An Aerobie Tale

Ok, so here’s a short story about Madd Scientist and his Aerobie.  When we were in elementary school, either 3rd or 4th grade, Scientist brought his prized Aerobie to school with him and we were whippin’ it around at recess.  At some point either me or him (it was probably me, I remember feeling a lot of remorse) whipped it onto the roof of the school.  Like, not the top roof, but a roof over the entrance that was maybe one or two stories up.  I also kinda remember that someone went up there to get it and found a bunch of other balls, frisbees, etc. and threw them down to joyful children.

At least, I’m pretty sure that happened. Scientist’s Aerobie was red with a black stripe.  Long live Scientist’s Aerobie.

On a completely different note, supposedly Turdpress has a new feature that lets you embed a Tweet just by putting the URL in the body.  I’m gonna test it now:

203 thoughts on “An Aerobie Tale

  1. Girl, you know what i want
    i write all these songs about these… uh… subject matters
    so you think i want to space dock you
    you think i want to ass to mouth you
    you think i want to…. mop your tears up with my wang
    listen to what i sang
    but what i really want to do is, i want you to
    suck my dickholeoff
    but… if you don’t want to do that
    i’m gonna have to take care of this shit myself.
    take care of my DICKHOLE.

  2. evolution of THE nasty brothers:

    the early days:

    the middle days:
    Is it okay if I do this unorthodox sex act to you?

    If you don’t want to do this, that’s fine. I’ll just jerk it.

  3. storm will end at 8:30, but it is going to rain hard… the grass might be too wet


  4. “Dressed in Daisy Duke shorts and an off-the-shoulders white top, she happily posed with each one, including half a dozen members of the state champion Sun Prairie Cardinals high school baseball team. They were honored near home plate before the game, and then they headed right for Amy.”


  5. pfffffffffft. the behind home plate action is lame. “andy” was a big hit all game… they kept cutting to groups of people posing with him. it was distracting and very rude to the players. I AM A RAMPANT HECKLER SAYING THIS.

    i prefer to follow the action on the 3rd base side.

    “pimp’n’ho” and “mustachio” are my favorites.

  6. that’s a gorgeous dik….. i have one exactly like it in mind for “the biggest dik alive” video.

    i need one a little more pliable though… i want to spin it around.

  7. yo cal, did you read that case of the guy that got pissed off at the TSA and stripped naked at an airport?

    a judge ruled it’s perfectly legal…

    with all their naked scanners and shit, go ahead… look all around my dik. touch it if you want. LICK MY GODDAMNED BALLS, TSA BITCH.

    i’m totally doing this next time i fly.


  8. I’m glad you liked the dong.

    I think dude shares a lot of your sensibilities. A lot of what he said about wood working and such reminded me of your dyi whazz machine repairs and interest in how your ducts work.

  9. yeah, i had already seen the interview and pretty much everything else he’s ever done. it’s hard to show me something new on the internet. i am mr. universe.

    he built his own canoe… dave letterman asked him for a quote to build one for him, and he said if he was being generous it would be $40,000 for the materials and labor. it takes him like a year.

    he also does a bit on conan where he’s in his workshop doing some random wood working thing, stops, then reads a twitter tweeter from a young female celebrity. it’s funny. go find the rabbit hole. it’s deep.

  10. i’m way more interested in this story

    that might be the guy i buy from…

    dog is still going strong, and i don’t want to get rid of him, but having like 3-4 babies would be pretty cool too.

    assholes want $60 for a baby western painted. and like over a $100 for some of the other fancy and friendly breeds… red eared sliders are still relatively cheap… that 60 turtle deal i got before is the same price, but down to 25 turtles. still tempting.

  11. that turtle in the picture is not a slider… i see NPR does about as much fact checking as every other podunk asshat “news” organization.

    CAL(*&#%!)&(!#% ARE YOU WATCHING THE NEWSROOM?!#%*(&!#%)&(!#%)&(

    DOES IT MAKE UR DIK HARD?%^#$!&)!#%^)&(!#^

  12. i used to have tons of dreams that looked like this

    then i finally bought that many and purged the idea from my subconscious.

    usually i’d be walking in damp woodlands, and find a small pond behind some brush and it would be full of baby turtles. i don’t think i can get those dreams back. i ruined the mystery of the potential by making it real.


  13. buy a snapping turtle for a pet = $80… same turtle for lunch shipped from the same guy = $7.

    that is some free market bullshit. should be $7 for everyone.

    JOW RIGGED JOKE()&!#%)&*(!#%^&*()!^#

  14. whats crackin this weekend? canterbury?? whazzman is coming through MSP… i could swoop him up

  15. i caught rach-o twice today saying “crazy butt shit, crazy-crazy butt shit”


  16. some asshole telemarketer called me today… i’m on the do not call list, but these fuckers don’t care. i wasted a few minutes of his time, then he asked “is this a land line” and i said, “no, this is an airplane phone”… and he said “good day sir” and hung up on me.

    i called him back… “i’m on an airplane!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

  17. way to go with those do not call laws cal… that shit is really effective. LAWS ARE GREAT(*^&!#%(&^*!#%&)*(!#^*()&!#^)&*(!#^


  18. i haven’t watched the latest breaking bad yet… i’m saving it for a special time.


  19. working 99 board

    $25 shipping is dick move, but $20 starting and you might get it for $45… that’s good deal.

    i just bid $39.95 on a 2k board with $10 shipping… works out the same.

    still have to fix the monitor somehow…

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