Chiggity Check Yo Thumbs Before You Wreck Yo Thumbs

Look, I’m out in the yay area slangin’ see sharp code and eating prime rib with GMX. It’s hard to find time to write new junk to prevent thumb injuries for all my peeps back at the ice fishing derby.

At any rate, here’s a new tagline” eventually some asshole froze me and i died” Enjoy.

*waves* Seeya in a few days with some more news!!!!!

232 thoughts on “Chiggity Check Yo Thumbs Before You Wreck Yo Thumbs

  1. A $20 12-team league costs $240 in total entry fees—they only pay out $100 for first, $50 for 2nd, $20 for third.

    So yahoo rakes $70 from the pot.

    10 teams would cost you $200 just to play…

  2. And there is no way to select which league your dudes get registered in.

    It would be like trying to guess what table you get set at in an internet multitable.

  3. The better scam is to make a private league with 10 of the spots filled and then invite 2 people off the message boards to join you.

    You place the cash in a leaguesafe or some other site that makes it impossible to steal so it looks legit and then you gangbang the two suckes who sign up.

    There are dudes on there all day: I got one spot left in a great $300 cash league…

  4. The $100 leagues pay out $500, 300, 100.. yahoo drops the rake to $300, 25%.

    Ffffffffffff this. The rake offends my soul.

  5. no, you can’t. the way yahoo is hoping to avoid all madddd schemes is to assign you to a random public league as soon as you show up. now you can’t sign up more than one team per league, and you don’t know any of the other jerks in the league.

    they are hoping this does away with collusion between players, no wwhaz/timmah trades amonst family to better one team and screw the other and split the payout. I assume poker does something like this as well but maybe not.

    I think assigning players to random leagues will solve the collusion problem but I wonder how they will regulate trades. maybe it will be a lawless madd/ron paul jerkoff with zero regulation… but there you run the risk of some moron making such a bad trade that it upsets the fine balance of the league and gives one team an unfair advantage. We have devised a voting system in our Pals Only League but I doubt yahoo will be policing every stupid league so it is likely to be a Fantasy Gone Wild / Madd / ron paul league.

  6. Ron Paul Supporter Likes The Way Paul Tells It Like It Has No Chance Of Being

    RICHMOND, IN—Self-proclaimed strict constitutionalist and freethinker Rick Crawford told reporters Monday he is supporting Ron Paul in the 2012 Republican presidential primaries because of the way the candidate looks people directly in the eye, doesn’t mince words, and tells it like it will never, ever be in a million years. “Ron cuts right through the fat and doesn’t sugarcoat anything when he talks about policies that would be absolutely impossible to implement, like abolishing the federal income tax, eliminating Medicare, or putting the nation’s currency back on the gold standard,” Crawford said as he pounded a hand-painted “Ron Paul 2012” sign in his front lawn. “He’s not afraid to give Americans no-nonsense straight talk about his completely delusional fantasy world. That’s why I’m part of the highly unlikely Ron Paul revolution.” Sources close to Crawford’s family said his wife supports Mitt Romney because of the way he tells it like people want to hear it.

  7. yeah, things can never change, and things will always be the same. the oil will last forever.


  8. so, the plan is, you get in a private H2H league with wwhazz… you each draft entire teams, allow yahoo and paypal to break the UIGEA. also join that $300 rigged league. then, at the end of next season, we sue, and shut down yahoo and paypal and make $1,000,000.

    cal. it’s time to put that lawyerin to work. let me know if you need me to bring a futuristic knife over to cut your gurldik off.

  9. i’m done with new york… just saw “it’s kind of a funny story” with zack gallonofnadgizz… it was kind of a stupid story.

  10. also looking for a RAID enclosure with dual 2TB drives with RAID 1 mirroring… hotswap would be nice.

    this is what i’m looking at…

    i had a single external mybook 1TB drive with no cooling for 2 years now… no problems with it… so i’m thinking the negative reviews are just haters from the other drive manufacturers because western digital balls pretty hard and agressive in the market

  11. i finally ordered the new mac mini… it’s on its way from shenzhen… just like my fake jordans. i got the CPU upgrade, and disk upgrade, but i wasn’t about to pay $200 for the memory boost from 2x2GB to 2x4GB. i can buy the 2x4GB cards by themselves for $40… that is pretty ballsy to try and get $200 AND the 2x2GB cards on a trade-in.

    oh, apple. hopefully that money will go towards some really good nets so the factory jumpers stay alive a little longer.

  12. fuck it. whazz tech support is too slow. i bought the mybook studio II… only concern is the drives run hot because there isn’t a fan… but i don’t want fan noise in my living room, and this is just for backups, so it won’t be writing to disk very often, and when it does it should be done very quickly. i ain’t scurrrrred.

  13. There is a baby reflex called the fencers pose. Ri does it all the time. It’s basically the hulk hogan flex he does after a win. Google image infant fencers pose and the hulk hogan flexing to see for yourself.

  14. i’m headed over to braun’s bay on halfmoon lake surrounding historic carson park… going to drill a few holes and test the waters, then going back tomorrow morning at 7am to fish with rach-o’s cousin… a 3rd shifter at the electric company phone center… so sunday morning is like his friday night. the netherlands didn’t have a fight this week… just ovaryeem re-runs… but i like timeshifting and getting to participate in friday night 3 days a week.

  15. dropped my locator in a bunch of abandoned holes… 8-9ft, light weeds, moderate rocky bottom… didn’t see any fish until i got to the other side of the lake, then there were tons, all near the bottom. very confident about bringing some home tomorrow morning

  16. if you know where to cop hot new scientist tracks… then cop yourself over there and cop that new dickfoweed track


  17. josh recorded himself playing drums and guitar and singing the chorus and doubles in place… so 4 tracks… then he sent it to me, and i dj clue’d a single track over it in 1 take… sent it back to him, he flipped the auto tune switch and exported the .m4a… easy peasy japanesey.

    j-dills will appreciate the drum shout… he considers himself a drummer first.

  18. march 25th is my shorty’s 1 year anniversary with life… j-dills is coming up on the saturday before to make another banger. bri-guy said he wants to play guitar on the next track… so, BGw/D, you know where to be. on the day after march twenty 3. that is march 24th. (at my house)

    http://www.hazz, would rippity skippity want to play with an assload of 20 monthers?

  19. NFL network did a show about the top 10 packers of all time… lots of shots of donald driver in the intro, but then some asshole radio commentator says “you only know ‘green bay’ because of the packers”… uh… speak for yourself ASSHAT. i know green bay, because my family lives there, and because i’m not a FUCKING RETARD. * click *… i guess i’ll never know who the top 10 packers are. except that sterling sharpe is #1.

  20. We will be in the twin titties that weekend. Eau is not far. I can come down Saturday; the rest of the gang can join us for the party on Sunday.

  21. March 16-26 is the end of Belly’s maternity leave. We are partying straight through it. The front end is down in Peoria for a few nights and then we will drive up to the cities to stay at her sister’s place.

    In between, we will pit stop in a random Iowa town.

  22. i was out on the ice for 5 hours on sunday morning… again, not a single bite. some guy that lives on the lake came over and blamed it on the DNR poisoning the water to kill weeds. fish locator was beeping like whoa though, so i’m not sure. he also said there were 10 times as many bass in the lake that it should be able to support. there were about 5 groups of 2-3 dudes out, i never saw a fish. also, got sunburned on my face while wearing sunglasses and a balaclava… so, that’s attractive.

  23. so the bass are all stunted… like 10-11″… the DNR blames the low bluebill on bass eating them, how the fuck is a 10″ bass going to eat a 6″ bluegill?

    maybe i should just move to minnesnowta. 10,000 lakes… 1 of them has to still be good…. RIGHT?!#*(&!#%)&(!#^

    STOP PISSING IN THE LAKES, CAL)*(&#%!)&*(!#%^0789!#%^

  24. We will probably go deeper into the state, try to hit the halfway point between Peoria and MN.
    It’s me and belly and Ri and Parky, so Mystique is not all that high up on the family “to do” list.
    I figure I can get my casino fix in Peoria at the Pair-a-dice Casino and Cantaburrrrry on the other end.

  25. I played poker every weekend over the last month. Short sessions, but still poker. Friday I stopped at Ho Chunk on my way home from a conference in Wausau and played 1 hr of 3-6. I lost $4.

    And Saturday I played the $55 re-buy at Dejope. It’s the one where the winner gets to play in a 20 person freerole for a main event seat. You can only rebuy if you go broke. I didn’t need to rebuy.

    Only 53 players entered. It started at 7:00; I was bounced at 10:00 in 20th place. My dad took 10th. Top 7 paid, first was a G and some change.

    Near the end, I lost a top 5 in chips sized pot with my QQ vs an AK and my death rattle was my red 22 vs dudes black 1010. I flopped 3 hearts but no flush. My dad went out when he shoved his 77 on a J high board. AK called and spiked an A on the river. A win had him in the top 3 in chips.

    Most of the players are good. No craziness. It’s a tough tourney.

  26. bill frist decided it would be best that i not play poker anymore. i must respect his informed decision as he is my high glorious leader and his decisions are high and glorious.

    praise be frist. amen

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