Timely News, Everyone!

Wwhazz and I stayed up late last night, ordered a pizza, started a hangout (which no one attended!) and discovered that merely by searching on YouTube for the terms “royal rumble” that you can watch almost every one since 1998.

You should be aware that this ability exists.

Also: tonight is Wrestlemania WhateverTheyAreUpToNow, wwhazz and I wanted to ordered it, but I think his wife hit him with a ham leg when he got home last night. ┬áHe’s likely still out.

360 thoughts on “Timely News, Everyone!

  1. With his yahoo password, it takes all my willpower not to flush all his teams into the free agent ocean.

  2. Never been a Rashad fan, but fuck a Jon Jones.

    UFC is Jon’s sponsor for the fight on Saturday. A website I like called Cage Potato posted a joke about Dana betting on Jon’s and UFC’s lawyers went nuts.

    What’s the dif between a bet and a sponsorship? Half the decisions seem fishy anyway… now UFC is going to sponsor some of the fighters?

    Cal, what are you doing in Panama?

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