Tony Plush Be STR8 BALLIN

Spacebee and I are attending the little bases-and-balls competition at Wrigley Field this evening between the Milwaukee Brewers (yay!) and the Chicago Cubs (boo!)

If you see a guy in a light blue Brewers hoodie waving his hands over his head doing the TP hand gesture, that might be me!

148 thoughts on “Tony Plush Be STR8 BALLIN

  1. shit… here is the real link

    that planet thing was just dumb… the gravity wells of objects of any different size would throw the entire solar system out of whizzzack.

    hey, what if birds were the size of mars? dumb. whoever made that is very very dumb. i hate them.

  2. that dog is like if quindo and parker mated.

    when the world is cleansed of the minnesotans… are we going to keep the hair and teeth for industrial use? knife them into the land to enrich it? napalm the whole state?


  3. I like that the dropped baby is tagged as “cute.”

    The next video recommended is called “sick whiffle ball pitcher.”

    Also purty good

  4. i’ve seen a few of those whiffle ball videos… the guy from the most popular one was on tosh.0 and daniel took an at bat against him and dude nailed him in the face and broke his sunglasses and begged them to edit that part out.

  5. difference in crew game is a botched call tag-out… not even close, out by 2 feet and the glove bent on contact. could be difference in home field advantage in playoffs.


  6. You know pirates, why the fuck not.

    Walk a guy and then nail two to load the bases. I dreamed/pleaded for the brewers to pull this shit for YEARS in late season games.

  7. difference in game was the botched call. ump was red faced and smiling the whole time riney came out to argue.


    fuck baseball.

    also, the trikers were out today with no supervision, but now they all had headphones on… they looked sad as shit. i’m glad my complaints were heard.

  8. they don’t even ride together…. there is a giant newly paved full sized track they ride around, but they all stay as far away from each other as possible.

    i don’t believe in mental disability… except cal.

  9. had an 8 point buck and his bitch in the back yard today… i saw him across the street 2 days ago and taught the neighbor kids how to shine him.


  10. tivo wants to put on a brewer game… WHY?!#^!(*&



    randy wolf pitching? more like RIGGEDY RIGGED(*^&#%(*^!#%(&*!#^&()!#^_&*(%^~#_&(*^~#

    cal. seriously. what the fuck.

  11. i can root for the d-backs… new pitcher is named parker… they brought him up from AA and dude is smiling ear to ear in his player picture. greinke looks like he’d rather be eating shit.


  12. i want to pull arthur wiechec’s head off and throw it somewhere dirty.


  13. d00d is engineer… the ASSHAT responsible for fucking up the HD broadcasts.

    fucking idiot.


  14. same fucking ump blows a call in 1st inning.


    MLB stands by bill welke shits all over any reputable reputation they might have had.

    bill welke was paid off in unleavened bread.



    (save his hair and teeth for industrial use)

  15. Wwhazz here. Besides the miz, the xm fantasy football league includes some playboy ladies, ba ba booey from Howard stern, and Dale sveum of Milwaukee brewer fame.

  16. gambo gambo in my blood is stagnating… i need in some sort of fantasy league. i want to bet on bill welke’s lifespan. UNDER.

    howard lederer and chris JESUS fergie have been banned by most touring poker leagues indefinitely until the full tilt ponzi situation is resolved.

    i’m sorry i haven’t been laid off to get maddddddddddpoker running. keep that shit 100% underground word of mouf and designate certain people for cashouts…


    i really need the don involved……………………………….)*#!%)&(#!%)(&**_)#%_)*(!#%()7!#^)(&*!#^%)*(!#^*()_!#%^

  17. i just put down -20 aspen, and put the double eagle hole in the water.

    last night didn’t imbibe… crazy vivid dreams too, and even rach-o commented on crazy vivid dreams last night (she almost never comments on such things)…

    universe is aligning. AGAINST BASEBALL)*(!#^&)&*(!#^)&*(!#^*)_(!#^

    fucking RIGGED)*(&!#%^@

  18. ships in the night homie, now i have to connect to company VPN and can’t hang my dick out.

    deer were right behind fence digging through a giant mound of fresh cut branches i threw back there (at 80mph).

    i was eating an apple so i went out to say hi… dude followed my mowed path back about 20 feet… showed me his giant white patch of clean hair surprisingly around his butt hole (props on hygiene, wild homie) then i tossed the half eaten apple about 60 degrees off our fire line. it still spooked him and he broke right towards the meadows… then d00d got stupid and broke left towards the busy road… i paused and listened for the car accident… like 20 times now done that… no accidents.


  19. How come we can only see comments from the first page? Anything in the archives does not include comments when I click “read more.”

  20. geriatric moron almost killed me today running a red light and almost hitting me broadside… i slammed on gas and turned away from him… i looked back and he didn’t seem to care or realize what was going on…. i swear he drove right through my trunk…


  21. yo cal, there are kids in the woods behind my house with bows and arrows… like legit arrows. if i were to go back and make sure they were being safe, would i then be responsible for them? better to just let them shoot each other?

    one of them was a pudgy little pig boy and i probably would laugh a little if he came running around the corner with arrow stuck in him….

    can i shoot them out of fear? trespassing with a deadly projectile weapon? what if i aimed low? what if i aim low, but miss high? what if you never get a job?

  22. You owe me 100 for crew winning the div.

    And 5 for every Weeks HR over Muck(20 to 13), + 35.


    I still owed you 110.


    +25 me

  23. shit. when did i bet against the division?

    what is 099? i played cococo -11 through 9 then quit after -7 through 14.


  24. Back in April when the Brewers were in last place, we made the division bet.

    I got 100 if they got first, you got 100 for last.

    And then it was, I think, 80 for 2nd (me) and 80 for 4th (you).

    Third was a push.

    I don’t remember the exact details but I do remember the 100 for first thing. The whole bet led to a debate about money balancing heartbreak over a loss. I even offered you a chance for an out but you declined.

    For some reason (turdpress?) I cannot access the comments in archived posts. So I cannot see the exact details. But it happened back in april.

  25. 099 is a class I teach…

    I fill out paperwork and write 099 a million times per day.

    Just went on auto pilot and slapped the 0 on the 99.

  26. Found the bet:

    First to worst insanity:

    1st: i owe you $100
    2nd: i owe you $20
    3rd: wash
    4th: you owe me $40
    5th: you owe me $60

  27. Other bets I had

    Versus Bobby

    1. Losers washes winners car: Brewers vs Cubs season total wins

    2. Flask (Johnny Walker or Crown): Add: HR, RBI, Saves, strikeouts
    Bobby: Pena, Ramirez, marmol, Dempster
    Mike: Prince, Braun, Axford, Gallardo

    3. 6 pack of Wisconsin/Illinois beer: Combined team errors, team strikeouts (offensive) and HR allowed- **Lowest total wins

    4. Lunch of hot wings: Four starting pitchers, total wins
    Bobby: zambrano, garza, dempster, wells
    Mike: Grienke, Gallardo, Marcum, Wolf

    Versus Madddddddddd

    • $5 Mcheheheheheh vs Weeks HR challenge

  28. 6 pack of Wisconsin/Illinois beer: Combined team errors, team strikeouts (offensive) and HR allowed- **Lowest total wins

    Not sure about this one…

  29. i’ll double or nothing on random 2k course straight up if you’ll be around friday. j-dilla is doing a big show on saturday in raycilla, but we were thinking about cutting the drive on friday and crashing in madison if any of you FOOLS will be around.

    whazzman, i have housewarming gifts that never made it to your party… holler at 2 dollers if you want some junk.

    if bri-guy wants to play i’ll happily accept my prize and pose for any media pictures. i had a pretty good beard going, and last night, drunk, i just shaved half my face, but left the other half to wrap around lips like fiddler crap. it looked awesome as hell, but sadly i didn’t have the courage to face society as an idiot.

    i used to be so good at that.


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