YOUR Hometown Team Name Here

Let’s just use this new thread to yell about the DEBUT of your GREEN BAY PACKERS and the start of the NL Showdown between the MILWAUKEE BREWERS and the philadelphia buttholes.

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  1. my tivo shit out on me when saints were down by 1 score with 2:30 left.

    i’ve never restarted it ever, so it’s installing about a years worth of service updates. i might be missing louie. i did miss the packers game ending. i’ve never hate tivo more. the chinese hackers are up to this.

  2. Hacking may have been counter strike for xmas in China.

    Me and Bruhy Ghuy were wondering why you left the hangout to broadcast a tivo screen.

    For some reason our sound would not work, so moslty we flipped each other off and held up our beers and pointed at them: Look! A Beer! I’m drinking this!

    His was Point in a can; mine was Miller Lite in a tiny College-Inn Style bottle.

  3. Fromt the menu for tonight:

    “All dinners include complimentary soup & salad bar, warm rolls, and choice of steamed California blend vegetables, baked potato, French fries or pongs.”

    #1 Maddddd, want to take the herring salad bar bet again? I have never been to this place.

    #2 Pongs?

  4. UFC 137 swapped main eventers.

    It was GSP/Diaz for the belt and BJ Penn/Carlos Condit,

    Now it is GSP/Carlos and BJ/Diaz

    Still good, but pretty sure GSP will dry hump the shit out of Carlos for 25 min. That should be erotic.

    I kinda hate BJ/Diaz. Dudes are two of my top favs. No one beats LESSSSSSSSNAR.

  5. anyone else typing/talking about this at their job?
    •Use forearm to explain VRP- external massage, not vigorously rubbing but gently press and release and pinching the labia majora and minora gently with silk

  6. hey, i want to go play in the cabin… ready to leave for like 20 minutes now… but i don’t have the address and no one is answering their phones, so i’m not even sure if there is service up there….

    does anyone know how to get get there? please tell me.


  7. yesterday’s crawfish count: 0. going to a new spot today. if i catch one, there will be a resurgence of crab based reality shows broadcasting from my home.

    how did the étouffé turn out? can i expect a cws article?

    bears suck.

  8. as if on cue with my disgust with netflix’s TNG offerings (so much so i’m almost certainly canceling my subscription), there is news of new HD remasterings of TNG

    i had always heard that this was impossible because the show was completely edited and all digital effects were done on video tape… probably beta max or something like that. i think the show was shot on film, but in order to remaster, they probably have to do a new transfer of the originals, and completely re-edit each episode, and regenerate all of the special effects. if there are good editing logs, maybe that is as easy as running everything through a computer, but i doubt it. also doubt the programs used to generate the old special effects are still around or support 1080p….

    anyways, i had given up on these ever existing, but geordi laforge just went to check out the progress and said it was “mindblowing”

    the trubbbbbroom is about to get even more awesome.

  9. i saw a giant trout in the water about 5′ away from me… right where all the storm runoff met the main river… lots of chew cans down there too, so i know legit unemployed fishermen are working the spot. i went upstream about 1/4 mile, down a small dam and all along the chippewa banks and didn’t see a single crawfish. turned over rocks like whoa. i saw 4 frogs. i caught 3. the one i missed was gigantic and mainly colored white. one of the ones i caught i super big, i’ll probably let him go… but the other 2 are small enough to live happy in snailroom30001.


  10. new idea for NFL social media application

    you are provided with a clip of an NFL play with the audio from the television commentary booth, but all references to current score or time left in game will be blanked out. then, you have to guess the current state of the game: 1) time remaining in which quarter, 2) who is winning 3) by how much 4) current total score

    you get points in each category based on how close you are.

    you are given the clip and have to respond within less time than it would take to look up the play on the internet.

    the NFL could use the data to grade commentators.

    i need an angel investor to bring 250k to the table. call cal for the paperwork.

  11. The etoffffffffffeeeee was grand. Tons of work to process mudbugs, but tasty.

    I’ll explain in detail.

    But, first… work

  12. i just bought some of these for the funny…

    then i bought some of these for the +P+ BOOM

    you know those 30 round 9mm clips all those crazy chinese kids are using to shoot up college campuses and everyone thinks should be banned? yeah, you shouldn’t be able to buy 30 round clips… i agree… so now they make them hold 33 rounds. pick that shit up too, but put it on rach-o’s card in case the feds put you on a list for buying it.

    wisco is awesome. also got some slugs for the shotty. 20 boxes should be enough.

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