Ramp It Up!

Been a while since I rapped atcha, but I’m back with AMAZING news.  Because I’m lazy and Spacebee works hard I demanded that we go out for dinner last night instead of me having to cook something.  We hadn’t been to Brasserie V in awhile so we drove up, and were pleasantly surprised that yesterday was the first day of their spring menu. Do you know what that means? RAMPS!

I had two delicious ramp-based items: for an appetizer they had homemade pickles: ramps, cucumbers, and spring onions.  Very light and tasty.  For dinner I had the homemade beef, ramp, and bacon sausage on northern beans and grilled bok choy.  Holy shit the sausage was great; very meaty with great flavor from the bacon and ramps.

So there you go, it’s really spring now if the ramps are out and about.  I’m looking forward to the first Farmer’s Market next weekend so I can grab a couple bunches myself and start my spring tradition of Scrambled Eggs with Ramps.

38 thoughts on “Ramp It Up!

  1. Fun fact:
    When wwhazz feeds me asparagus or broccoli I make it into special boob milk that pi pi eats and turns into super rotten veggie smelly poo. It’s a fascinating process.

  2. much like the panama canal lets great ships enter new oceans, this comment will allow cal based anal jokes to enter new threads.


  3. that’s a 1-2-3 inning. couple of strikeouts in the 6th.

    about to go live on trubbbbbbbbbs

  4. that d00d looked out at home by a mile….. can’t celebrate… need to see replay… feel bad.

  5. PIE! FUCK! I’M COVERED IN PIE#!%(*^#%!*(^&!#&*%(%#! WHY DID I ALLOW MYSELF TO GET HAPPY?!#%*()&!#%()&!#%

  6. i remember why i went into the changing room with the waders… i had long underwear on under my jeans and thought i might go out in just those, so i wanted to see how everything played together RE: my balls and such.

    still waiting on timmertime’s can’t lose lure. i am very skeptiCAL.

  7. Surprised k-car missed the hangout.

    Topics discussed

    1. Waders
    2. How to try on waders
    3. Washing machines
    4. Children
    5. Lures
    6. Cal
    7. Cousins

  8. did you hear about the guy in the forest who raped a raccoon?

    he didn’t have any morels.

  9. i went down by carson park with the HWK to hunt schrumes… didn’t find any… the regis girls softball were mean-muggin everyone while they were getting back on the bus. must have lost.


  10. High Schoolers can be the wurst.

    I get called faggot on a near daily basis from a passing car when Madison West lets out. Today they hollered something unintelligible at me and my mushroom hunting family.

    I found a few today. It’s on in Madison.

  11. $20 on ebay for a first edition unopened pack of 1st edition Garbage Pail Kids.

    Soooooooooooo hard not to hit buy it now.

  12. I actually created a wrestling based role playing card game using garbage pail kids. I may have invented card role playing games.

    I was huge into these things.

  13. That shot from behind 3rd with Plush tagging and running past the stop sign was FUCCCKING GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Playing the game like it was meant to be played!!!!!!!

    FUCK PANAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN ITS ASSSSSSSSSSSSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. This new trick where gogo or Plush steals second and then runs to third on a bad throw is money in the bank.

  15. HOLA! yo yo yo i’m PANAMA CAL. BACK IN THE U S A. panama was like a dream, all you baby having human rearing dudes. live your latin dreams through me. sun and sand and canals and get this, you know cashews? the nuts? well I’ll bet you didn’t know that the nut is attached to a big fruit when it grows on the tree? and you can eat the fruit? and it’s delicious. so i went around knocking them off trees like inuthin. TREES. panama trees. i saw a sloth, a giant rodent called a copoberra or something, and a bunch of stuff. i am a latin dude. LATIN AMIGOS.

  16. i’m been fuckin with manny cappyberras since back in the day when the walk through kangaroo park was a rodent swamp.

    so far i’m spent my day seeding the lawn and drinking keystone ice. miller 64 ads now say “brewed for the better you” as if i wasn’t already perfect.


    keystone ice… brewed for the already perfect you.

    cal sucks.

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