When someone complains that a thread on whazzmaster is too long I immediately leap into action and open the offending link. “Yup,” I say, “That there is one long ass thread.”  And then I go back to doing work I get paid for.

So for you that hate scrolling, and REALLY don’t like looking at those Wal*Mart-brand models in the Packer Rock Anthem video, here’s a new playground for you to gander at.  It’s fresh, clean, and filled with the unspoken (until now) promises that The Old Man will appear from the mists to tell us what he’s been up to these past six or seven years.

I can’t wait for Dubuque. I can’t wait for the MaddCal pitcher’s duel.  I can’t wait for xmas.  I can’t wait until everyone’s babies are born (and there are a shitload in the hopper).  I can’t wait until January, when I’m trying to get the eff outta Wisconsin and jet down to San Diego.

I can’t wait for you!

136 thoughts on “Hallo!

  1. VAGMERGENCY wouldn’t ruin things for me… even if i have to drive you back.

    is there any boy/girl action on the table? are you sure you didn’t sneak a peak at any ultrasounds? have you even had any? rach-o just had one yesterday and they said the heart rate was 140… under 150 they said was a weak indicator of a male. the HWK was always right on 150. having to pump all that blood through a genetically predestined giant dick slows the rate down.

  2. No peeks, but yesterday jess said she felt something big, possibly an arm.

    Nope, that was his johnson.

    Hogan Wwhazz, welcome to the world!

  3. Problem gambo in my blood (and the kid’s too—Hogan kicks the shit out of belly’s belly when she gambles, though it could mean double down or stop).
    But I’ve been a pussy about bets. I think I just want to enjoy it without tainting the experience. I don’t know.

  4. I had a dream last night that the kid came out and he could talk. I was stunned, but belly (in the dream) told me that it happens all the time.

  5. Over thanksgiving, I was eating lunch with Belly, her sisters, her mom, and her aunt when her 5 year old niece made a bold proposal: let’s see what everyone’s nipples look like.

  6. i don’t screw around after seeing how the system completely failed one of my coworkers…. someone accused him of holding his daughter weird… shit spun out of control and he’s been living on his brothers boat in the marina for 6 months pending an investigation. he has 5 kids, no record, spends all of his free time volunteering for the church and attending his kid’s functions, which ironically were both red-flags that led to the investigation. the 3rd red flag was his daughter, after being interrogated by police, said that her dad helped her turn on the shower because she couldn’t do it. red flag #3 + accusation = basically convicted by red tape.

    everyone i know has baby pictures of them in the tub… good for embarrassing (bare-assing literally) to school friends. i give the HWK half of her baths, but i’m pretty sure these digital cameras and FBI botnets are looking for any naked baby pictures so they can raid your house, so i’d never take any pictures… i just don’t want to deal with the BS.

    the american government is broken and has turned on the people it claims to be representative of.

  7. probably best that my post stays in the ether… it was about baby nipples and the FBI’s automated efforts with digital imagery. who doesn’t have naked pictures of themselves growing up? ours were even on the wall in the rec room… very em-bare-assing, but i didn’t mind letting ladies friends get a peek when they came over. my camera won’t be going anywhere near my bathroom… my coworker is going through a nightmare (living on a boat away from his 5 kids) while bureaucracy works out a pedophile charge that was brought against him because he attended too many kid events… he has 5 kids and he’s active in his church. i can’t believe shit like that can happen. can’t be too careful.

  8. “he thunder-gunned the shit out of all of us” might be the vice slogan of dmebmeqmee (where every other letter is me)

  9. would it be insulting to offer cal money to perform silly tasks that i assign him???

    debt is an illusion, but cal doing silly things is very real.

    i have some wrap around safety glasses and some clip on flip up sunglass shades… if i can’t get cal to wear them out, i’d like to get timmer to play poker in them…

  10. the new jobs report said that 300,000 of the no longer unemployed have “dropped out of the job market and are no longer looking for work”… does that mean murder/suicide?

    bringin back theoretiCAL economics. macro style. ctrl-shift-CAL makes your liquid assets go negative.

  11. or did obama just ease the requirements or fact checking on people that were applying for disability? the only number anyone is looking at is unemployment… who is going to complain about there being too many disabled people? we can’t even get those fuckers to give up the parking spots.


  12. if my tax dollars are going toward the medicare turn on a dime free scooters, then why do the disabled need to park close? shouldn’t it be one or the other? you don’t want your free scooter? are you sure? you can’t park close anymore…. that’s what i thought, here is your free scooter. it turns on a dime. obama 2012.

    cal sucks.

  13. i find it hard to believe that you would fly back to CA for a week if you were already in MN for 3 weeks and plan to come back the next week. do you miss greg? unless you missed greg, you’re lying.


  14. project road block just paid for airtime to suggest “maybe we should stop pretending that buzzed driving is no big deal”

    first off… i thought we got rid of that whole “show me your papers” interrogation without cause bullshit back with the nazis… guess not.

    second off… who is we? i never pretended that buzzed driving is no big deal. why are you pretending that i did? also, i’m not a fucking game show button; i’m a person, not a buzzer.

    third off… MAYBE??? so… maybe not?

    fuck project road block.


  15. maybe we should stop calling wisconsinites who move to the south in the winter “snowbirds”…

    they are flocking to the warmth. they should be called warmthbirds… even sunbirds would be more accurate.


  16. i think ashley largely sources their stuff from amish communities… pretty bold to call the amish stinky… they are making a bold decision and sacrifice in the name of conservation. do you know what happens when you use a horse to power your car? most of the things around you smell like horse shit. SORRY!!*^!&#%^&*(!#%*(&!#(*$&(&*!#%

    next time shop china. china is the best.


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