SuperCrapche To The Resuce

I’m helping Kcar get Coach and his wonderful stories onto a new server and so I spent the evening test-configuring whazzmaster to use two new plugins for managing static assets on Amazon S3.  I’m not entirely clear if I got everything configured correctly so shit may get weird for awhile here.  Specifically, I’m having lots of problems displaying embedded videos in the JWPlayer (see The Wedding page to see what I mean).

So I’m using WP Supercache and CDN-Sync-Tool to try to get the majority of the static content cached and, when needed, served from Amazon S3.  If this goes as planned then we can mimic the setup on over the next few days. Yeehaw.  If you’re interested to see the awesomeness you can also check out and  Ain’t that purty?

229 thoughts on “SuperCrapche To The Resuce

  1. how about this… i just pay you $11 now and we call it off.

    i can’t believe i put my trust is the same america that has bought into the ubiquity of “paint and primer in one”


  2. i want to see the financials.

    what is coach’s stake? if your business plan doesn’t have a franchise clause, it needs one.


  3. i didn’t watch HOOOOOOOOOOOOOGAN, or know any details whatsoever. i have simply been aware of it by enough sources that i can confirm it without confirming it.


  4. i would applaud the bold out of character move if he piped some small tit girl… not no tit… like small Bs… they’re there… they move a little… A LITTLE.

    obviously she’s blonde. she can’t not be blonde. if she isn’t blonde i think i might think less of him.

  5. Prescott
    Diamond Bluff
    Hager City
    Bay City
    Maiden Rock
    Buffalo City
    Fountain City
    La Crosse
    Prairie du Chien
    Glen Haven

  6. i haven’t even put the molitor jersey on… i am very confused by bry saying he got it $40. market is $250+ minimum, and even those might be fakes.

    maybe i’ll take it to a pawn shop and see what they offer.

  7. i have this one for $64… i bought 2 spare bowls for $28 each.

    i like it a lot. simple design, and it works.

    it also makes frozen drinks and gelato.

    i’m making a couple batches of vanilla for the birthday party.

    if anyone else will be in eau claire on sunday, and isn’t driving state owned car on probation, drop by for a cakeover and try my product.


  8. I want to play limit, prob 5-10 if it is there.

    Just thought this weird wrinkle in the gambling law was interesting.


  9. are you going to canterbury?? i can’t make it work… parents are getting here at 5 today.

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