New Baby Thread

I’ve got nothing much to say about anything, but the old thread is long and we’ll have new baby news any day now.

Spacebee and I are heading out to Pasadena tomorrow (Friday, 12/30) to hit The Rose Bowl and attendant partay-ing.  It should be a fun trip, as I was adamant that we do absolutely no sightseeing or touristy shit.  I think the Rose Bowl/pre-party/tailgates/etc. will be fun, but I other than that I just want to sit around and be lazy.  The Badger Pep Rally is on the Santa Monica Pier and I can only hope that I see Phillip Seymour Hoffman there walking his dog or whatever.  I’ll say to him, “I DON’T WAIT FOR OLD PEOPLE!” and then giggle.

In other sad but awesome news, Yuri left Intuit to join a startup and he’s headed down to San Antonio for three months to get acquainted and get down to biz-nass.  He’s leaving next Thursday and we get back from California on Wednesday.  I’m down to have a good ol’ sendoff- anyone else?


Here’s some Childish Gambino for you…

Anything else? SOPA is shitty! I’ll probably have to shut off comments on whazzmaster if it passes- which sucks. All so some shit-eating hollywood-man can add another bottle of Dom to his bathtub. Fuck SOPA.

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  1. are those stats including all of the CALtrain officers shooting passengers?

    so glad to see that no one has seen fit to update the numbers since 1998… they were so good, might as well just let them stand.

  2. if there is one thing mexico is good at, it’s keeping accurate records related to homicides.

    when they throw the militia man’s head in the trash, they always staple gun on a post-it and record the date and time and caliber of weapon used.

    stop poking the beast. that is the problem. beast poking. eventually:


  3. suicide facts:

    “There are four male suicides for every female suicide, but three times as many females as males attempt suicide.”

    “Although most gun owners reportedly keep a firearm in their home for “protection” or “self defense,” 83 percent of gun-related deaths in these homes are the result of a suicide, often by someone other than the gun owner.”

    so wipe 83% of your “gun-related” deaths off the table… and at least half of the remaining deaths were caused by CALtrain officers.

  4. way to go japan… don’t let anyone have a gun… then your suicide rate will double, but it doesn’t matter because they won’t count against you in the gun-related deaths stats and visitors will very much want to come and play on your tiny radiation coated rock.


  5. gun death stats:

    Firearm homicide is the leading cause of death for African Americans ages 1-44.24

    African Americans make up 13% of the U.S. population, but in 2007 suffered over 26% of all firearm deaths – and over 55% of all firearm homicides.25

  6. did skyrim come? you think you know about beast mode now… just wait… ps don’t cheat and look up skyrim “beast mode” on the internets. DO NOT CHEAT. you can’t be a true DRAGON BORN if you CHEAT.

  7. The uneasy truce is as uneasy as ever. Perhaps a common dragon foe will unite them.

    Want to know who I hate? Fucking traitor asshole police dogs.

  8. The dr’s robot called Ryedog asking her to press 1 to confirm her Monday appointment. Good luck with that.

    Robots and turncoat dogs fucking up everything.

  9. who is more evil, the dog, the dog trainer, or the dog handler?

    is killing a turncoat an act of hypocrisy?

  10. the other rye that just popped out of rach-o’s high school friend looks SHOCKINGLY similar to your ryedogg. same color and length of hair and same general facial features and contented and wise look about them. they spelled it riley. not a fan of that… but also didn’t like 1st grade when my teacher taught us “i before e except after c” and i got confused every time i had to spell my last name.

  11. dave attell on the cone zone tonight… excited for that.

    cal………. about everything…………. you’re right.

    but, i’m right BECAUSE you’re right.

    skyrim comes tomorrow… along with my new portable camera. 24mm 16x optical zoom… i had the old model and was very impressed with it. this one has a stereo mic for video… i’m skeptical, but was very impressed with everything on the old one. it has a mono mic, but it’s placed on the top on the far left, so sometimes i’d try to balance it with my left hand, and i’d put my index finger over it and ruin the video…. the new one is in the middle on the top. really should just hold it with right hand, though.

  12. We went with the ignatious spelling, but there are others. I guess there is a reilEy in twlight. I just learned that yesterday though. And it’s a boy, the first vampire created by victoria. Jacob and Edward kill him on a snow hill at the end of 3.

  13. Im thinking about heading down to the shore for some parlay cards. 50 bucks could help liven up football this weekend. I’m also playing that weird nfl fantasy football playoff game on The one they advertise with that train song. It’s a fantasy football/ pick em combo. You can pick any player but you get x2 if you do a dude two weeks in a row or x 3 for three and up. So I can pick Rogers this week and get double points next week. Really the multiplier will be key.

  14. just found attell has a new show premiering on #showtime where he sits on a couch with comedy friends and talks over retro porn like on mystery science theater 3000… instead of static foreground, it’s sometimes all porn, and sometimes a shot of him and the guest on a couch and the porn shows behind them, like they were sitting in front of the trubbbroom screen, but they weren’t being projected upon.


  15. christmas at my parents house this year turned into mystery science theatre 3000 with my brother and his wife and my dad. we were watching some elizabeth taylor movie where a bunch of d00ds were throwing arrows at a castle with a moat. A MOAT?!


  16. Fun fact: dude in the office next to mine was college dorm mates with one of the ms3000 dudes.

    And back to the question: handler, trainer, dog… I still go dog.

  17. Many thanks to whazzmaster and spacebee for a gourmet taco dinner and very cute presents for Rye dawg. Many thanks to MADD for rye dawg’s first package in her name. You are enabling her parents behavior of harassing her with photographing her every move.

  18. I was up way late, 4ish, but she was too yelly for me to watch Attel porno. We did look at the moon though which she liked.

    Last night was a bit of a trick. The night before she went to sleep like a champ, so I thought that was the new norm. I skipped my nap and got all snug and ready for bed.


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