So Much To Say

Dog Mohawk
Get a load of Quindohawk

Wow, while I’ve been busy working, coding, and walking dumbly around Madison the other folk on this website have been up to delightful shenanigans.  Some dude shaved a mohawk on his dog.  A bunch of supposed ‘fisherfolk’ couldn’t beat a nine-year-old child at catching fish through a hole.  RyPy is getting along, and the Lawman/Peapods date draws near.

Apologies for not joining into the Great Debates raging in the comments.  Alandovos recently joined Intuit as a new engineer and between on-campus recruiting last week and getting him on-boarded this week things have been fairly hectic.

Early next week we’re heading down to go skiing at Chestnut Mountain in honor of Spacebee’s birthday– it will likely be 90 degrees and raining because this winter is one of the weirdest ones I can remember, BUT using advanced Illinois Technology they will likely have made a small patch of fake snow we can whizz down… directly into the Mississippi River.

Skiing next week, then in March I’ll be out in the Yay Area again sometime, and then at the end of March we’re heading back out to VEGAS(~!) for the first time in a looong time.


422 thoughts on “So Much To Say

  1. “unsupervised” was good again this week… one d00ds brother was going to stab him, so he entered the science fair to win $200 so he could buy a BB gun and shoot him in the face. his project was to eat a jar of peanut butter and see how his peanut allergy reacts. he is told he might die, but he points out he was going to die anyways. the show ends with him laying on the ground, bloated, calmly telling his friends he is going to “see the angels”.

  2. i’m not sure when the kcars and parking… you might have to creep around north high looking for him… you look like a high school girl, so you should fit in.

  3. i think the dude who invented the word “celebrity” meant it as a slight, pronounced like “celebrate”, with an “itty” attached the end… cell-uh-BRITTY. “fucking celeBRITTYs all over… I CANT CELEBRATE*()&#%)&(!#^)&*(!^#”

    you can’t fucking celebrate with any of these god damn celeBRITTYs around!#)*&%!*(&#^

    but them, much like target shoppers started saying “tar’jAY”, the celebrities embraced the term and popularized the modern pronunciation.

    the inventor of the word had made his own life worse through an act of discouragement which was received empoweringly.

    fucking celebrities.

  4. I will be at North High for recruiting purposes. Maybe I’ll crash at your house and then bomb back over to wausau in the morning. Especially if cal is going to be there. It would be like the bench episode that Seinfeld never did. the one where the plot focused on the secondary characters and seinfeld and george and whoever were in the background. except that madddd and bry ARE main characters.


  5. I need a serious answer to this question. Fill in the blank. If I added a fishing report forum to CWS, you would _____________________________.

    Possible answers: not care, never come to it, abuse it, check it out.

  6. Abuse and check it out.

    You guys should do your sleepover on MOnday then. Cla, what’s the dif between a Sun and a Mon?

    Hashtag cuddle

  7. it would work better if he showed up monday when school lets out. then we could recreate that perfect strangers episode where larry and balky are down in the trubbbbroom and have to send morse code up to some noname tertiary character upstairs (cal)

    me and bry would argue whether it was dot dash dot or dash dot dash, and cal would sit alone and contemplate the choices he had made in his life.


  8. president of what… i don’t know.

    i supposed a failed lawyers association of some sort. the organization didn’t fail… just its members.

  9. d00d, that dollar changer alone is worth $170 if it works… maybe more.


  10. at $170 that is truly a steal… i DREAM of cal’s freedom. buying and selling shit all day long.

    a working 25″ CRT is GOLD. they only make them in korea, and the new ones suck. china has convinced america to decide between LCD, OLED, plasma, etc… but the deepest blacks, highest viewing angles, and fastest refresh latency will always be CRT.

    sell the screen alone for 200+ EASY. sell the frame alone for $100 EASY. include the power supply and controls and wiring and it’s 200+ SO EASY.

  11. basically any working arcade machine with a 25″ screen with no burn in is worth $400 as scrap.

  12. Maybe, I’ll talk to tim. Aspen is killing me. My last rancho was a -10.

    I have the beardless dude here for 5 w timmer.

  13. What kind of business plan is that? “hey, let’s start a business, then at the time when we would have the most customers, let’s not be open.”


  14. i got the strikeforce on trubbbbbbbbs.

    bry, i think we should give cal an equal share to serve as corpo counsel… vote?

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