Big congratulations to the Lawfolk on their baby being born- I’m just assuming the baby will be a lawyer too someday, or possibly a sheriff.  Law-related, I suppose.  Anyways, again with the congrats; the baby train continues at full speed.

I made a pretty great experimental meal last night: I took some of the Southwestern Fiesta brats from D & G Meats, stripped the meat out of the casing and fried it up.  I made burritos out of it with my special black bean recipe and cilantro rice.  Oh man I think we’re onto something- the brats are seasoned just right for the job, and you end up with some tasty ground pork filling.

This is a good TED talk about robots.  Fast forward to 14:10 to see something really swanky, but the whole thing is pretty interesting.


263 thoughts on “ROBOCALYPSE

  1. This is my first login since the Enterprise idea. I’m glad you all were thinking about it because I was too.

    Here goes:

    We get cal a blue old timey star trek uniform like the one spock wears. We set him up on the street corner outside trekkie conventions. Cal whittles away like an old timey gentleman and has his product laid out on a blanket.

    We place a couple of ringers in the crowd that gathers and ask the price. There is a discussion of time invested in each piece between cal and madddddd dressed as a ferengie, we make a little bidding war jack the price.

    MEANWHILE, we train some mexicans or chinamens or children to duplicate cal’s whittling. We crank out hundreds and the next day sell sell sell.

    A little bit of craftsmanship, a little bit of labor abusemanship, and some good old fashioned snakeoil salesmanship.

  2. I had a pal whose dad made him a wooden atat for Christmas. It was as big as a real toy atat. Dad was all FUCK that, $50 for a cheap plastic toy? At the time, I thought it reeked of poverty, but now I wish I owned it.

  3. Things I had to google:

    “upscale hipster railroad nails”

    How to spell “ferengi”

    I had railroad date nails in mind, but now I understand railroad nails.

  4. Back to fantasy baseball. Commishing aint easy!

    Cla, good work getting on anthony. I’m going to finish him.

  5. 1) I accept the whittle challenge 2012. please vote on what small figurine you would like me to whittle. anything with lots of limbs sucks and will anger me after i spend two hours scraping wood from a block only to realize the thing looks like shit and must be scrapped. bad ideas: a) monkey, b) human being, c) octopus. Fish and Birds and jobba are better ideas. maybe give me three things and i can pick one. but i can’t do it tomorrow but friday might work. also please do not tell my wife.

    2) that is the problem in the whittle game: volume. you just can’t remove enough wood quick enough to make it viable. plus it’s an old timey relaxed persuit not for this dumb modern world! A2K COMPLIANT as a bonus it is also A1K COMPLIANT. how many of those do you know? anyway must be done in a leisurely manner. I’ll give lessons in the UP. actually do you know the story of how i became a great whittler artist? learned from about 15 seventy year old men in the Swedish American Institute in minneapolis. l took this “class” but it turned out it was more of a “club.” it was weird but fun. we all sat around tables every wednesday morning and they talked about their grandchildren.

    3) i guessed at the railroad nails but it wouldnt surprise me one bit. that place is all dark and they have baskets of weird things set out on tables, old timey thimbles for 20 bucks a piece. it’s ultra hipster boutique and it’s all quiet. i’m sure they would appreicate the irony of my old timey hipster wooden dodads in their ultra hip frou frou boutique.

    4) yeah anthony, wtf, way to chime in way late idiot. do finish him off.

  6. Whittling can just be a hobby. No problem. Or you could get them old men working for you.

    My votes for the challenge are:

    Hammerhead shark

  7. have baseball bats always been super expensive? now i’m getting tempted to pay for the $370 one with the highest number of 5 star reviews.

  8. yeah, that’s what i ened up with… i went to the store and the prices were the same as online for the composites.


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