And On and On…

I’ve put some distance between myself and the Brewers season, so why not celebrate the fact that the Packers are un-fucking-stoppable:

Canfield is engaged for December 10th.  Everyone invited, even you fools out in California.  Cal, grab Greg’s hand and skip on over to Dubuque.  Judd, push Fournier into some kind of burlap sack and throw him in the belly of a plane.

“Stop, the Bears are bad.”

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  1. tom green is doing shows in chicago feb 23rd-25th….

    still regretting missing that show at diamond jo’s last feb

  2. Two rooms, two nights at the Canfield: Booked

    I’d consider Tom Green, but prob to early in the baby game.

  3. 1) i want in on this TV discussion too! just started watching Downton Abby today. season two just finished and apparently england is nuts for it. first season streaming on netfilx. pretty good ! about the class system in england before WWI. sounds like a snooze but is really just a soap opera so it’s fun.

    2) yay donald glover! season 2 of community was my favorite thing ever, but now it’s sort of whatever. like workaholics tonight. but sometimes that show is seriously awesome.

    3) wayyyyyyyyy late to the game on always sunny but finally i’m a believer.

    4) have not seen that fantasy football show.

    5) reglular season win was NOT shady. whazzmaster is it shady to post on dudes facebook page that he should wake up? and wake up he did. taking wwhzz down after two years as champ was probably the greatest thing i have ever done.

    6) once told springer that racine is named for a french playwright and he didn’t believe me.

  4. in case you were wondering:

    Early on the community tried several names, rejecting Albion, All Saints, Lowell, Brooklyn, Addiseville and Winona. The twenty four small lakes that are now within the city limits led Charles Hoag, Minneapolis’s first schoolmaster, to suggest Minnehapolis, derived from Minnehaha and mni, the Dakota word for water, and polis, the Greek word for city.

  5. Fort Snelling was established in 1819, at the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers in order to establish American dominance of the fur-trading industry on the rivers. As the whiskey trade started to flourish, the military officers in Fort Snelling banned the distillers from the land the fort controlled, with one retired fur trader turned bootlegger, Pierre “Pig’s Eye” Parrant particularly irritating the officials. Parrant moved his abode and operation downstream about 5 miles (8.0 km) to the north bank of the river in what is now downtown Saint Paul. An 1837 treaty with the natives secured the city for white settlement. By the early 1840s the area had become important as a trading center, a stopping point for settlers heading west, and was known as Pig’s Eye or Pig’s Eye Landing.,_Minnesota

  6. Pig’s Eye Pandemonium…

    Fountain Cave was an excellent location for Pierre Parrant to select for his claim as the spring inside the cave provided a steady water supply for his still. It was there, at Fountain Cave, that Saint Paul’s first entrepreneur opened up a tavern that would become wildly popular with the surrounding community. Parrant’s bar, known as “Pig’s Eye” or “Pig’s Eye Pandemonium” was easily accessible to local residents, riverboat crews working on the river, and to the soldiers from nearby Fort Snelling as well. Parrant had become so popular, in fact, that when a nearby resident named Joseph R. Brown sent a letter to a friend in 1839 he listed the return address simply as “Pig’s Eye.” Not long after, Brown actually received correspondence back at the address he had listed. As a result of this, the growing community around Pierre’s bar became known as “Pig’s Eye.” The city’s name might have remained Pig’s Eye had it not been for the arrival of a Catholic priest named Lucien Galtier. So aghast was Galtier that the village on the river derived its name from a man of such ill repute that, when he built his small chapel in the area in 1841, he reportedly stated, “Pig’s Eye, converted thou shalt be, like Saul; Arise, and be, henceforth, Saint Paul!”

  7. ho. lee. shit. in another of the amazing coincidences of near love today… donald glover was on conan tonight in his band “childish gambino”… i was busy with some vile remarks on one of the other many tubes i frequent, and almost always completely hate live performances on tv, but i was like… whoa… this dude (whoever it is, i have no idea)… whoa… really really good. but i was consumed with vile to look up… then i even thought about how i never like anything and how he was so good… still vile… then i look up and it’s m-fucking G Lover.


  8. i feel more pride to drive through wabasha when i take 61 down to la crosse because of grumpy old men than i do from living in racine because of a league of their own… and that movie holds the unchallenged de facto response to inappropriate crying…

    MN wins again… whoa… it’s like the only things you can’t win at are the NFL and fiscal responsibility.

  9. holy crap… did racine have french natives? that would make a lot of sense.

    aged cheese tastes just as good in a teepee. i know that from experience.


  10. We have two rooms, 5 beds at the Canny. Room 227, of course. I put us down for 6 guests, but we can change it up as needed. Total bill per person (based on 6) is $56 each.

    Probables include: Me, Whazz, oneil, timmer, madddd, Bry-gal.
    Maybes include: the don, bunk… and cal.

    Should cal join us, he needs to sign some legal documents promising not to ruin the trip.
    I want to say this in the most offensive way possible, so here goes. Dubuque is a fun town, but we usually stay somewhere other than the Canny when we bring ladies. This place is no joke: bottomless cups (literally). Ya heard, cla?

  11. I’m in a jam concerning craps.
    If I don’t play and you all win again, I’m an idiot.
    If I play and you lose, I’m to blame.

  12. October 10, 1699 a fleet of eight canoes bearing a party of French explorers entered the mouth of Root River. These were the first known white men to visit what is now Racine County. The earliest names for Racine were Indian versions of Root River, “Chippecotton”.

    “white” and “indian” are pretty racist terms… but that’s what says.

  13. i am in a jam too… i want to just sit and play poker all day, but everyone else will be rowdy-rowdy around the craps table and i’ll get pulled away from my sure profit and free hot dogs.


  14. ha you idiot i’m in and will ruin make it my duty to ruin the canfield for you. but unlike you i’m down for craps. i think i’ll get my own room since they are cheap and i’m a baller.

  15. putting a small denomination coin on the table, then being informed of the table minimum wager, then being asked to leave.

  16. Springer did not roll with our group think—opting for exotic bird shows is not an option in Dubs.

    Going back to my vegas crap, I’m glad I know where to put $ signs now and I have no idea what the cryptic “jap man who puked” means. But I do know this: puking happens. Up to 12 times by the skeezer alone.

  17. One time, after one of these adventures, I puked plutonium orange.
    No idea how it happened. Nothing orange entered.

  18. sounds good to me – i didnt’ see anytime scheduled for yoga class but i assume we just go whenever the feeling strkes?

  19. i just updated the firmware in my receiver by burning a special wav file from sony to cd and playing it through a certain optical input after holding down a couple of buttons while turning it on. now my receiver supports 3D for the HDMI passthroughs so i don’t have to unplug the trubbbalyzer and plug it into something else while i still had to switch the receiver input to something else while running the audio over a different cable. i’m very happy… i didn’t think this sort of thing was possible. propers to sony for making shit work.

  20. jesus christ… donald glover has a stand up special on comedy central this saturday night at 10pm.

    he. does. not. stop.

  21. heartbeat…. a heartbeat.
    prego wife in my home town
    i’m alone on a brodown
    all the hos, let me know now
    just playin, ladies… slow-it-down
    diamond jo, i got the bonehow
    every point from the 10 down
    … and only YOs on the off rounds.
    i wanted you to know……………..

  22. oh, you don’t know about the bonehow? that’s when you have the knowhow about the bones… diced up bones…. with spots on them. dice. and ur PUDDLED(*&!#%(*^!#^%)&(!#^)&(!#^

  23. Cap and trade was repealed. The big stinkers were allowed to counter with piles of hamburgers while the smaller squeakers had to hold their farts or fart out in the hallway with santa.

  24. meet a hobo.
    magic potion bottle.
    lobby grocery store
    pose with natives
    curse-free karaoke
    owner reading news

  25. wm, i think you’d like the new batman game… i played last night on 3D trubbbs… holy shite it was good. flying over buildings and glide kicking into fools and then grappling hooking the fuck out of there.

    you go into detective mode and everything is just outlines in a really comic book stylized way and you can see sounds.


  26. the kid and dogs aren’t up at 3am.

    maybe A2K should have an exemption period from midnight to 7am… like the gremlins in reverse. you have to eat fried chicken and play 3D video games.

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