I have gained a few things: most notably, experiences and pounds.  I have in my possession hard evidence that globetrotting, drinking, and eating at weddings, conferences, birthdays, and anniversaries for a month straight will result in having a good time and putting on a lot of weight.

The Brewers are cruising into the playoffs nicely, and on the drive home from Door County today I listened to the post-postgame show on WTMJ. I never really listen to sports talk radio, but I found one that was solely devoted to the Brewers was an option not to pass up.  Result: disappointment. It was just a bunch of dudes saying a variation on “The Brewers are terrific! Nothing can stop us now!”

I still listened for about 45 minutes before I turned it off.

128 thoughts on “Brewers!

  1. the ad features walgreens logo… maybe we should shift the case to those glorified drug dealers.


  2. Hate that fucking WORX commercial. At first I thought it was an amusing spoof on those stupid energy drink commercials, maybe a ad for some new Comedy Central show, but then IT WAS A COMMERCIAL FOR THE SAME SHIT THAT THE FAKE COMERCIAL WAS GODDAMN SELLING GROMBLEGUMGUMGUMMUGMUGMUG


  3. cal. don’t fucking lie to me… are you back working at flippers? what else could you possibly be busy doing???


  4. or is the legal qualification “any” mean that it must apply individually to all?

    like “no product cures any” would be valid then because no single product could be considered to cure “any of the items on the list”… they would alone only cure “some of the items on the list”.

    also, bg has some traffic court questions… that might be more your speed.


  5. greinke is smiling like a MFer… he loves being motivated by vengeance and succeeding. 0-0 in the 3rd. that g ball on the 7.5 over might have been dumb. conflicted with my angry effective greinke theory, but that has a good chance of blowing up still.


  6. i’ve been practicing throwing left handed. about 50% i feel like a mentally challenged 10 year old with muscular dystrophy… about 14% are solid throws on target, but 60% of right arm. the other 36% hit the backdrop but are thrown like a girl.

  7. also, this is from like 17′ away… 14% strikes at 60%… i couldn’t even beat a coach pitch team.


  8. i think he said “fuck you, pussy”…

    did carpenter make a “nyjer” slur? perhaps “nyja?” “nice bat, nyja”.

    maybe just a fading “T PLUSH….” or “where’s that beast mode, bitch”

    pretty sure it was “fuck you, pussy” tho…

    they comin’ for my knees.

    fakebennyclip = empty.

    the vengeance exploded. why couldn’t everyone listen to the old version of telly hughes? the one with gray hairs growing out of his face moles… WHY DIDN’T ANYONE LISTEN?!#@%*()&!#%)&*^(!#%

  9. fucking NFL network… just ran a show called “America’s Game”… pretty bold NFL… so you’re saying it’s not a pastime? then the description is “The story of the 2010 Green Bay Packers and their run to Super Bowl XLV through the eyes of Aaron Rodgers, Charles Woodson and head coach Mick McCarthy”


    fuck you NFL.



    you lazy mother fucker. go run a million miles to nowhere. i’ve got 10 million dollar cases WAITING ON YOU.

  10. i played it in slow motion… it’s definitely either “fuck you, pussy” or “fuck you, butt seed”… that chaw was getting in the way, and probably the reason he felt the need to remove it from his mouth… from there the next move is obvious to throw it at the pitcher.


  11. Each year there is a special game where Hall and/or Oats attend a brewer game.

    Pretty much in the reggie seats.

  12. In other newz, there was a fantasy radio show today hosted by the miz. You could call in and ask him advice about your fantasy foo ball team.

    Some he answered as the macho man.

  13. that ad for the “soul” car with the hamsters and robots is making me a little nutty… they even say in the ad “make you lose your mind”… AND THEY DO.


  14. i don’t miss louie’s… i just get too drunk to remember them. louie premiere day is very important to me.

  15. I’ve been listening to the WTF podcast a lot lately- really really good stuff. Through that I started listening to the Louis CK standup CDs, and now I want to go back and watch all the Louie episodes.


  16. “fuck your honda civic, i’ve got a horse outside”… pretty sure i know why you really like it… that is straight A2K gospel. i guess there were cars in 1999… the spirit is the same. maybe i’ll just go pure amish.

  17. You still watching entourage? Vince dead yet?

    Why I like Louie: he digs into uncomfortable situations and really examines them. Ex: the whackin it episode—he was actually fair to the jesus side of the debate, his foil seemed real (and that chick is from WI), and that jackin w/ NPR at the end was interesting as shit (and hilarious). Also, he artfully weaved bag of dicks into the story.

    Why Entourage sucks: Every episode, dues ex machine. Ex: We bought a horse! Broooo, brooooo. Duuuude… 2 min left in the episode… We gave the horse to a guy that likes horses! Brooo, come on E, dude!!!!

    Still, I’ll prob watch the final season at some point. Why, don’t know. Maybe I miss danny and watchign that show makes me feel like I’m hanging out with him.

  18. louie is great. i watch everything on tv, and it is in the top 1%. episode to episode it can be a very very different show. i’m not sure a marathon would be good… in order, one a week, is very good dosing.

  19. i watch entourage for the meta. they really are actors trying to navigate the business. but this last season has been pure garbage… the meta is dead. the actors know it’s over. boring. i’m much more excited for breaking bad and curb your enthusiasm on sunday nights. breaking bad might be the only show i get more excited for than louie. breaking bad is pure genius on every level…. story, character, relationships, MURDER.



  20. vince was a production gopher during entourage casting, and they were like, hey you, you’re going to be the star of the show…

    E is annoying and tiny and i could whoop him into pulp.

    turtle is the best. and his name is TURTLE. i think i just watch the show to see what turtle is up to at this point.

  21. I wouldn’t watch that episode with my parents. Just couldn’t do it.

    Stand up comic vs jesus freak debating whackin seems like a mismatch on paper, but it was a good tussle.

  22. Never seen entourage; I don’t go in for that highfaultin HBO fucking bullshit. Never seen Sopranos, Entourage, Sex in the City’s BUtthole, or any of that hogwash. Even though HBO’s been around WAAAY before A2K I’m like “fuck it” with channels that want me to pay for them, specifically.

  23. sopranos, entourage, and sex AND the city are all syndicated on multiple basic cable channels…

    WGN, TNT, AMC, E! etc…

  24. i don’t pay for HBO specifically… i pay for the premium pack which gets me like 30 movie channels. and 4 on demand channels. how is that different than paying for the basic channels pack?

  25. i like when louie sits on the couch with a girl and makes a move like a doofus. he goes for it all at once. slow your roll, lou. slow. your. roll.


  26. I thought you watched the wire?

    Sopranos is worth your time though syndicated cuts the tittays.

    Dexter is pretty cool.

    Deadwood is one of my favorite things I ever put in my eyes though jess won’t watch it, str8 refuses to watch any show with horses in it.

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