Apologies again to all of our pals that spent the weekend up in Crandon! We wish we could have come with but we’re supposed to be partying at our place on the 24th and shit still needed to be done.  We’ll be at the Badger/NIU game at Soldier Field next weekend so we had to finish painting, decorating, and start cleaning this weekend.

The good news is that we got everything on the -to-do list finished up.  This slophouse is as decorated as it’s gonna get at this point; all we have left to do is wipe it down from top to bottom.

I also learned a few things this weekend:

  1. When it comes to cleaning paint brushes, I am an idiot.
  2. The Brewers got way exposed by the Phillies- I hadn’t seen shitstorm like that in some time, and thought the 2011 Brewers were immune to that sort of thing.
  3. The Packers were great, but I got a little scared at how the Saints were able to squash the secondary.  The defense came up with a stop when it absolutely needed to, but not before I screamed at my TV.
  4. Wwhazz was absolutely correct about Trees.  The suck, and they’re the messiest fuckers in the plant kingdom.  Every day they drop one ton of bullshit into my backyard, which I then clean up, only to have them re-dump the next day.  Fuck you come winter, assholes. Die slow.
  5. My dumb cat’s new favorite activity is to sit at the screen door in the back and launch herself at it (the screen) trying to get at the chipmunks running around having sex outside on the patio. Idiot.
Example: literally as I was writing Point 5 in my above manifesto a squirrel came up to the back door and the cat just stared at it- you see, it wasn’t a chipmunk.  That idiot is only concerned with chipmunk.

Idiot Cat

149 thoughts on “Decoratin’

  1. Yeah, you can lose them.

    Each week, Monday to Sunday, there are 12 stats.

    For hitting it’s runs, homeruns, rbi, batting avg, stolen bases, and OPS.

    For pitching it’s wins, saves, K’s, complete games (hard to get), avg, and dogs nailed.

    You just add up your total for the week, so it is constantly changing. The best you can do is 12-0, but that never happens.

    In the reg season your totals, including ties, just add up and the dude with the highest winning percentage wins (ties count as .5 wins). It’s crazy how close it gets. Last year I won the reg season by .5 games and this year cla won it by 1.

    Top 6 go to the playoffs. In the playoffs it is single elimination. You just need to win your series, so 12-0 is as good as 6-5-1.

  2. so the badger game is an exclusive on fuckers are trubbing the game instead of broadcasting on tv…. i guess that’s ok. i needed a reason to hook up the hdmi matrix switch to play the upstairs computer screen in the trubbbbroom anyways.

  3. I’m a homeboy tonight. Jess is out of town.

    Holler if you want to hang out and get some whazz bets going. My ball had been broken for months, but I cracked it open and got it going again. Much like my brewer vow yesterday, I said if I did not go -15 out the gate, I was quitting whazz forever. Hit -17, but made a run at the course record until a disaster on the desert double eagle hole– stillllllllllllll putting.

    Also, there is a shitty ufc on for free. No clue about any of the fighters except the main event, so that too would be ripe for bets. I promise not to look up odds and to make my bets solely on the cut of the fighter’s gib.

  4. you’re welcome up here for the night… still lots of good ripppp’n hours left and crew game later. also, free booze.

  5. put down a -17 rancho… that’s 1st column shit on my machine.

    someone owes me money.

    $5 on -12 coco. (the best i’ve done on the course in a week of heavy play)

  6. yo, i told my daddy to type this part for me… but check it, i have some things to say:

    ‘[9’7ujm7uyhmb ‘`z1A;;º\TF

    ok, back to daddy… the HWK decided she wanted to listen to some aaliyah – miss you, and switched programs.

    GOTTA GO!!(*@#%&!()*#%&!%#@

  7. so, at 11:30 am, i realized i didn’t do laundry in the week yet and ol’ greeny was dirty. so i put her in the wash, game starts and packer dfense is nonexistant… packers down 7-0…. oh shit, wash has been done 15 minutes and i forgot to put it in the dryer… 10-0… on no, what have i done… i destroyed the luck magic… old greeny was the first purchase made after the debudque trip many g ball run up on statistical IMPOSSIBILITIES. a higher power was most certainly at work. the magin, through the medium of currency and the free market, was transferred into a long sleeve cotton T. i’ve worn her every non-exhibition game since, and the packers have never lost. 13-0… oh fuck… what if it only works if i have it on at the start of the game. WHAT HAVE I DONE()*&^!@#%)&*!#%)*(&!#^

    DRY ENOUGH… i put it on… 13-7… greeny. 13-14… ollllllll’…. greeny. 13-17… obvious touchdown though, why settle for 3??? we don’t need that touchdown… we have ol’ greeny.

    sorry, everyone. i almost made a terrible terrible mistake. now i know some more about the nature of the magic.

  8. 1. Sorry our drunken ships did not collide last night. At least we both had some fun making imaginary bets.

    2. Penguins are mean as shit. Back when I helped at the Vilas Zoo motherfucker named big bird always tried to bite. I had to watch my back and the little kid fingers. He got my shirt a few times.

    3. It’s me vs cla in the fantasy finals. One gets five folds; the other gets nothing. Confidence level? 100%, Ricky.

  9. I already won 1 fold for the all star

    He won 2 for the reg season

    So 5 are in play… I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I think my team is better, but chopping 2 each and playing for 1 would be cool.

    Worst case, I leave with 3 folds vs worse case I leave with 1 sounds ok to me. I can still do something fun with 3 folds like rub a dub Dubuque or by a fish tank… or a stroller.

    1 fold is kinda pfffffffffffft

    So worst case 1 with a best case of 6


    Worst case of 3 with a best case of 4

    I’d do it, but so much shit talking has happened. We’ve been texting constant hate since April.

  10. Officially, I am cool with the 300-200 winner loser chop.
    I’d also be cool with some additional side action.

    The traditional loser reads a book of the winner’s choice is always fun. I’d load up Vandover and the Brute for cla.
    Beard bets are fun, but we both be smooth faced. I shaved my head too, so we’d pretty much be down to pubes. So prob off.
    The name bet is always fun: winner names the loser’s team next year
    Winner picks the loser’s diet for one week. If cla wins, I’m on beets and mushroom juice—me, cla is on Hardees and scotch.

    I’m up for any or all of this. As all good men of the law know, whzzmaster typed bets are binding.

  11. i found some writing jobs for you

    i’m free-market / personal responsibility / gun-rights all the way, but that website is crazy. i just made a $300 buy, and the fedex guy left an arsenal on my front porch and didn’t even require signature.

    local gun stores don’t carry the stuff because it’s too gangster…. but you can get anything you want online. local stores probably don’t sell because they don’t want that kind of weaponry in the hands of other locals… but internet sites are happy to ship it from texas to you.

  12. The official offer was accepted via text at 12:40.

    300/200 winner/loser

    book bet

    name bet

    Now iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s tiiiiiiiiiiiime

    Round one, FIGHT

  13. Maddddd,

    How did you not go crazy trying to pick stuff like which stroller?

    Your wizzzdom is much appreciated

    Your baseball champion 2009, 2010, and greg willing, 2011,


  14. there is a brand of child rearing goods named graco. it was estabished after fuddruckus had his baby grac-o… his direct connections to judaism led to their establishment of an international corporation. it’s cheap, and all the pieces play nice with each other.

    you basically have 4 options:
    those big ass wheel trikes with a pivoting front wheel
    same with fixed front wheel
    classic quad with double back wheels and front shocks, folds flat
    super lightweight foldup like umbrella.

    we got the quad one with the shocks… it also supports the car seat we have so you can just set that on it and it clicks in.

    we might have got most of that stuff from showers, i don’t remember picking anything out.

  15. what about family with babies that have already grown out of stroller? where is briguy’s old stroller?

  16. We got a lot of family stuff.

    Some of it we used to build a hortonville base of operations– don’t need to pack 10 billion things.

    We were trying to register for crap at babied rrrrrrrrr us, but suffered from paralysis by analysis.

  17. I kinda like the 3 wheeler.

    I really like walking and those look like they can take wisco terrain.

    Both the 3 and the quad had that seat system, but the 3-wheeler is like 100-200 more than the quad.

  18. if you want the 3 wheeler, i’ve been better selection at sporting good stores or bike stores than department stores.

    main issue with them is they are big, and i’ve heard the ones with the fixed front wheel are hard to steer, but you can run straight with them.

  19. the shocks really help going off trail, or even on gravel parking lots… most of the 3 wheelers don’t have shocks.

    then again, if your baby can’t handle a bumpy ride, they should be removed from the gene pool naturally and not coddled with chinese engineering.


  20. got a chainsaw yesterday. holler if you want to take down some of those dirty trees.

    i still don’t have a generator or a sumper pumper.

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