Happy Birthday To Me

The Big 33- BRENT MOSS!

First off, much, much, MUCH love to wwhazz and bellygirl for the birthday gift of a ticket to Game 2 of the NLDS. ¬†Watching the Brewers stomp the Dbacks was better than any flavor of cookie pie. Here’s a little clip from right before the first pitch:

Also, here’s a great pic as we walked into the stadium:


So the weekend was just terrific: Brewers win Saturday afternoon, Badgers stomp Nebraska Saturday evening, Brewers stomp the Diamondbacks again on Sunday, and Aaron Rodgers sets offensive records as the Packers cruise over the Broncos Sunday as well. WISCONSIN SPORTS FOREVER, HOMEY.

So thanks again to wwhazz and bellygirl, but also much LOVE to madddddddddddd and rach-o for the housewarming gifts (I will use them!), shout-outs to my brother for coming up for the weekend and kicking it, and thanks to lawman for being the best Seat Pal I ever watched a Brewers Playoff Game with.


67 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. One of the dudes that I tutor is in Antro 105: primates.

    Each year they do a paper/field trip to the zoo combo. The instructor holds a random drawing and each kid gets a primate, writes a report, and then has to go to the zoo and observe it.

    My kid got the orangutang.

    I am very excited to read the observation notes.

  2. oh boy. i was in an accounting meeting with 5 clients and my boss and my ceo, and they must have said “first and fifteenth” about 20 times. i almost lost it.

  3. holy piss. almost forgot about new it’s always sunny (in philadelphia) (pennsylvania)


  4. oh cal. speaking on behalf of a group that you have not been asked to speak for certainly does piss me off… but RE: sign, i’ve been shoving mcnuggets down my face since the only sizes of side orders of fries you could get were large, extra large, and super size… i stopped caring long ago.


  5. OUr madddd understands butt math. I’m sure cream math follows the same theorems. SOCATOAHA

    I’m with ya on the first and 15th stuff. My kid says orangutangs and I have to stifle the giggles. Also, I saw his outlines includes a section on sexual behavior.

    Oh boy.

  6. My mind refuses to even contemplate a world where the brewers dont win today.

    After a frantic rush of work, we will peel outta here for the game.

    I expect to celebrate to be celebrating with a fish fry in peawaukee by 8.

  7. One bonus that comes with watching the brewer game at home and on trubbs at the same time: different commercials.

    I see some gordy bouche shit and at the same time a commercial for hamburgers (plus madddd commentary: they are good).

    Here, Mystique (magnifique) runs a hard campaign during the games. Pretty cool.

  8. hey, arizona…. what makes you think you can fuck with me?

    recognize, bitch, M to the B.


  9. me and the HWK made a video of the end of the game… she learned how to use a laptop trackpad. quindo and the willabeast came down to chill… then rach-o came down to bitch about something, but she eventually settled in… then nyjer came up, and i pointed out in 140″ HD clarity that those were not nyjer’s eyes… I WAS LOOKING AT TONY PLUSH. TONY PLUSH WAS ABOUT TO MAKE HISTORY.

    and. he. did.

    i jumped up with my snacks and went #beastmode all over the trubbbbroom. beast mode AND A BAG OF CHIPS. LITERALLY. i pointed it out in the video.

    i tried to register for tickets to the next series and was told i am not eligible… only people in the counties that pay the bullshit gestapo private industry public tax are eligible. I PAID THAT FUCKING TAX ALL MY LIFE YOU FUCK HEADS.

    burn down the stadium. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK.

    fuck the brewers.

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