Fixed Old Comments

I have no idea why the comments weren’t shown when no new comments would be accepted, but I reversed it. ¬†You should be able to view comments on posts older than 90 days now.

I went looking for the post with the bet, and 45 minutes got sucked down the whazzhole as a I read arguments for and against higher education, my (apparent at the time) hernia, the Story of 1815 Madison St, and more.

Fuck it, I got shits to do.  Someone else find the damn bet.

8 thoughts on “Fixed Old Comments

  1. i remember the higher education arguing and the bet. every other week we switch sitters during the day, and one of them lives right by the TC campus… i take everything i said about higher education back. without higher education there wouldn’t be college chicks. i’m on to wwhazzzz’z game.

  2. i just made a smoked ham and turkey sandwich… while i was making it i started singing it to the tune of “smoke on the water”…


    i’ve very surprised weird al didn’t already come up with this.

  3. Me and belly played 2-4 limit at poto after the brewer game…

    Belly reports that the baby was kicking like crazy.

    Problem gambo in the blood?

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHAZZMASTER!!!!! Hope you have a good one– it was fun celebrating with a Game 2 Brewers Win. Make sure you get some bday wife snuggling in today.

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