It’s the dead of winter and Cal is running around Ramsey County looking for a medallion.  That goddamn shit better turn you into Green Lantern or something, but on the other hand I have enjoyed the lunatic rantings of you idiots talking about baseballs fields, Ken Shamrock, empty hamburger containers, and the limitless nuttiness of Minneapple-folk.

I’ve got nothing else to tell you, unfortunately.  I’m doing some university recruiting this week while Alandovos is out in California interviewing for a spot in my work group, and then on Sunday I’ll be flying out to the Yay Areaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to do some good ol’ fashioned team offsite stuff.  Ropes course? Fall backwards and have someone catch you? Watch a Jackie Chan movie in our pajamas? I have no goddamned clue.  I do know that I’ll be eating burritos from all my favorite burritotoriums.  I’ll also be flying through the skies while the Super Bowl is under way– good I don’t care what happens anyways.

I love each and every one of you.

245 thoughts on “NUDE POST

  1. i just got a camo magazine belt and leg holster, and a TMNT bluray box set…



  2. Veteran: “hey, i’m depressed”

    Asshat: “why do you want to commit suicide”

    V: “i don’t”

    A: “then we’ll give you a reason to, mother fucker”

  3. gun show is coming to eau cleezy in march… i plan on getting a rifle capable of taking down an elk… pref semi-auto.

  4. a jose canseco bat?!?! TELL ME… you DIDN’T pay money for this…

    i need to find a way to share the trubbbroom with more people.

  5. Anyone against mustard? Ice fishing sack lunch comes with mustard unless a formal “no ‘turd” request is received in writing.

  6. Maddddd, if you can guess Pun’s highest weight (according to Wikipedia) I will give you $5.

    You must be within 25 pounds without going over.

  7. No looking it up, either.

    Upon further reading, my surprise over Big Pun’s 12 year death anniversary comes from a misunderstanding: I thought Fat Joe and Big Pun were the same dude.

  8. bud bowl was dead in 1997.

    keystone light showed up at the funeral and puked everywhere.

    big pun was there… he hit someone with the big gun. he has a big tongue, know to make a chick…………..


  9. my new caffeine intake method is half a cup of iced raspberry emergen-C topped off with freshly steeped hot jasmine green tea.

  10. latin rappers are way better than africans… no stigma with cunnilingus



  11. The ref should have called the fight a TKO after Daiz slapped Carlos in the face and called him a bitch.

    Center of the ring, hands at his side. A bitch slap and a bitch… Carlos just ran. TKO.

  12. i got rach-o an eliptiCAL machine for her birfday… the delivery guy saw my gear in the garage and started talking ice fishing… he said they are getting the limit of big crappies every day in ME NO MONIE… he said the ice is like 16-18″ around here… but only 6-7″ in la crosse.

    i heard about the violence on the ice… i WISH someone would fuck with me. justified homicide is high on my bucket list.

  13. wordle was interesting… i didn’t see schmidt anywhere. did you just copy and past the whole page?

    lots of maddddddddddddd

  14. We need to get you on the ice, boy. Chill you out.

    Season 1 breaking bad is in the books. report to follow, possible in wordle form.

  15. don’t be scurred, i’m the chillest. i just like to pollute the FBI’s wordles of the intarweb.

    i rimmed for about an hour last night… i was chasing some blue ghost around, but eventually some asshole froze me and i died.

  16. oh snaps… whazzman is at the house of prime rib in frisco? 2 blocks from my ol’ crizzle. we only went there twice. i like that place… sit down and they bring out a cart of food and give it to you. no options. here, eat this.


  17. did you ever watch breaking bad before? i have watched it since episode 1 as it aired, on the edge of my seat.

    in the whole series there are maybe 1 or 2 episodes that slow things down a bit to inject new elements in the story, but other than that, it keeps getting better and better.

  18. i need to watch that one. i got like two episodes and wasn’t conviced by malcolm’s dad as meth guy and his mustache grossed me out and the other sidekick was annoying like jamie kennedy. #didn’tgiveitenoughtime

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