An Amusing Tale of Diablo!

Ok so I’m playing Diablo 3 at the moment; it fits my Game Requirements fairly perfectly:

  1. Single-player; I hate other humans
  2. Dungeon crawler; I like slaying orcs and demons
  3. Loot festival; every time you kill a guy he explodes with treasure

And that’s pretty much it.  I can hop on, play for awhile, pause it when necessary, and stop when I need to do something else.   It also has an auction house so you can sell loot you find that isn’t specific to your class and use the resulting gold to buy equipment that IS good for your dude.

One more piece of background information: there is a mode of the game that I don’t participate in called “hardcore”.  In hardcore mode you play exactly the same as softcore, but if your character dies for any reason he is dead forever and you can’t play him again.  You also lose all the gear that was on him when he died.  There are actually streamers who take on tough content in hardcore while streaming on the internet (here’s one chosen at random).  All in all it’s interesting but not for me; I die way too much in this game.

To the amusing tale!

Last night around 10:30pm (central) I was fucking around in Diablo trying to farm some gold to buy some shield I want for my dude.  All of a sudden I started lagging really hard; everything was jumping around the screen.  I died once, ran back and started fighting giant wasps or whatever again and then things lagged even harder.  To my surprise I was then booted off of the server along with everyone else in North America.  Millions of hardcore players screamed out at once and then were silenced.

It turns out that Blizzard’s entire infrastructure went apeshit: World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, and Diablo 3 are all connected via a brilliant (sarcasm) system called  It lets you chat cross-game from within each title (so I can talk to Alandovos via in-game chat if he’s in WoW and I’m playing Diablo 3.)  Apparently shit the bed and disconnected everyone everywhere.

So, uh, don’t play hardcore. Diablo 3 is cool, though.

307 thoughts on “An Amusing Tale of Diablo!

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  2. i’m throwing in the kickboxer blu-ray for a 2 hour sprint.

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  3. i just set up 2 load balanced web front end servers that connect to a shared 3 server db/memcache cluster. haven’t even got to the big fight yet!


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