Vacation Winding Down

Spacebee and I are headed for San Francisco this morning; it’s the staging ground for the final day of our trip.  We’ll check-in, throw on our Badger gear, and then head over to Aces to watch the game.  We have it on good authority that Badger fans are welcome there.

I also threw out an invite to Cal and his Lady to head on over and join us.  Maybe he’s out lawyering tonight, though.

It was a hectic as shit week out here, but Spacebee seemed to have fun and I was able to juggle work and fun-onna-bun socializing.  Fuddruckus and Manders took us to Cin-Cin in Los Gatos, and it was A+ fantastic.

So tomorrow morning we’re headed home- I’m looking forward to quite awhile with no traveling, and I made sure we’re stocked up on wine for the holidays. Woo!

70 thoughts on “Vacation Winding Down

  1. when you type “tank abbott” into google… the first suggestion is “tank abbott gay”

    fuck you, google gay.

  2. Yeah, I love how google is used to question sexuality. Type almost any name and the gay suggestion poops up.

    ehow derrr derrrr derrrr
    answers dot com derrrrrrr deeerrrrrrr derrrrrrr
    yahoo answers drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    My fucking students put questions I ask them for hw into google, and find answers from other dipshit students using the same medium.

  3. We had a good run. I think I am ready to be a boring ass parent.

    Dec 9 and 10, we have a room at the Canfield. Dec 11 is a Packer party in Madison.

    Calling all cars, calling all cars.

  4. it’s more being tired than being boring… but the tired certainly leads to boring.

    babies be trippin’, yo.

  5. if there was ever a time to be a member of google+… #beardlikeafiddlercrab is blowing up


  6. i bought some camo bibs… waiting on the ice fishing invite.

    rach-o pretended like i couldn’t bro-down in dub-uke, but then realized her continuing education class was the weekend after. i’m 93% confirmed.

  7. Pfffff, she doesn’t like money? Free money? Butt honey?

    Dubs is a work trip, as important as continuing ed.

  8. i want to go on family feud, and when steve harvey came over to make nice with the family before the game, i’d tell this story:

    “i was so excited this morning, that i didn’t even eat breakfast… i just stood by the door, ready to go… my mom came up to me and said, “you gotta eat breakfast… you’re going on the feud!”… and i said, “no, mom… i’m going to meet one of THA KANGS”

    if the crowd really blows up, i’ll start the commodores stomp dance and COME BACK TO THE MIC,

    SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU DOOOP!#(^*&@$*()&!^#&*()

  9. for sho. i just played an hour of gran turismo 5 in 3d, then about 20 minutes of killzone 3 in 3d. reading in this dungeon of bright white words is a little painful.

  10. considering dave thomas is dead, i think it’s pretty bad taste to release a new line of burgers called “dave’s hot & juicy”


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