Horton Babies, Y’All


It’s my pleasure to report that Arlo and Jen had a baby last night! It’s a GIRL and everyone’s feelin fine.  Major congratulations to all three of them.

I won’t post any info because this is the INTERWEBS and doncha know a kid don’t need to start her life with her name plastered everywhere.

96 thoughts on “Horton Babies, Y’All

  1. i think my balls are safe… i think i have this time change figured out… tbs played forrest gump and old school instead of the game… 2 nearly undeniable films that milwaukee’s will lap up as well as any 2 movies…. and then… oh, your team loses… but remember luitenant dan? shrimp boatin’… hilarious, right? SHRIMP! don’t be sad.

    TBS seems to know something.

    i’m wearing ol’ greeny… should i take her off?

  2. Scientist you wanna do some reverse IP lookups on ‘blow me’? Let’s find all we can on this fuckface and reallybget our money’s worth.

  3. dungeon dungeon dungeon dungeon free online chatroom dungeon! type out a question and see who answers!

    question: can madd strike out cal?

    answer: HELLL NO

    suvrivor football, fantasy baseball, techmobowl, knocking madd’s meat out the park, these are a few of my favorite things. i’m on a STREAK.

    we need to get this done. i will be back in MN shortly. stand by.

  4. Save your energy for poop jokes. Forget about “blow me” and his tiny pee hole.

    Re: brew crew

    Whaddrugonna do? At least they got third place this year (we lasted a day longer than the shit tigers). This turd place finish is almost the best in my entire life, so I’ll take it. Heck, I even have fun with the brewers when they lose 100 games.

    At least the packers are invincible and now I can go back to doing the things that matter like poker and goldentee. Fucking sports, taking over my life. We went to the packer game yesterday, left Hortonville at 5 am to get myself to work today. Ug ogg balh.

    The crew can dry their tears with 100 bills. Most of all, I will miss the little things like trubbs and maddddd’s breakdown of the fans who sit behind home plate and Braun’s mental make up.

    I’m all for tweeting T Plush an evite for a fire in your backyard for a pre HOF party.

    Whazz on and off and up and down.

  5. pitch #1 is going straight at greg’s face.

    pitch #2 low inside corner. mark it

    pitch #3 slider away. you swung at it, moron.

    pitch #4 chin music.

    pitch #5 chin music.

    pitch #6 slider for a strike. looking. you suck.

  6. i haven’t been out rippin all week… too cold.

    there is a great full sized diamond at the park across the street from my crizzzle… i’ve never seen anyone use it. sometimes i see people cutting the grass… what a waste. pitching mound looks pristine. there are bleachers. next summer maybe i’ll look into running a softball or kickball league… no one else has stepped up. there are a couple of little league diamonds next to it, and those are ever better… scoreboards and dugouts.

    cal, we need to work this so we get a percentage of bets. let’s lock ourselves out until you can lawyer something up.

  7. getting dressed today was hard… had to dig pretty deep through the laundry in the dryer to find a non-brewers shirt. didn’t feel right.

    stopped at the kwik trip and saw a bunch of people still wearing crew hoodies.

    i threw some old apples behind the fence last night, and there are 2 deer eating them while i type this, so i’m as happy as ever… no phase.


  8. A sixer before noon and a steady stream of light and lite during the pack game left me hungover and sunburned, prenumb to the brewer pain.

  9. I did shut it down in the 8th and went to bed– no way I was gonna watch those dickheads mock beast mode and ejaculate bubbles into each others face.

  10. i just dropped a bunch of benny folds to make the trubbbbbroom 3D… i don’t know what got into me… i’m hoping 3d video games are fun.

  11. Any news on the Cal/Madd K challenge?

    I really want to have a casino or dude night sometime in November/early Dec, before the poop machine comes.

    I am always cool with Dubuque, but would be more than happy to trek north. Heck, I’d be cool with a weekend of trubbs in madddddd’s basement with Bryguy, timmer, et al. if he would have us.

    We don’t have turkey land to hunt anymore, so a very doody weekend would be grand.

  12. wants are irrelevant. no one can stop a brodown… that is the foundation of america.


  13. i put down a -17 aspen yesterday, and got an 8 on the 11th hole. i was -14 through 9… best ever.

    i am equally great and terrible.

  14. Prince odds:

    •Chicago Cubs 3-1
    •Washington Nationals 5-1
    •Toronto Blue Jays 5-1
    •Baltimore Orioles 5-1
    •Seattle Mariners 5-1
    •Milwaukee Brewers 11-2
    •Texas Rangers 7-1
    •St. Louis Cardinals15-2

    I vote Toronto or any AL. But I don’t think my votes counts. Cubs would suck now, but it would be pretty funny in future when Prince blows up/breaks down. Big dogs don’t live long. that’s one of the many laws of the jungle.

  15. i’ve got such a boner for the TNG blu-rays coming out… i bought a sean connery bond movies in blu-ray and they are crazy good. 50 years old and they look better than most modern movies. earlier this week the last company manufacturing film cameras for hollywood stopped production. in 50 years when every has a 36000p HDDD tv, but all the content was recorded and compressed using lower resolution digital cameras, transfers will not be possible.

    china is fucking us all over with technology.




  16. TNG was shot on fim, but then transferred to encoded tape for editing and distribution… they made the new blu-rays by retransferring all the original film, and recreating all the special effects.

  17. the whole world series production was butt. bottom of the barrel on camera talent all the way around, and obviously bottom of the barrel tech guys on the field who couldn’t even get a wireless mic to work right… except the wireless mics that they didn’t mean to broadcast where productions ASSes are barking orders at the first lady and her pals.

    so dumb. no one cares. i want both teams to lose.

    nyjer is out smoking $100 stogies with $1,000 sluts. tvs are for poor people.

  18. chris rose is the lower than the bottom of the barrel. he is worm poop a foot beneath the barrel.

    i think all of america would rather watch me strike out cal

  19. ok, so in my continued ability to predict the future and gauge the present….

    it’s always sunny was all about 3d tvs… and the world series has the lowest ratings ever.


  20. i need dollas, dollas; dollas, that’s what i neeeeeeeeeeeed.

    how to make it in america is my new jam.


  21. just whazzed a -16 rancho, -11 coco, -12 aspo, -16 aspo. if you want to make gambo problem, my number is 14 rando. coco is an almost sure lose and otherwise 50/50. it’s more than fair.


  22. Homeboy, who is up to gambo with you at 3:19 am?

    This weekend I am down to ride with a few challenges. You won most of it back, with me blindly betting on the crew, but I still got 20 from that last Weeks jack.

  23. epsn gameday is live from madison, but there are only michigan people around… i guess wisconians are still hung over.

    michigans signs included:
    russell wilson sleeps with a nightlight
    russell wilson eats boogers
    russell wilson has a mangina

    this is why the lions can’t be allowed to win.

  24. i am putting my getting kicked out of the stoopadome at about 43%.

    our crew is 8 strong, 2 drunk hardcore fans, and 2 hardcore fans with girldix. i plan on letting minneapolis know how much they suck.

    plant the seed of psychological cancer and wait for the ethnic cleansing to take care of itself.



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