Rose Bowl 2012

Badger Pep Rally
Badger Pep Rally

The Rose Bowl was what it was: disappointing but fun. We arrived late, late Friday evening and slumped into bed.  Saturday was the pep rally on the Santa Monica pier, and we headed down early to get a bite to eat at the Scientist-recommended Mariasol. No sea monster sightings, but I did spy the fishermen/federal marshals hanging out with their “fishing poles.”  The marine layer here has been utterly bonkers all weekend. The morning starts out sunny, but by noon you can’t see more than a block away.  Case in point, by the time the Badger players arrived at the pep rally it was around 45 degrees and visibility was about 50 yards.

Saturday evening our original plan was to go out in Santa Monica and take it easy. I didn’t want to chance a club with lines and lists, and preferred the idea of just having a six pack in our hotel room.  Until, that is, I found out that See-Yew and the Bay Area Badger crew were partying in Pasadena for NYE.

We finagled a ride to Pasadena and back to Santa Monica (on NYE!) and headed out.  I met about ten million former fuddruckus direct-reports and drank two gigantic Jameson shots.  The shots were curiously world-ending for me; I didn’t leave the room on New Year’s Day and just laid around and moaned loudly.  To Spacebee’s credit, she got sick of the moaning and left the room for awhile to see the sights.  My total meal consumption on New Year’s Day: hamburger/fries, pepperoni pizza, ice cream & cookies.  Sigh.

Badger Blast
Pregame Tailgate

The day of the Rose Bowl we woke up early and got dressed in our epic multitude of Badger Stuff.  Beads, pins, shirts, stickers, sunglasses, and more.  The bus to Pasadena arrived late and we sat in traffic for a looong time.  We had tickets to the 10:30a-1p Badger Blast tailgate (all-u-can-eat/drink) but didn’t end up getting there until 11:30a.  Sad face, but we still managed to get a brat and a few beers.

The game was very exciting, and the only problem was that we were in a micro-island of Badger fans swimming in a sea of Oregon fanatics.  It made it all the more sad at the end as it was slow-going getting down the aisle what with Ducks fans dancing in it.

Tuesday was probably the best day we had out in California; the sun was shining in Santa Monica and after checked out we had a few hours to kill so we walked around the downtown area, had luncho at Ye Olde King’s Something-Something, visited the Palisades (bro!), and wandered down the pier one more time to see if we could catch a glimpse of the Monkfish. Alas! No monkfish.

The Palisades, Bro
The Palisades, Bro!

192 thoughts on “Rose Bowl 2012

  1. great story about rogers “competitiveness”

    i guess wagging your dick at 15-yr olds in a game of pick up basketball and spiking it in the face of schmucks playing sand volleyball at a Caribbean resort are the keys to an mvp season.

    also, i like the comparison to the flaming assholery of jordon and manning as an excuse for this behavior.

    and he wins at cards 75% of the time?



  2. i also like the way he calls “next” after he loses.

    if only every asshole in every bar and basement rec room could be such a winner. boy, would that be fun.

    i want to get this mother fucker on the airhockey court.

    but not in one of our 2-4 limit games— he’d clean 75% of us out.

  3. in baby news, i explained to rye that if she grows up and gets in trouble and brought home by a cop, ill kill the cop and help her escape.

  4. hold off on killing the cop that brings her home…… if she were any real trouble, wouldn’t they bring her downtown???

    2nd thought: better safe than sorry.


  5. do you ever watch the nfl replays on NFL network?? all week they’ve been showing games where they had rodgers mic’d up… lots of funny stuff. he’s in “i’m awesome” mode 24/7…. some people try to bring him down and he wins every time. he is a player.

    whenever he runs past a cop on the field with his back towards the players, he smacks their ass. anyone that puts themselves above police are A-OK by me. for every asshole cop, there must be an inverse ratio of cops/people of people that are an exponential factor more of an asshole in return.


  6. yo cal, are you down for some sunday packers playoff trubbbbbbbalyzin’ and skyrimmmin?

    all are welcome.

  7. We want to come up, but we told the fam it was too early to roll to H-town this weekend… a trip to The Claire will not fly.

    Perhaps it’s the artiCAL’s writer that made it come off wrong. Maybe it was the focus on his old roommate with the lady neck who wants to be the Green Bay Packers of real estate. Either way, it cheesed me off.

    In food shopping news, Sentry reconstructed their giant GO PACK made of squirt and 7 up.

    hashtag brandy slush

  8. I put 20 on tebow to win @ 5-1 odds. Just in case jesus really is guiding him to glory, I want in on it.

    Also a wank on the pack at -6.5.

    And a fuck ton of impossible parlays. Like, if the pack win by more than 9 AND the over is 53 AND the first score of the game AND the Giants call the first timeout AND the giants commit the first penalty I win a ton.

    hashtag birthday money

  9. The zelda dungeon is shaped like a cock and balls. It’s pretty easy but the big boss is pretty impossible.

  10. Born of one hand necessity, raised and nurtured as joke. Now I find out letterwoman stole it. Fuck everything.

    I need to make some money.

    Hashtag tebow

  11. Skeez, you made it all the way to megaman?

    I’m finally there. It took me forever to beat the old man in the zelda level.

    The nintendo Pro Wrestling level was fun. I like that Hogan did a run in to help me out.

  12. yeah… mega man is impossible… had to stop. i might go back if someone else claims to have beaten it, but for now: I AM DRAGONBORN#!)%&)(!#%&

    i was playing rimjobs on trubbbbbs last night with briguy… i have no clue what i’m supposed to be doing in that game. i paid a d00d 25 gold to sing me a song… i requested stupid poop hair girl… but he didn’t know it. he sang me some dragonborn song, then i killed him to get my gold back, but he didn’t have it. what BS. so unrealistic. he had a bunch of books that i jacked, and i guess i have a bounty on my head now…. who could have known it was me???? so fake.

    tomorrow i’ll be trubbbbbbbin’ all day. trying to get people to come, but that probably won’t happen. i think people are afraid of giant TVs and free booze… like they’ll get so drunk that tebow will come to life from the screen and smack them around.

  13. is that tebow bet to win the super bowl or just this week? 5:1 dog in the playoffs seems crazy.

    last week all the fox nfl guys picked the steelers… even the guys that were 2 games back and needed to make up room on an upset… they picked the steelers and then said, “i’ll regret this when tebow is in the super bowl”…

    back-to-back superbowl and no one can ever say shit about mr. rodgers ever again. 3 in a row and we should all fear him. 4 in a row, and he should be given unfettered executive power.

  14. i respect the asshole game. in a sea that contains assholes, an asshole will win… might as well asshole up.

  15. tucker max has his last book of drunkenness coming out in february… all of the reviews mention the “it all started with the website that begins, “i’m tucker max and i’m an asshole””… i’ve pointed this out before… but i wrote that. the site used to begin, “i’m tucker max… i went to duke law, i graduated with blah blah blah”… i emailed him to change it to “i’m an asshole” and it’s been that way since. the new book is all old stories that he wrote in 2002. worthless.

  16. 1. Still on mega man, havent played it yet. I was excited to play the pro wrestling knock off– I remember renting that game from Fenton? Felton? Electric in Jefferson.

    2. Don’t understand the doods in the water.

    3. I don’t buy asshole as road to glory. I 7% want to see Rodgers concussed Hashtag Flynn.

    4. Tebow is just to win tonight. THey are 14 point dogs, translates to +500.

    5. Batch of brandy slush freezing outside. Belly requested slush and hotdogs.

    6. bELLY IS DIGGIN THAT R patty name.

    7. I have SF plus 4 on two of my parlay cards. I almost called in SF moneyline, but held back, had enough action out there.

    8. Holler if you want to whazz a bit on trubbbs for the Tebow game.

  17. R Patty is a good baby but she goes nuts for 2 hours each night.

    Either 10-12, 12-2, or 2-4 she goes BANANAS– yellin, squirmin, crazy for tit milk.

  18. put down a -12 rancho last night… i had the whazzzzz on trubbbbs with rounders going in the background. it was a pretty good show…. i lost my only customer… bryguy was only down for rimjobs.

  19. Everyday 2-3 papers, sometimes doubles…

    Is he just delighted that I tipped him a twank? Just shovels all his extras to my doorstep?

  20. My mistake. Look what the LORD did to his own son.

    Of course he took out Tebow.

    Nasty Bros 3:16–Nobody punish me like you do

  21. anyone assumed to have downloaded the new nickleback song should have their internet cut off permanently and without trial, and then they should be detained indefinitely without being charged.

    welcome to american jobs and our economy.

  22. i blame it on rach-o ditching the trubbbbroom and taking the HWK with her.

    FIRE #38.


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