble for who?

    st. louis doesn’t understand relativity.


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