SuperCrapche To The Resuce

I’m helping Kcar get Coach and his wonderful stories onto a new server and so I spent the evening test-configuring whazzmaster to use two new plugins for managing static assets on Amazon S3.  I’m not entirely clear if I got everything configured correctly so shit may get weird for awhile here.  Specifically, I’m having lots of problems displaying embedded videos in the JWPlayer (see The Wedding page to see what I mean).

So I’m using WP Supercache and CDN-Sync-Tool to try to get the majority of the static content cached and, when needed, served from Amazon S3.  If this goes as planned then we can mimic the setup on over the next few days. Yeehaw.  If you’re interested to see the awesomeness you can also check out and  Ain’t that purty?

229 thoughts on “SuperCrapche To The Resuce

  1. hate seeing all the next-gen QBs ship off to seahawks. can’t blame them though… sitting on the bench for 3 years and hoping the current QB doesn’t get a favre complex and can’t walk away.

  2. what is the rake? canterbury has jackpots… which i normally hate, but i won a giant one there. probably barely above break even on jackpots over my lifetime.

    i’ve found 3-6 is very very hard to beat the rake. 4-8 is ok… if the rake is fixed $4 + $1 jackpot, that’s shitty. hopefully they do it “no flop, no drop”, and just take $1 for ever $10 in the pot up to $4 max. $3 max even better, but that doesn’t exist much anymore… used to be standard. 6-12 is the best… anything higher and sharks eat up the margins.

    i really like old cali style… $3 on the button rake, AND IT PLAYS.

  3. very tempted to blow off work, but parents getting here at 5. if i left now, i could get there a little after 3:00… then have to turn right back around.

  4. No time to try and understand the rake. I was there to rock and roll.

    Played 4-8. Made $60. Good times.

    I was up $160 on my second hand. Flopped quad 4’s vs AK on a 44AA2 board. Talk about getting paid. For a second thought that I might get the bad beat jackpot and became terrified that I needed to have a players card or be at a special table to qualify… also, wasn’t even sure if there WAS a bad beat jackpot…

    Fuck the bells and whistles. I just wanted to play cards.

    Pissed my 160 down to 60 profit by the usual means.

  5. come to think of it, i might cxl my reservation for tomorrow night also and come back. the river is dropping about 50cfs per day, so if we don’t get any rain, it could be good tomorrow night. definitely sunday night.


  6. I’m bitching out on th EAU tonight. But will check in to hangout.

    And will stop by on Sunday.


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