Chiggity Check Yo Thumbs Before You Wreck Yo Thumbs

Look, I’m out in the yay area slangin’ see sharp code and eating prime rib with GMX. It’s hard to find time to write new junk to prevent thumb injuries for all my peeps back at the ice fishing derby.

At any rate, here’s a new tagline” eventually some asshole froze me and i died” Enjoy.

*waves* Seeya in a few days with some more news!!!!!

232 thoughts on “Chiggity Check Yo Thumbs Before You Wreck Yo Thumbs

  1. so china got my order for the mac on friday at 8:55pm local… they got the thing through hong kong and shenzhen, to anchorage alaska at 1:23pm local on friday… 7 hours of time travel… then the stupid slow americans got their hands on it and it took 2 days to get to kentucky and it’s been stuck there since.

    stupid kentucky.

  2. the TV show “Luck” captivated me… i don’t know what’s going on, but gambo gambo chinamen and fixed horseracing and thuggin and muggin and slangin and bangin…

    EB&D was sort of shitty. kenny’s lifestyle can not conducive to child support. i don’t want to see this story play out. maybe kenny should start cooking meth.

  3. Luck looks cool.

    Eastbound had its moments last year (the mexican standoff, lil Erin, his closer entrance, stevie’s girlfriend) but the whole Don Johnson dad thing was dumb. I was excited for the new season, hope it picks up.

    We are into season 3 of breaking bad… bell dude is back. Ding!

  4. i was way way way excited for the new season of EB&D at the end of last season… but then a few days ago i saw the sizzle trailer for this season, and everything looked dumb… like the writers were busy spending their money. episode 1 included no surprises (which would have been excitedly welcome)… we’ll see. i hope it picks up too.

    season 3 was probably my favorite, but season 4 UNBELIEVABLY remains at the same quality level throughout. i gave up thinking there were no outs for the characters long ago. i think the producers just like up all the would-be writers they can find, and give them a ton of free meth and lock them in a room. then, the 10,000,000 monkeys write some shakespeare and are disposed of. SO bad. broken.

  5. j-dills just dropped another track on me. even slower and gentile and somehow more vulgar than ever. he is challenging me. time to drop the freestyle 1-take FIRE.


  6. a couple more d00ds died yesterday around here… on snowmobiles and fell in… i think they were trying to ride over the open water though.

    the lake around here has aerators, so there are still big patches of open water… and the ice creeks and cracks very loud. probably about 11″ think though, so i ain’t scurred. i’m probably going to go again this weekend.

  7. at this point, i’m so pissed off at the fish, that if i catch anything, i’ll just stomp the fuck out of it and rip the flesh out with my bare hands and eat it raw. goddamn fish pissing me off


  8. n00b post. thumbs hurt.

    also, i was promised exciting news when you got back to madivilleburg.

    WHAT IS THE NEWS?#!%*(&)!#%&)(!#%

  9. new tosh.o and key & peele tonight… also should be a new nasty track out this week… would have already come out, but my fucking $2,000 interface that ties everything in tha labbbb together has a shotty power harness…. trying to fix it myself.

  10. Ri has a onsie with an owl riding on a turtle. I tell her it’s torutga’s head on the tortoise rigged with c4.

  11. i just dropped another nasty bros classic. J-Dice tried to trip me up with a slow ass love ballad, but i countered with multiple personalities.


    i got the super rough mix, but passed on the hi-fi to dillins to mix down and master.

  12. So far season 3 is my least favorite. Too much baby mama drama and Tuco’s cousins are too scary. I don’t see how Walt gets out of that jam. His only out is probably Hank. They do a lot more to make Hank badass this season… to set up a battle with the cousins, make it seem like they were in town to retaliate for Tuco’s death?

    I guess that’s my guess. But don’t tell me.

    Also, Walt seems inconsistent. How did the badass who blew up that car just because a dude annoyed him by talking on the phone at the bank become the dude who throws a plant at the dude who fucks his wife?

    Jesse and Walt are both stuck in funks and I want them out building robots and Doom buggys.

    It’s still early though in the season. We are on #4. I will keep the faith.
    Re:sucking dick for weed
    Catchy as a motherfucker

  13. enjoy the ride… BB is about to rape your faith and replace it with satisfaction.

    dick for weed remix coming soon with some of my parts quieted down a bit… i did that one in 1 track/1 take, and didn’t adjust the levels at all.

    the new one has 7 tracks that i recorded, chopped the shit out of them, added a zillion fades, and adjusted levels throughout. my 1st verse begins with me welcoming my wife (me) home with a hearty “HOLLLARIT”, quickly transforming into a domestic squabble that results in a proposition.

  14. So my entire life I thought I was a dragon on the Chinese zodiac—the simplified version on Chinese placemats simply lists the years.

    But now I find out I’m a rabbit. The new year started on Jan 31, not Jan 1. So 21 puts me in the 1975 crew of rabbit.

    Pi is a rabbit. Rabbit is luckiest, but dragon is badass.

    This is some big news that I just wasn’t ready for today.

  15. i was just looking at my amazon order history… i’m def a donatello… all i do is machines and weapons.

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