What A Long, Strange Trip

The Milwaukee Brewers are in the National League Championship Series.

We’ve spoken at length about the Brewers– you and me. We can even go pretty far back and talk about the bad ol’ days.  We knew there would come a day; we just didn’t know if we’d be alive to see it.

At any rate, let’s talk about the Cardinals a second.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever witnessed a bigger bunch of complete dickheads- every Brewers story online is filled to the brim with a teeming, boiling lake of shitstains complaining about how the Brewers have no class, Nyjer Morgan is a cancer, etc., etc.  I never quite understood why Cubs fans hated these dudes so much, and now I know in spades.  Is there a sort of Dour Fuck Attractor attached to the Arch that beckons long-faced schmoes from far and wide to cheer and play for the St. Louis Cardinals?

I know the Brewers can stomp the Cardinals- this is a fact born by the realities of this season.  I hope and pray that they use this opportunity to hit a grand slam, BEAST MODE around the bases, flip off Tony LaRussa while rounding third, cross homeplate doing a backflip, and then have sex with Pujol’s wife.  And then park the Cardinal’s bus down at Grand Avenue Mall during the game so they gotta walk to it.

So, er, Go Brewers. Do eet.

33 thoughts on “What A Long, Strange Trip

  1. is anyone going to the game? i like to look for people in the stands… ON TRUBBBS*()&@#^)(&*!#%)&(!%#)&(!#%^)&*(

  2. i’ll be hanging out for the packers game. tune in and catch a glimpse of ol’ greeny… enjoy the luck it will undeniably bring you.


  3. I’m LIVE at the Great Dane Hilldale watching the game. C’mOn down and check my #2 shirsey!

  4. my 2nd favorite sub place of all time (behind lee’s) are cousin’s. we have a quizno’s 2 blocks away. fuck that place. never even been inside. i just found out today that a cousin’s is opening across the street from them. this is giant news for me and the people that will be selling me bigger pants. all day during football = quiznos ads like whoa. last ditch grasp for life. sorry quizno’s. you’re dead.

    man. i really want a lee’s sub right now.

    #1 on french. whole. mayo and thousand island. no tomatoes.

    maybe it’s a #3. just give me both. TO GO(*!^#%)&*(!#%)&(!#^)&*(!#%^()&*!#^

  5. here is how gangster lee’s deli is: remember when bud lyte was giving out tshirts in cans in 24 packs… like sometimes you would buy 24 beers and they would only give you 23, but you were supposed to be happy because they stuffed a rag in there with a neck hole? lee’s deli would use their deli scale to weigh the cases and figure out which ones had the tshirts in them, and take them all for themselves.

    lee’s deli sold booze and smokes like whoa. so gangster. it made the subs taste better.

  6. god damn it. i thought all the NLCS games were 7:05.

    “but that’s sunday this week…”

    fuuuuuuuuuck. whatever. i guess they won. get some george webb burgers, FUCKTARDS)(*^!#%^)&(*!#%^)_(&!#%

  7. So Ulice Payne, Jr. was CEO, taking over for Wendy. Lopes gave to Royster to Yost to Macha to Ron.

    Google newsing Oct 2002 gets some funny artiCALS about the old brew crew. Holy shit they were bad.

  8. i got this thing at menards… it’s a blower/vac combo with a built in mulcher blade that chops up leaves into a giant sac. $50. i needed it to suck up all the GD pine needles in my yard. i still don’t have a generator or a sump pump.

  9. madddddddddd propers to the art institutes and their stop motion ad campaign where a camera zooms through a cityscape as the student facing the camera seamlessly zooms along backwards.

    going backwards to get ahead. very artsy and cerebral, however, i will not be giving you money or otherwise choosing to go backwards in my life.


  10. crowd tonight is pissing me off. all 50 year old ladies, and after every big play always tons of MFers with their heads down on their MFing phone tweeting their dicks off.


  11. and judge reinhold is in a hoody. WTF IS GOING ON?!(*^&%#!&()


    gotta go

  12. Jerry Hairston’s grandfather was the first black man to play for the whitesox. What a fun fact, mr fun suit.

  13. The brewers are the shittiest of shitty teams (with the exception of Fielder, Braun and Hart). 4 errors tonight, the “brew crew” sure are showing them cardinals eh?

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